5 Tips to a More Secure Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s cloud backup storage service that users utilize to stash their files. What makes Google Drive interesting is that it is integrated into many applications like Google Apps so that it enables users to retrieve information from anywhere.

However still many users are not benefiting from this cloud service from the giant due to concerns mostly revolving around security. Here are a few tips that can help you make your Google Drive more secure:

#1-Setup Google Account Recovery

Let’s say you lost control of your account to someone else as it was left opened somewhere and someone you know guessed your password right. It can happen, and if you are a Google Drive user you should be concerned more than anyone. Luckily, losing account information isn’t the end of it as you can setup Google account recovery options which will allow you to regain control of your account. You can use a security question, your phone number and many other details to be used as your recovery solution.

#2-Make Use Of Two Step Verification

The biggest insecurity to Google Drive data for many people, are their passwords. To avoid this insecurity, use Google’s two step verification solutions. Once activated, you will need to input your password and later a verification code that Google sends to your phone to access you files.

#3-Control All Apps In One Place

If you are unsure about an app and if it might be using your data unethically, you can limit its access to your Google Drive Data. All you need to do is go to Google, click on ‘security’ then click on ‘authorizing applications & sites’. You will be taken to a page where you can limit application access to by clicking a button that says ‘revoke access’.

#4-Secure Files through Google Drive Application

Google Drive is a back-end application that stores files which can later be used by Google applications like Maps, Google Now etc. While it probably won’t hurt, you should keep in mind that most of Google’s applications are not developed by Google. Obviously it is not that you don’t trust anyone, but why take the risk of the stress when you can limit access to anything and everything you wish. In the Google Drive settings go to ‘view authorized apps’ and use the ‘revoke access’ button to restrict access for any application.

#5-Backup Google Drive

It is essential that you take every possible step to secure your Google Drive and backing it up is just another step you should consider. Using CloudBacko, you can backup your Google Drive on a local storage with a few simple clicks. Remember to configure CloudBacko to keep at least two backup copies, one in the local or mapped drive and another on the cloud. Keeping a local backup for your Google Drive will allow you to restore data much quicker than from the cloud.

Using these tips you can ensure foolproof protection for your Google Drive.

Backup Microsoft SQL Server Like Never Before With CloudBacko

If you are cautious about your data and want to protect it from a possible disaster, you would definitely want to go for SQL Server backups. There are some who hold the opinion that possessing a surplus copy for the database eliminates the need for backups. But how would you manage if that particular copy becomes inaccessible or damaged. Given this scenario, backups are an ultimate necessity and CloudBacko perfectly understands all your SQL Server backup needs.

Before you decide upon a backup strategy, let us talk about the different types of backups.

Full backups

This is in fact the simplest type of backup. Full backup is possible for a file group or a single data file. The job of a full backup is to render a comprehensive copy of the database along with a single point in time for data restoration. When the backup is in operation it does not have any facility for point in time recovery. A full backup carries out the following functions:

  • It forces a particular database checkpoint and the log sequence number is taken into account at that point.
  • It begins reading the data files which are present in the database.
  • Reading through the data files stops and the log sequence number pertaining to the oldest active transaction is noted.
  • The transaction log is read up to a point which is necessary.

Differential backups

The function of a differential backup is almost similar to that of a full backup. The only variation is that a differential backup only constitutes the entire data that has been added or changed following the last full backup. These backups are cumulative in nature and occur in succession after a full backup. There is a boost in size as more and more data is added or changed.

Transaction log backups

A transaction log backup constitutes each and every transaction log record that is produced after the last log backup. It enables a particular point in time recovery of the database. It is incremental in nature; hence, every transaction log record is needed for restoration of the database.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of backups, you must understand that there are certain challenges involved in each of these backups. Microsoft’s backup capabilities exhibit their limitations when the SQL server environment experiences growth in terms of size of the database, number of instances and databases, and so on. CloudBacko helps you tide over all these challenges with its innovative backup capabilities. The benefits are numerous, as you can well comprehend as you read on.

Super fast, irrespective of size

CloudBacko is extremely efficient in providing disaster recovery solutions that protect your critical data. In fact, with this software, you have the most efficient recovery and backup solution, even for multi-thread SQL server. Compatible for database, file, virtual machine software, lightning fast backups are provided for Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon, with only a small number of clicks. Over and above that, the military grade 256-bit encryption is incomparable in data loss prevention.

Additional service of filename encryption

You might work from a remote location offsite or you may work online, but the point is that you need a backup for your SQL server. CloudBacko is by far the best choice for attaining that.

Data loss absolutely zero with local and cloud backup

With CloudBacko, it is possible to backup SQL Server data stepwise or concurrently in a number of destinations like OpenStack, Google Drive, AWS compatible storages, and more. This prevents any kind of disaster from taking place.

