Database Backup and Recovery

Businesses are constantly at risk of data loss which is why an effective data protection policy should be in place to protect databases and to reconstruct the data, should said loss occur.

Most businesses do not realize the value of data protection which is why most do not give much credit to data backup and a recovery strategy. If you are one of them then only will this make your data vulnerable to loss and damage, but you are opening your business to potential ruin.

Here is a look at what backup and recovery is and how the approach protects your system.

What is Backup?

Backup is a copy of data that comprises of important aspects of a database such as data files and control files. A backup serves as a shield to safeguard a company against unexpected data loss and application errors.

When it comes to backups of digital content, you may find multiple variations that have their own pros and cons.

Full Backup – A method of backup in which all files and folders are backed up every time you run a backup. This type of backup allows you to easily retrieve a file or data by showing a complete list of stored items each time.

Incremental Backup – A type of backup that creates a backup of all changes made since the last backup. It sounds like a mouthful but with incremental backups, you can save much of your storage space by avoiding duplication.

Mirror Backup – As the name suggests, the mirror backup is the exact copy of the original source. As mirror backup removes everything that is deleted from the original source, it should be used with caution when critical data is involved.

Online Backup – The type of backup in which the files and data are continuously or frequently backed up to a storage medium that is always linked to the source. Usually, the storage medium is offsite and is connected to the source via the internet or network.

Cloud Backup – A type of online backup in which the data is backed up to a storage facility connected over the internet. The backup can be accessed from virtually any location via login credentials.

What is Data Recovery?

Recovering all or some parts of the database refers to retrieving a copy of the data files from a backup storage and making it available to the database server.

How can Data Recovery Help You?

Data loss could be detrimental to any business. Whether data loss is a result of human error or system error, it may cause substantial loss to your business. Data recovery is a viable option in this regard which may recover your lost files and data and can save your business’s reputation and finances.

Do you need an efficient backup system to support your data protection strategy? Check out the features of CloudBacko and save your business from data loss risks.

CloudBacko features Detailed Backup Statistics Reports

CloudBacko, one of the top backup solutions providers with specialization in virtual machine backup systems, has recently announced the facility of providing its users with detailed reports illustrating the usage trend, information regarding the destinations of the backups and other vital details, to keep the users well informed about their data.

“We are always striving to keep our customers satisfied and happy. The CloudBacko reporting tool is just one of the many features we have launched to achieve customer satisfaction,” said a spokesperson for CloudBacko. “Our tool allows the users to get crystal clear visibility regarding the details of all destinations, including usage trends, backup and restore reports, log for warnings and errors, etc.”

CloudBacko always ensures that its customers should get the best possible services. The detailed reports are professionally designed and easy to use, read and understand for all users. These reports also give the users an idea of whether they need to change their backup plans in the future.

“The reports are an extremely convenient way for users to get a picture of their usage trend,” said Samuel Chan, Development Director of CloudBacko. “They are very neatly laid out and divided into four categories. The usage tab shows the users their historical usage trends. The backup tab shows the details of the files that have been backed up using the software. The restore tab shows the details of the files restored. The purchase tab shows the services that have been purchased in the selected time period and also shows the total money spent on various services.”

There are various other high quality services provided by the company such as the compatibility of the software with all operating systems, unmatched and invincible encryption methods and techniques and even guaranteed data recovery.

CloudBacko aims to further enhance in quality and increase in quantity, the services it offers to its valuable customers in the near future.

Company Introduction

CloudBacko Corporation is a private company that is located in British Virgin Islands. They specialize in developing backup and recovery software/tools for businesses that allow clients to securely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. Their prime product is CloudBacko backup software.

Contact Us

Cloud Backo Corporation

Phone: +852 2776 3339

Address: Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive, P.O. Box 3469, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands



CloudBacko Premium Support Service Launched

There is an increasing number of customers who need higher level of support than our standard forum support. Therefore, we have just launched our Premium Support Service for these customers.

This Premium Support Service includes phone and dedicated email support during Hong Kong office hours (0900 – 1800 GMT+8 Monday to Friday, excluding HK Public Holidays) with next business day response time. The price would be $300 per year per installation.

It is not yet available for in-app purchase, and thus needs to be purchased separately. If you are interested in this service, please email to

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