How Businesses can Secure their Data on the Cloud

Many businesses believe that their data is more secure on cloud storage then on their own server backups. This is true, but it doesn’t mean that cloud storage doesn’t come with its own security concerns; there are many ways your data can be compromised on the cloud. So, you have to take all the necessary precautionary measures mentioned below:

The Service Provider

Before settling on your cloud service provider, make sure you do your homework on it. For example, if you are going to use Amazon Cloud storage, then you should read their service agreement carefully; paying special attention to their security practices. There are certain industry standards, which every cloud storage service must adhere to. In your research, you should look to see if your chosen cloud service follows these industry standards.

Secure Passwords

The biggest security vulnerability in your cloud data backup is your password. Most people still use simple passwords, like “password” or “12345678”, which makes the hacker’s job easier. So, when you are developing a password, you should keep these facts in mind. Come up with a secure, possibly random, password for your cloud storage and instill the importance of password security in all your employees.

Remote Access

The biggest advantage of cloud storage is its remote access; thanks to cloud storage, your data travels with you wherever you go. You can access it via smartphone, tablet, or computer. This remote accessibility also presents a considerable security risk for cloud storage; you can utilize VPNs or Virtual Private Networks to ensure your data communication remains secure.

Data Encryption

The protective measures for your data on cloud storage come into play when you transfer your data from your servers to the cloud. The data should be encrypted in the best possible way so that it remains secure during transfers and when it is stored on the cloud. You can utilize third party software, like CloudBacko, to protect your data with military grade encryption.

It is prudent that you pay heed to the security measures mentioned above. They will help to ensure the highest level of protection possible for your data stored on cloud storage. And for effortless backup, restore operations, and highest level data encryption, use CloudBacko.

CloudBacko allows you to Backup your Data to Unlimited Destinations

Use CloudBacko and backup your precious data on as many destinations as you want

In this day and age, keeping your business’ important data secure from malicious (hackers, thieves, corporate spies etc) and natural elements (earthquakes, floods, power outages etc) is very important. A simple solution is to keep more than one backup, preferably on different locations; like cloud storage, backup servers, external disk drives, etc. It is the best possible way to keep your data secure and recoverable, in any situation.

But, this ‘simple’ solution isn’t without its difficulties. Managing these multiple backups will not be a walk in the park; you will need to manage them meticulously to ensure the integrity and security of your data. CloudBacko, with its plethora of features, is backup and recovery software, which will provide you with every convenience in your backup and restoration operations.

CloudBacko also offers the ability to backup your data to unlimited destinations. No matter where you want to store your backups – cloud storage, FTP site, backup servers, mapped local drive, or external storage devices – CloudBacko has the features that allow you to save your data on all of these sources.

A representative from the company expressed his views about this very useful feature of CloudBacko, saying, “Storing your data on multiple storage destinations is a wise choice, it keeps your data secure if anything unforeseen happens. And our software [CloudBacko] is the perfect choice for backing up your data to multiple destinations. It not only provides ease of use, it also lets you save your backups to unlimited destinations.”

CloudBacko is also capable of combining multiple backup destinations as one. It is the perfect feature for users, who want to utilize all their free cloud storage services as one and maximize the storage space. This feature also presents its usefulness for businesses, because it allows them to combine multiple accounts on the same cloud service as one. This means, your all your employees’ accounts can be combined as one, forming a central database.

And the features and functions don’t end here; there are many other essential and valuable features in CloudBacko, which will make your entire backup and restoration process much simpler. And with military-grade 256-bit encryption and built-in integrity checking features, it ensures that the integrity of your data is never compromised and it remains secure in any destination it is stored at.

With CloudBacko’s Flexible Retention Feature, you can set up Custom Retention Policies

CloudBacko allows you to better manage your backup retention with custom retention policies


Most businesses and individual users today choose to backup their data on more than one location. Individually managing and monitoring all your data backups can be tedious; not to mention it can cause many data redundancy and storage space issues. To avoid such problems and for a seamless data backup and restoration process, CloudBacko is the perfect software.

CloudBacko is backup and restoration management software which offers many useful features for users to make their backup and restoration tasks much easier. One of its most amazing features is that of flexible retention. It helps you define the period or duration you want to retain any particular backup for.

You can choose the days for which you want to retain the backup file from the simple ‘Retention Policy’ window in CloudBacko. The window allows you to select the days for which the backup should be retained. If you want to retain the backup files forever, then you can type in ‘99999’ which will signify that you want to keep the backup forever.

