Get 100 GB of free OneDrive storage for 1 year

OneDrive 100GBDear CloudBacko users, Microsoft is now offering this “gift” to current Dropbox users for installing OneDrive.

Using this 100GB free storage with CloudBacko, you can backup a lot more than 100GB of data, as CloudBacko will compress the data on your machine before sending to OneDrive.Depending on the types of data, the maximum compression ratio can be as high as 80%.

Besides, CloudBacko will encrypt your data with a 256-bit truly randomized encrypting key before storing the data on OneDrive. Therefore, no one, not even the people from OneDrive or NSA, is able to open your backed up data. Moreover, all the filenames will be encrypted too, so no one will be able to know what you have backed up.

Grap this cool Microsoft OneDrive offer now at:

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Choosing a Cloud Backup Solution for Business

The internet is full of cloud backup storage service providers. Various companies ranging from small ones to larger ones like Amazon and Google now offer various cloud services. For most businesses, it is essential to keep their sensitive information backed up and protected lest their actual data gets destroyed.

However, it can be difficult to select one service provider amongst the hundreds available. This article focuses on certain characteristics that should be considered before selecting a cloud service provider.

Time Saving

A good cloud backup system must be simple to install and use. Less employee intervention and more automated processes ensure that the system works efficiently to save time for the company. This means that everything must be controlled using the centralized system without requiring any installations on individual machines or local servers.


Security regarding sensitive information is very crucial to all businesses. When this information is handed over to a third party, steps must be taken to ensure that the information will remain secure and protected at the facility. Cloud companies must encrypt data using AES-256 or higher and the data must be encrypted at the source. Only specific members of the top management should have access to the data via the encryption keys.


Backing up large amounts of data can be extremely time-consuming. However, various technologies are available that help speed the process up. When selecting a cloud company, it is important to make sure that it features fast uploading and downloading of the data. The slow speed of a backup solution can greatly overshadow any other fancy services it might have to offer.


All businesses try to keep their costs at minimum. The last thing that a business would want is an additional bill. It is important to select a company that offers services at a flat rate without any hidden charges. For example, Google or Amazon cloud backup services charge a flat fee according to the storage space availed.


It is important to keep all sensitive and important information backed up at all times and with the increasing dependability on computers and electronic devices, the importance is likely to increase considerably in the near future.

There are hundreds of companies claiming to offer the most powerful, fastest and easiest cloud backup solutions. In order to select one of them, there are various characteristics that should be used to judge and select the right one.

Databases, Virtual Machines, Workstations, CloudBacko can backup all

CloudBacko is a corporation that focuses on developing recovery and backup software for industries in order to give safe backup to the servers on the cloud. The corporation has a variety of features that its cloud backup and recovery present, and fusing all the online data sources into one, is the best of them all.

At a current press meeting, Samuel Chan, the Development Director of CloudBacko, said, “CloudBacko is the next generation remote / local / online / offsite backup software to give backup for business servers as well as desktop computers. Our software parcels are sensibly priced and present a lot of perks. They are trouble-free to use, speedy, and comprise of established backup technology, licensed by Ahsay System Corporation Limited. With the help of these features, customers will find it suitable to access, as well as accumulate their backup data, from and within only one location. You can moreover, combine manifold accounts of the similar cloud storage contributor, allowing you to increase cloud backup storage.”

This feature offered by CloudBacko is obtainable for all three editions of the packages, which are Pro, Free and Lite. Both packages, CloudBacko Pro and Lite, have incorporated free unlimited software updates as well, and some new features are regularly updated within them.

CloudBacko also offers backup to limitless locations which contain Dropbox, 3, Google Cloud backup, Google Drive, eYun of China Telecom , Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S, Microsoft Azure, FTP/SFTP sites, AWS API Compatible storages, in addition to external USB drive/ Mapped network drive/ local drive.

With all these features, businesses can securely store their data online, plus combine diverse accounts in a single place. This provides ease of access and gives more backup storage space for work purposes.

With cloud backup’s rapid data recovery, trades can function efficiently and save on physical storage space costs, which otherwise come with data compilation and storage. The company offers a service that is quick, safe and trouble-free to operate.

Simplify your Cloud Backups

The abundance of cloud storage services is very convenient for the consumers, but it also presents a small conundrum for them; more often than not, users store data on more than one cloud storage. Some even go as far as trying all of them out and end up storing different files on different cloud services.

Imagine having one important file on Amazon’s cloud storage and another one on Google’s cloud backup; how are you to manage all of these services individually and keep track of all your files? Well, you can start with installing CloudBacko and following the advice below:


The best option would be to use just one cloud service, if possible, but every cloud service has its own perks, so you may need to utilize multiple cloud storage services at the same time. If you have to select more than one cloud services, then look for ones that offer maximum compatibility across multiple platforms.

Narrow the Field

Remember, the reason why you are utilizing different cloud services is because each of them offers a unique feature. If an update or a newer version of your primary cloud service adds that same feature, then eliminate any additional cloud services from your list that have the same feature.

Platform Specific Services

Some cloud services work seamlessly with their developer’s corresponding operating system: iCloud with Mac, One Drive with Windows, and Google Drive with Android. It is sensible to keep these services and their usage separate from one another, if possible.

Software for Backup

If you are using multiple cloud storage services as data backups, then you have to use CloudBacko. It supports all the popular cloud storage services, and through it, you can manage all of your cloud backups effortlessly.

Third-party Encryption

Using third-party software to encrypt and backup your data will keep it secure in all of the cloud services, because every cloud service has its own security protocols and all of them may not be in your best interest. To negate your security headaches, you should handle your data encryption yourself, using CloudBacko.

These tips will help to make you life easier by simplifying all your different cloud storage service usage. For more efficiency, keep all your essential or most important files in one place and don’t spread them around on different clouds. You can utilize other services for secondary files or files of less importance.

Beware of Ransomeware Hackers. Backup Now!

You are lucky if you are not among the 1 million victims, ranging from individuals to small business, who found their files being locked up and received ransom demands to unlock the files. Recently, a family of “ransomware” program called CryptoWall has been extensively used by hackers. The malware holds the user’s computer files hostage and demand ransom in bitcoin from computer owners. One victim, the Dickson County, Tennessee, sheriff’s office had to pay $622 in bitcoin to hackers in order to gain back access to the department’s criminal case files.

Imagine one day when you switch on your computer, all your photos, music files, reports, ebooks, journals and tax documents cannot be opened. No matter how many times you try, an error message pops up every time you click on a file. The frustration and inconvenience would greatly affect your daily life and businesses.

One easy solution to protect yourself from the risk is to back up files every day. CloudBacko is the simplest solution to keep you protected. Download, install and setup once, you are then safely protected from ransomeware hackers. Your data will be backed up to local or cloud destination of your choice. Even when you are attacked by ransomware hacker, you can safely ignore the hacker’s extortion and restore clean files from your backed up data.