CloudBacko MariaDB Backup and Restore Guide Released

Easily Backup MariaDB with CloudBacko Pro(1)

With the latest CloudBacko Pro v4.3, you can easily backup your MariaDB to local and cloud storage. All the great features, including 256-bit AES encryption, flexible  retention and versioning, block-level incremental backup, compression, auto periodic data integrity check, etc. are all available. Check out how to create your MariaDB backup set through this guide:

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CloudBacko v4.3 release, with new mobile backup app, 2-factor authentication, and Oracle 19c + MariaDB support

CloudBacko v4.3 released, with new mobile backup app, 2-factor authentication, and Oracle 19c + MariaDB 10.4 support

CloudBacko v4.3 has just released, with:

1). new mobile backup app that can automatically backup photos and videos from your iOS and Android devices to your home PC and Mac through home Wi-Fi;

2). 2-Factor Authentication added to CloudBacko Pro and Lite to prevent hackers from deleting your backup data after compromising your machine.

3). Oracle 19c and MariaDB 10.4 support by CloudBacko Pro.

Please refer to this datasheet for the new features of this release.

CloudBacko v4.1.4 now supports Microsoft 365’s Modern Authentication

CloudBacko v4.1.4 supports Microsoft Office 365 Modern Authentication

Microsoft Office 365’s basic authentication uses a pair of Username and Password for client access requests. This method of authentication presented a method for hackers to  use brute force or password spray attacks to hack into users’ accounts. Therefore, to tighten their user accounts’ security, Microsoft suggests their users to enable Modern Authentication, and schedules to:

  1. start disabling Basic Authentication in existing tenants with no recorded usage as early as October 2020; and
  2. disable Basic Authentication for the EAS, EWS, POP, IMAP, and RPS protocols in the second half of 2021.

Starting from CloudBacko version 4.1.4, we support the use of Microsoft Office 365’s Modern Authentication when creating Microsoft Office 365 backup set in CloudBacko Pro and Lite backup software. If users are still using Basic Authentication, we also support that until Basic Authentication is not supported anymore.

Ahsay v8.3.6 supports Microsoft Office 365 modern authentication

If you leave the Username and Account Password fields blank, and just click the Test button, you will be using the Modern Authentication mode, and a browser window will be brought up for you to perform authentication.


After successful authentication, an Authentication Code will be provided to you.


Copy and paste this code into CloudBacko software and the software will be linked with your Office 365 account.


You can then proceed with the backup set configuration as usual.


To understand how to create a Microsoft Office 365 backup set to backup emails and files in an Office 365 domain, check out this Microsoft Office 365 Backup and Restore Guide.

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CloudBacko backup software version released, with the Support of Office 365 Modern Authentication

CloudBacko v4.1.4.3 released with Office 365 Modern Authentication Support

CloudBacko version is just released, with:

1). Support of Office 365 Modern Authentication

2). Quick Multiple Users Selection in Office 365 Backup Set

3). Enhanced Periodic Data Integrity Check, and

4). VMware Version Check for Changed Block Tracking Issues.

As Microsoft is going to enforce the use of Modern Authentication Method and begin disabling Basic Authentication in existing tenants with no recorded usage as early as October 2020, if you are currently running Office 365 backup sets, you MUST upgrade your CloudBacko Pro / Lite to this version before Basic Authentication is disabled.

For the details, please check out this latest Software Release Notes.

8 Reasons for Using CloudBacko Backup as Carbonite Alternative

Use CloudBacko as Carbonite alternative

Looking for an alternative to Carbonite backup? These are the 8 reasons why you should consider using CloudBacko backup software instead.

1). Bring your own storage

Unlike Carbonite’s backup which limits you to use their own cloud storage, CloudBacko lets you choose your favorite storage listed here as the backup destinations. It can simultaneously back up to multiple destinations, e.g. one to your local NAS and another to Google Drive or OneDrive. Therefore, CloudBacko is much more flexible on storage.

2). No speed limit on upload and download

Carbonite will automatically impose speed limitation after you have backed up a certain size of data. We also found negative comments on their download speed. CloudBacko won’t have such limitation that caps your usable upload and download bandwidth, unless you want to impose speed limitation during certain hours by yourself.

3). Backup all file types

Carbonite has a long list of file types that couldn’t be backed up. While using CloudBacko, you won’t experience such limitation as you can backup all file types with it.