Can be used without any expert training

Since CloudBacko has an extremely intuitive user interface, anyone can get started off with it without participating in any training sessions. You can easily perform activities such as scheduling the automatic backups, controlling destinations, checking the health of your backups, and data restoration, amongst others. There is the Help button in all the pages to provide you ready help.

Background backup taking place continuously

You just need to configure CloudBacko. After that, continuous backup takes place in the background. In a situation where there is a busy server due to network traffic or too much CPU usage, automatic pausing of backup takes place to prevent any kind of detrimental effect on the computer’s performance.

Permanent storage of unlimited versions

Maintenance of historical versions becomes very convenient with the flexible versioning rules. For those who need more recent versions of SQL Server Database, the retention policy can be modified accordingly. Permanent storage of the versions is possible.

Support for a range of operating platforms

Worried about how to manage backups for a range of operating platforms like Linus, Mac OS X and Windows? Installation of CloudBacko on these operating platforms gives you the potential to use the same solution for backing up all of the machines.

Appropriate reporting and insights

The reporting tool is a major advantage that CloudBacko brings. The backup details for every destination (such as restoration and backup reports, error and warning logs, and so on) are clearly visible.

Guaranteed recovery

With our backup data integrity ensuring technology, restore drill test can be frequently run in the background to ensure the restorability of your backed up data.

Backup all your databases, virtual machines & workstations

Besides Microsoft SQL Server, do you have other servers such as Oracle, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, VMware and Hyper-V, MySQL, and also desktops and laptops that require back up? Wish to back up entire Windows System State or Windows system image? CloudBacko has the capability for all of these tasks.

Permanent software update free of cost 

After you buy the software and start using it, whenever automatic software update is available free of cost, you will get it. Therefore, you do not need to keep on paying to get software updates.

The benefits of backing up Microsoft SQL Server with CloudBacko are indeed numerous. All you need to do is purchase it, set it up, and forget all your worries. Try it out now and feel the difference. A 30-days free trial is available which you can download now.

Why Using CloudBacko for Lotus Domino Backup

Reliable and speedy backup for IBM Lotus Domino Server is very critical, but it is hard to get the right solution. However, with CloudBacko, the entire scenario becomes positive! The software helps you not only to simplify but also to enhance your recovery process. With the help of CloudBacko you can even troubleshoot the common problems once they occur.

Go through these exclusive benefits that Cloudbacko brings for your Lotus Domino and get ready to install it.

Speedy back up even for large-sized database

So far as Lotus Domino Server is concerned, CloudBacko simply has no competition. It is by far the speediest backup software existing in the marketplace that can be used locally as well as over the cloud, owing to its in-built speed enhancement technologies. Some of these technologies include configurable compression, Delta in-file incremental block-level backup, simultaneous, multi-thread backup catering to a number of destinations, and so on. For a Domino Database of size as much as 500 GB, you would be able to complete the backup process in a night.

In short, you get exactly what you need!

  • Zero downtime incremental backup
  • Multi-thread speedy backup for Domino Server Database
  • Restorability guaranteed through checking of backup pre-requisite for Domino Server
  • Simultaneous backup taking place in a range of destination
  • Direct restoration possible and you can get original database from the backup

The exclusive facility of filename encryption

CloudBacko is the most suitable solution if you are looking for optimum amount of security for your Lotus Domino Server. It can be used both online and offsite, for remote as well as cloud locations. The 256-bit key that is truly randomized makes CloudBacko the only solution for backup which is capable of encrypting almost everything, and this includes all filenames and data. No other software has the ability to read the backed up data of the Domino Server over the cloud. With this encryption system, you get the following advantageous features:

  • You obtain encryption of data to the maximum extent possible
  • There is absolutely no issue of lazy encryption keys, such as ‘123456’ or ‘abc123’ being used
  • The key is unbreakable; it would take a Pentaflops supercomputer a number of years to crack it

Convenience in use, without calling for any training

Talk of intuitive user interface and you have CloudBacko in the first row. It is indeed very easy to use! You do not require training of any sort from the experts to begin using the CloudBacko modules. A number of activities can be completed with the least effort, namely, automatic backup schedule, destination management, selection of backup sources, data restoration, backup health monitoring, amongst others. In case assistance is required, every page has a Help button, which gives you the answer you are looking for right away.

‘No data loss’ guaranteed with multi-destination backup, both local and cloud

So far as a business is concerned, data is like gold and diamond, if not more precious than these. So, you may be required to maintain a number of copies of the Domino Server backup and that too in a range of cloud and local locations. This step will do away with a possible disaster arising out of data loss. Cloudbacko ensures step-by-step as well as concurrent backing up of the IBM Domino Server for manifold destinations, such as Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, AWS compatible storages, external USB drive, local / mapped network drives, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and FTP / SFTP sites.

