5 Lesser Known Facts about Ransomware

5 Lesser Known Facts about Ransomware

Ransomware is a grim reality of the world we live in today. Individuals and institutions have the power to hold big companies hostage for large sums over files and data. Given the mass-spread of ransomware like WannaCry, it’s important that we educate ourselves on the dangers of this digital terror before we fall victim to it! Continue reading

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CloudBacko’s Crystal Ball – Predicting Data Breaches for 2018


Given the state of the industry in 2017, we think it’s fair to say that data breaches will become more of a regular occurrence next year. With hackers coming up with smarter ways to get around digital defenses, your IT team has its work cut out for them in 2018!

While it’s nearly impossible for anyone to single out the next big threat, we can, however, look at the current state of things to better prepare ourselves for the future. Here are the three things we at CloudBacko predict will happen over the course of the year. Continue reading

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3 Ridiculously Common Backup Mistakes That You Need To Avoid


With the usage of computers increasing every day, it’s of the upmost importance that we regularly backup our machines. However, if numbers posted by Contingency Planning and Strategic Research Corporation are to be believed, then nearly 96% of business workstations have no backup in place whatsoever! Furthermore, the companies that do have a backup plan in place make enormous mistakes that do them more harm than good. Continue reading

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CloudBacko Backup Offers Best Lucrative Benefits in Recruiting Resellers

Kowloon, Hong Kong – 20 January, 2018: CloudBacko has been rated as one of the most affordable cloud and local server backup software in the international market today, thanks to its path breaking multi-thread In-File Delta block level incremental backup technology and the integration with major cloud storage, which ensure that the clients’ essential data remains completely secure and safe from hacking and malware. Continue reading

4 SharePoint Online Backup Mistakes to Avoid

4 SharePoint Online Backup Mistakes to Avoid

Attributed to a user’s unfamiliarity with the varied aspects of cloud technology and the platform’s own complexity, backing up and restoring SharePoint Online content can be quite challenging for some. Since the platform’s launch, our technical team at CloudBacko has received numerous queries from customers, communicating the difficulties they had to face while performing a SharePoint Online backup. Continue reading

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CloudBacko Adds Granular Restore to VMware / Hyper-V Backups in Version 3

Kowloon, Hong Kong – 7 August, 2017: CloudBacko Corporation, one of the world’s leading developer of backup and recovery software solutions for physical, virtual, and cloud environments, today announced its new release of CloudBacko Backup Software. The company first launched its product in 2014, which over the years has undergone programming and technological developments, and has swiftly expanded internationally as the product of choice for thousands of businesses. Continue reading

The Common Challenges Encountered in Backing Up Exchange Server Data

The Common Challenges Encountered in Backing Up Exchange Server Data

Emails are critical for the operations of all modern organizations. Hence, backing up and securing email data and files to ensure their accessibility in case of an IT disaster, is a job of utmost importance for administrators.

Where in theory the task appears simple, backing up exchange server data comes with unique set of challenges that can complicate the process.

In this article, we review the two major challenges that IT administrators have to face when running an Exchange backup protocol, and also the solutions that can be exercised to overcome these challenges. Continue reading

How to Implement a Robust Hyper-V Backup Solution?

how to implement a robust hyper-v backup solution

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s virtualization platform that enables IT administrators and businesses to run multiple instances of operating systems off the same physical machine (a server). This allows more efficient utilization of resources, enhanced portability of applications, convenient and streamlined management of IT operations and quick deployment of new server environments. Continue reading