4). Select entire folder to backup

Carbonite basic plan does not allow users to select a full folder of videos to backup, thus you need to select the files one by one. When using CloudBacko, you won’t experience such hassle as you can simply select the whole video folder to backup. With such selection, whenever if you have added new videos to the same folder, those new videos will be backed up automatically without the need for manual selection again.

5). Customizable schedule

Carbonite offers limited scheduling options, while CloudBacko offers much flexible scheduling options, such as per minute, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. You can also setup multiple schedules for each backup set if needed.

6). Unlimited versioning

Carbonite only keeps the latest 12 versions of your data, while CloudBacko offers customizable versioning options which lets you keep as many versions as needed, as long as you are willing to use more space on the storage end. CloudBacko Pro edition even allows you to set advanced Retention Policy to let you configure how you want to keep the old versions, such as Grandfather-Father-Son retention policy that is commonly used in tape backup implementation.

7). Run on Linux

Carbonite’s client only supports Windows and Mac, not Linux, but CloudBacko Pro edition offers the support of Linux OS.

8). One-Time Payment

Unlike Carbonite’s annual charging pricing, CloudBacko’s pricing is perpetual based, meaning you just need to pay once to buy and own the current version software. The pricing includes software maintenance for the current version that covers Ticket Support and Software Update within this version. When next version released and you want to upgrade, then the upgrade fee will be 40% of the list price of all your software and modules. If you don’t upgrade, you can still use the version that you bought without any problem. Our Pro edition for servers is only US$99 per device (not annual), and the Lite for workstations is only US$25. So, much more affordable in long run than Carbonite’s solution.

Still skeptical? Download CloudBacko and try it now.




CloudBacko Backup Software v4 Supports Office 365 SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive with an affordable price tag

CloudBacko Backup Software v4 Supports Office 365 SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive with an affordable price tag

[April 15, 2020] CloudBacko, a fast growing cloud backup software developer targeting small businesses, today announces the release of their fourth generation software. The latest version of their flagship backup software, CloudBacko Pro, now supports Office 365 SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive backup. Businesses can utilize this tool to automatically back-up mission critical data within their entire Office 365 domain to local on-premise storage, or to other non-Microsoft cloud storage for disaster recovery protection. The solution remains at very affordable price tag for small businesses across the world to use.

“Today, many businesses’ have moved their mission critical operations to the cloud, specifically the Office 365. We’ve received many requests from those businesses, asking for a robust yet affordable backup solution for protecting their Office 365’s data. Therefore, we spent quite some time and effort developing it. Now, it’s finally available for them to use.” said Schubert Chong, the CEO at CloudBacko Corporation.

“Unlike many other backup solution who offer yearly subscription licensing option, our CloudBacko backup software offers one-time perpetual pricing to our customers, meaning they can buy and own the version that they have purchased for lifetime. We believe such pricing model can better fulfill most small businesses’ needs. Especially during this coronavirus outbreak period, we understand most businesses are tight with IT budget. Therefore, we kept the price unchanged while offering more features for businesses to properly protected their IT systems”. Schubert continued.

Besides the enhancement in Office 365, this latest version 4 also comes with the support of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019, SQL Server 2019 and Hyper-V 2019. It also natively supports Wasabi and Backblaze B2 as the cloud backup destinations. These 2 cloud storage provides exceptionally low price for small businesses to store that backup data securely on the cloud.

About CloudBacko

CloudBacko is a cloud backup software vendor specialized in developing cloud backup solution for small businesses. Its price starts from US$25 only for a lifetime ownership of its desktop edition. The Pro edition for administration starts from US$99. Visit CloudBacko website at to download CloudBacko for 30 days free trial. No personal or creditcard info is required.

PR Contact

Ronnie Chan
CloudBacko Corporation
Address: 28/F, Ford Glory Plaza, No.37 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong

CloudBacko v4 Released with enhanced Office 365, VMware, Hyper-V, SQL, and Exchange Server backups

CloudBacko has just released the long-awaited version 4 today, with these enhancements:

1). Now with SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Outlook backups with Office 365 module

2). New versions of Hyper-V, VMware, SQL, Exchange Server supported

3). Native Backblaze B2 and Wasabi cloud storage support

4). Enhanced index structure and data integrity verification

5). Support direct selection of UNC path as backup source without the need to map it to a drive letter first

and many more…

Check out the latest Software Release Notes for details.