Cybersense has become CloudBacko’s Gold Reseller in South Africa


Cybersense, an IT servicing company from South Africa, has just become CloudBacko’s Gold Reseller. It is an IT Systems Consultancy with a deep technical understanding and a Mantra of ‘no problem is too big to solve’. Their rather unique and competitive IT servicing model is to operate on predetermined objectives that saves clients time and money by pre-warning of potential IT Infrastructure failures.

Cybersense’ CTO, Seyton Hayes, was previously Head of IT Security at a large bank. His security skills and penetration testing expertise has saved clients vast amounts of time and money by securing their organizations from people like him but with nasty intentions. He likes to call himself an Ethical Hacker. His concept of “pre-warned is pre-armed” has culminated in Cybersense’ CyberMon Systems monitoring application which runs at all our client sites and warns us of potential problems which we can then pre-empt. Seyton’s expertise is so well respected in the IT Industry that competitors contract his expertise at times. A real nerd, he works and plays with technology.

It’s our great honor for being chosen by Cybersense as a backup solution partner, as being chosen by a techie nerd proved that our backup solution is robust enough to withstand any challenge :-)

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3 Deadly Hyper-V Deployment Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

3 Deadly Hyper-V Deployment Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

It’s no coincidence that the virtual machines have experienced a surge in popularity with the launch of Microsoft Hyper-V.

Roots of this incredibly powerful software can be traced back to 2003 when Microsoft acquired the privately-owned Connectix Corp. This simple business acquisition paved the way for further development and research on Virtual Machines and is the main reason why they’re so popular today. Continue reading

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A Few Tips for Efficient SQL Server Backup


If you’ve worked with databases before, you’re probably aware of SQL. Simply put, the Structured Query Language (SQL) is the medium that is used by IT teams around the world to store data in and retrieve information from public and private databases. It enables your IT team to access huge blocks of data and information in an efficient manner. Continue reading

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Not My Data! Fending Off Ransomware

Not My Data! Fending Off Ransomware

Make no mistake about it, 2017 was the year of ransomware. It achieved mainstream notoriety due to the mass-spread of ransomware like WannaCry that targeted institutions, companies, and hospitals alike!

By holding organizations hostage over their confidential data, ransomware coerced people to pay hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of dollars! Continue reading

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