Samuel Chan, CloudBacko’s Development Director, talked about the flexible retention feature. He said, “The retention policy in CloudBacko is very simple to set up. You can select one of the two options, either Simple or Advanced, and choose the particular time period you want to retain the data for. The two options are currently only available on the Pro and Lite versions; however, the Free version does offer the Simple retention option to the users.”

In CloudBacko’s Pro and Lite versions, the Advanced retention policy option is also available. This option lets you add your own customized retention policy or choose from one of the pre-determined retention policies. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly retention policies. You can choose to create unlimited retention policies for each backup set using this flexible retention option.

Developers of CloudBacko have focused on making their software very easy to use so that it can offer simplification of procedures involved in the backup and restore process. For example, when you are setting up a backup set, a step by step backup set creation wizard will guide you through your backup creation. And CloudBacko offers the same courtesy to users when they are restoring the files; the simple file explorer interface allows you restore your files effortlessly.

Get CloudBacko and Enjoy the Numerous Perks

Get CloudBacko today and start enjoying the numerous extra useful features of this amazing software

Most backup and recovery software come with standard features like backup wizards and easy recovery features; they make a network administrator’s life a lot easier. But, there are few elite backup software that come with some extras or perks which can offer every convenience possible for individual or business users. These extra perks are what separate the best software, from all the rest.

The developers of CloudBacko have added numerous useful and necessary features in their software, which make it the best backup and restoration software in the market. And then there are the extra useful features that give it the elite standing it holds. These extras can often go unnoticed, but their usefulness is showcased when they are needed.

A CloudBacko representative was asked to give his opinion about these extra useful features, this is what he had to say, “Some features in our software aren’t crucial for your backup and restoration process, but it doesn’t make them any less important. They can come in handy when you really need them; it can be something as simple as freeing up some space. You may not appreciate the inclusion of these features until they show their usefulness in your time of need.”

The first of these extra features is the import and export of software settings. This feature is included in the CloudBacko Pro and Lite. It allows you to save your CloudBacko settings and import them back when you reinstall the software for some reason. For example, if you face a software failure issue, you will have to uninstall the software. The saved settings will come in handy when you reinstall the software and start using CloudBacko again, without missing a beat.

Another extra feature in CloudBacko is the easy deletion of unwanted data that can free up storage space on your backup destination. This can be useful when you need some extra space on your storage device in a hurry, you don’t need to go and delete individual files. You can easily delete all the unwanted data using CloudBacko’s interface.

And the software update feature informs you whenever there is an update available for CloudBacko. And with free lifetime updates, this feature will show its worth. CloudBacko is compatible with all popular platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux – offering you a single backup and restoration solution for all your machines.

CloudBacko’s Reporting Tool Offers Clear Visibility into the Backup Details of all Your Data

The various reporting features included in CloudBacko will keep you apprised of all aspects of your backup

Network administrators and IT professionals like to keep a close eye on the data and systems that they are hired to manage. Backup and restoration of the data is one of the most crucial parts of their duties, and being apprised of the progress of each process is of the utmost importance to them. Not only that, they also want to be well informed about the backup’s completion and if there were any problems with the backup or restoration process.

To satisfy this requirement of IT professionals, CloudBacko’s developers have included comprehensive reporting features into their backup software. CloudBacko doesn’t just help you perform all your backup and restoration tasks seamlessly, but it also provides detailed reports of all the activities that you have conducted using the software.

You can access the reports in the report tab on the software interface. The reports will offer all the particulars about the tasks that you have performed; the backups you have created and the data that you have restored. These reports are useful when you need to conduct a data audit or troubleshoot some technical issues.

A spokesperson from the company expressed his take on the reporting feature of CloudBacko, saying, “With our backup software, you will never feel lost while performing backup or restoring data; no matter the level of technical knowledge you have. The simplified interface and numerous features will help you easily backup and restore your data, to and from multiple locations. On top of that, the software will generate comprehensive reports of all the activities that you perform.”

CloudBacko Pro, Lite and Free all come with a built-in reporting feature, the Pro and Lite versions also provide you with an option to email reports to yourself or any other concerned parties. You can view CloudBacko’s events in your Windows event logs as well.

