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10 Reasons Why CloudBacko is Simply Amazing! (Part 1)

Individuals and industries all over are praising CloudBacko for truly being the best cloud backup software currently available. The versatility and flexibility of the software, and its extensive cloud backup services make it easy to use for just about any one.

Let us have a look at why customers prefer CloudBacko over other cloud backup services:

1.     Multi Platform Support

Often customers have to tackle with various devices and OS platforms, and wish to be able to store and retrieve data from any device they choose, but a lot of cloud backup software don’t allow that. However, that is not the case with CloudBacko. It doesn’t matter whether your device runs on Windows, Linux or Mac OS, CloudBacko can be easily installed on all of them, thus allowing you to store or update your data on multiple devices at the same time.

2.     CloudBacko Offers Clear Insight and Track Records

Some organizations find it hard to keep track of their data backup details when dealing with multiple sources and destinations. In such situations, CloudBacko proves to be a handy reporting tool. The software offers you clear visibility and backup details along with keeping you up to date with the usage trends of the data, provides you reports in case of data restoration, and keeps a clear log of all the warnings and errors reported.

3.     100% Guaranteed Data Recovery

It doesn’t matter whether you lost your data due to system malfunction or human error, the technology and expertise employed by CloudBacko make it possible to retrieve any lost data without any fear of data corruption.

4.     Easy to Use for Anyone

Another great thing about CloudBacko is that it does not require users to have any kind of special training to operate it. The interface of CloudBacko was specially designed to be user friendly. Easy navigation allows users to store or retrieve data at the push of a button, and if for some reason users get stumped, there is a help button made available on each page to easily solve their dilemmas.

5.     Continuous and Unswerving Support

After the software has been installed, it continues to run in the background to provide you support without disturbing any of your activities. If you think that it will affect the device’s performance, then let that be the least of your worries. The software detects when the system is under a lot of strain and pauses on its own. It resumes when the traffic is lighter.

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