CloudBacko Pro and Lite version generate graphical reports, so that the users can have a simple way to observe the status of their backup. With visual usage reports, it would be easier for users to keep track of all the backup and restoration tasks. Give CloudBacko a try now with the trial versions of the Pro and Lite versions or the free version and see how valuable it can be for all your backup related activities.







CloudBacko Offers Free Lifetime Software Updates

free_updateGet CloudBacko and enjoy a myriad of backup features, along with free software updates for life

Cloud technology is rapidly changing the way an IT department performs its functions in a business environment, how data is shared among the employees, and how companies manage their data. With companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google putting their stake in the cloud industry, you know that this technology is here to stay and it will only become more popular in the future.

So, what every business, network administrator and home user needs, is a way to manage and navigate the cloud technology more efficiently. They require software or utility to help them perform all the tasks seamlessly, and keep their data secure when they decide to move it into the cloud. CloudBacko has backup software developed to serve all these purposes and more.

CloudBacko is backup software that allows users to backup high-grade servers, mainframes and home computers. The developers have included every possible backup and recovery feature in the software, which users can use for any computer type or data.

And among this multitude of features, the most desirable aspect of CloudBacko is free lifetime updates for the software. The company is constantly making improvements and changing their software, to maintain its currency with the latest technology of the industry. Once you have purchased the software, you will not have to pay for any type of update ever again.

Samuel Chan, Development Director of CloudBacko, talked about the free lifetime updates, saying, “We know that the cloud technology is still in its infantile stage, and it will continue to evolve in the future. This is why we provide free lifetime updates for CloudBacko, so our customers can have peace of mind when they get our software. They know that they will always have up-to-date software; for their cloud and other backup requirements.”

Not only does CloudBacko offer free and convenient updates, it also comes with a state of the art encryption feature. Whenever you backup your data using CloudBacko, it will be encrypted with a randomized 256-bit key; and no one will be able to read or peek into your data.

There are currently three different version of the software available; CloudBacko Pro, CloudBacko Lite and CloudBacko Free. Businesses with large databases and servers can use CloudBacko Pro to backup all their data on clouds or locally. Small businesses with Windows or Mac workstations can utilize the efficient CloudBacko Lite. And for home users CloudBacko Free has all the backup features they require, and it will also get free essential updates.

Top 5 Considerations to Make Before Choosing a Cloud Backup Provider

Almost every business in the world uses computers on a daily basis. This means that they need a good cloud backup service to keep all their critical data safe. So, selecting a cloud backup provider is an important decision for business owners. Following are 5 points that you need to seriously consider before you choose a cloud backup provider:

Data Transfer

You will be backing up large amounts of data on to the cloud, so the first thing that you need to consider is the transfer rate that the cloud service is offering. Make inquiries about the speeds at which the data will be transferred. Another factor that can influence the data transfer rate is the tool you utilize to backup your data. If you are employing CloudBacko to transfer the data, you can expect the fastest transfer rate that your cloud service provider and internet connection allow.

Data Security

As a business owner, data security should be one of the biggest concerns for you. The type of encryption that your cloud offers will be a huge factor in your final decision. But, even if the cloud service is offering the best security, you shouldn’t leave the safety of all your data in their hands. CloudBacko encrypts the data with a 256-bit randomized key, offering top-notch protection.

Retention of Data

It is essential to learn about the retention policy of the cloud service before you decide to go with it. How long will the company retain the data after you decide to discontinue the use of their cloud service?

Local Backups

Some cloud backup providers also offer services of local backup to their clients. If you are in need of such a service, then this aspect can influence your choice of a cloud service.

The Cost

There are many different types and levels of cloud backup providers in the market- starting as low as $5 per month, the high end ones will cost you about a $100 per month. You can select the service that suits your budget.

Once you have selected a cloud service provider, make sure you get CloudBacko which will help you backup, secure, and retrieve your data effortlessly.

The Importance of Security in Online Backup

blog_graphics_securityA recent breach of a popular cloud service has brought forth the discussion about the importance of security in cloud services. Clients, both individuals and businesses, expect their data to be secure when they choose to entrust it to a cloud service provider. If proper security protocols aren’t in place by the provider, businesses are at risk of the following:

Data Transfer Security

When your data is in transit or when it is being transferred to the cloud server, it is vulnerable to electronic interference. Anyone interested in your data doesn’t even have to hack into the servers to steal your critical data; all they need to do is ‘eavesdrop’ when your data is in transit to glean all the information they need. A simple solution would be to use CloudBacko; it encrypts your data before it is transferred to the cloud.

Cloud Server Security

Hackers pose a great risk for data stored in cloud servers. Preventing electronic theft of your data is the responsibility of the cloud service provider, but leaving it entirely in their hands is not smart. You should also consider taking precautions on your end, to keep your data secure on the servers. CloudBacko encrypts your data with a 256-bit encryption key before it is transferred to the cloud, keeping it secure.

Data Integrity

There is always the risk of data getting corrupted or some other software glitch- these technology failures can be prevented by taking some precautions. CloudBacko has a built in data integrity checking feature which alerts you if data has been compromised.

Physical Security

Keeping your data electronically secure is not enough sometimes; you also have to think about natural disasters or physical theft of the servers. Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc can damage the servers, thereby resulting in the loss of your data. The solution to this issue would be to select a service that provides data replication feature- backing up your backup at a different location.

There are many security risks that can be eliminated by using proper backup solutions. You just have to make sure that your cloud service takes every precaution to keep your data secure and that you yourself make use of CloudBacko to handle your data backup and recovery.

Cloud storage backup performance testing with 100,000 files

Okay, I bet most of the users of CloudBacko would like to know the backup speed performance of cloud storage that CloudBacko supports. So, we’ve done a simple test by backing up 100,000 small files to the 6 most popular storage, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Dropbox (free), Google Drive (free), Microsoft OneDrive (free).

Here’s the result:

Time used for backing 100000 files with CloudBacko

Microsoft Azure 6 min 58 sec
Google Cloud Storage 7 min 41 sec
Amazon S3 8 min 20 sec
Dropbox (free) 9 min 47 sec
Google Drive (free) 14 min 15 sec
Microsoft OneDrive (free) 47 min 21 sec*

This test result is for reference only. It may vary upon  geographical location, bandwidth available, machine specification, hard drive speed, and other factors. If you want to do the test with the same 100,000 files, you can download the zipped file by clicking here. Unzip it to a local hard drive, and then create an individual backup set for each cloud storage. Run a full backup to each cloud storage to test the speed.

*Due to the limitation of Microsoft OneDrive free account, backup to Microsoft OneDrive took much longer.

Machine used in our test

  • Intel Core i3 540@3.07MHZ
  • Windows 2008 R2 Standard
  • 8 GB RAM
  • C: 70GB SAS drive
  • D: 1.8 TB RAID 0 (7200 RPM SATA II)
  • Internet connection: 100MBit (shared)
  • CloudBacko Pro version used:
  • Backup set created with CloudBacko Pro, and the test files (backup source) are located on D drive
  • Geographical location: Hong Kong

Download free trial of CloudBacko

If you haven’t tried CloudBacko Pro or CloudBacko Lite, try it out now:

CloudBacko’s Ultimate Encryption System Encrypts Filenames As Well

blog_graphics_encryptionAs most IT experts would agree, hardware is not dependable. All the significant information you have saved on the machine can be misplaced. A good backup and adversity recovery plan is an assurance against the system blowups.

Cloud storage is trouble-free to get a hold of. In addition, it also frees the IT employees from managing servers with a negligible cost. Whilst cloud storage offers all types of convenience, backing up to the cloud storage causes security issues for the users.

When data departs from the computer or the internal system, it is at a risk of being accessed by the common public. Thus, it is extremely important to uphold “zero knowledge” by the cloud service supplier, by using customer side encryptions.

The backup software is supposed to initially encrypt all the data on your computer and the password never departs your computer. Even at the time when your cloud storage space is compromised, leaked data will not be simply decrypted by the third party. Encryption can, in addition, guard your vital data from the cloud operators’ interfering eyes.

Data violation can bring loss of trades, integrity, status or fines; to corporations. In a lot of countries where data defense laws are imposed, companies ought to take great care to avert leakage of clients’ individually exclusive information.

The European Union, for instance, states that controllers in member states must implement proper technical and organizational processes to protect the client’s personal data against all unlawful or accidental destruction, loss, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or access; particularly where the process involves the transfer of data via a network. CloudBacko will be able to encrypt the whole data of the client company with a 256-bit random key, comprising of all the filenames. In this way, no one will be able to read the data that is saved on the cloud server. With the accurately randomized encryption, data is purely unbreakable, as a 10.51 Pentaflops supercomputer will require 3.31 x 1056 years to break such a key.