Backups for virtual machines, databases, and workstations

Other than Lotus Domino Server, if you have VMware and Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, MySQL, Oracle, or laptops and desktops that need backing up, CloudBacko is ready with all its essential features. And there is more! CloudBacko can even back up the complete Windows System State or Windows system image. In fact, there exists complete support for all.

Support for a range of operating platforms

Do you have machines with a number of operating systems that need constant backup? Well, this software can do that too! CloudBacko installation can be seamlessly done on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. This enables you to provide backup for every machine that you have with a single solution.

No extra charges for software update

After buying CloudBacko, automatic software update can be received whenever the same is available for free of cost. There is no need to go on paying for the software update. If you want, you may simply download a free trial of 30 days as a test drive.

Storage of unlimited versions permanently

In order to store the past versions of the server database, you can define versioning rules that are flexible. When the latest versions are required, adjust the retention policy accordingly. You may keep versions permanently if you so require.

Recovery for sure

Cloudbacko comes with a technology that ensures backup data integrity. This technology enables restore drill test to be conducted in the background every now and then. Thus the restorability of the data that is backed up is guaranteed. So, if you have any corrupt files, you can avail the option of restoring them.

Lucid reporting and insights

One of the most noteworthy features of CloudBacko is the reporting tool. With the help of this, you obtain clear-cut visibility for the backup details pertaining to each and every destination, such as log for warnings and errors, backup and restore reports, usage trend, and so on.

Why wait when everything sounds so great? Purchase CloudBacko as per your requirement and enjoy the advantage of flexible pricing through its varied modules. With free updates, state-of –the art features and affordable pricing, CloudBacko is simply irresistible.

CloudBacko: The Last Word for Microsoft Exchange Server Backup

You just love to work with Microsoft Exchange Server because every business process becomes so streamlined. But what happens when the server crashes? Do you feel like you are abandoned in a remote island with no help at all? Well, forget it! This situation is a thing of the past. Now you have the provision to regularly backup Microsoft Exchange Server which ensures the recovery of all system data and mailboxes in case the server registers a crash.

But there is a crux. Since Exchange makes use of running processes and open files, it is a more complicated task to back it up rather than backing flat files. Yes, you can go for backup applications from Microsoft and common third party software which can successfully manage Exchange backups. And if you want something extra, do not give a second thought before choosing CloudBacko- the ultimate name in the world of Microsoft Exchange Server Backup.

CloudBacko comes in with the most suitable features and has numerous benefits. Let us explore in some detail why this backup software is the best choice for your Microsoft Exchange Server.

Outstanding backup and recovery software

When it comes to backing up and restoration of your Microsoft Exchange Server, time is a very important factor. In business, as we all know, time is money. Delay in restoration can result in a considerable loss in productivity, which might detrimentally affect the profits. CloudBacko is created with the thought that when there is a crash, data should be restored as early as possible so that the business is brought back to its normal flow in minimal time.

With CloudBacko, it is possible to restore your calendars, contacts and emails with the help of only a few simple clicks. This wonderful remote backup solution is one of the finest that you can use off-site. Convenience of restoration and super fast speed- that’s what CloudBacko is all about!

Here’s a snapshot of its restoration prowess:

  • Easy restoration of contacts, calendars, emails of individual mailboxes with just simple clicks
  • Prior restoration of complete Exchange Information Store is not required
  • Interface equivalent to Windows File Explorer for convenient browsing and selection
  • Checking for backup pre-requisites for the Exchange Server which ensures restorability
  • Incremental hot backup at block level with zero downtime
  • EDB backup can be directly restored to original database

Encryption of filenames

Whenever you are looking forward to a remote cloud backup for your Microsoft Exchange Server that can be leveraged off-site, CloudBacko is the ultimate answer. It is the one and only backup solution that is capable of encrypting everything through a truly randomized key of 256 bits. This invariably takes into account all the filenames and data. With the truly randomized encrypting option, you can achieve the following:

  • Encryption of data to the maximum possible extent
  • Use of “123456”, “abc123”, or other lazy encryption keys is not done
  • Simply unbreakable key; it is nearly impossible for the key to be broken by a 10.51 Pentaflops supercomputer

Multi-destination local and cloud backup ensuring no data loss

To maintain business security, you might need to store manifold copies of the backup for your Microsoft Exchange Server in diverse cloud and local locations. This enables you to tide over trying situations resulting from data loss. CloudBacko gives you the provision to backup the data stored in the server sequentially or concurrently to a number of destinations, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, AWS compatible storages, Amazon S3, external USB drive, FTP/SFTP sites, DRopbox, Rackspace Cloud Files, OpenStack, Microsoft OneDrive, as well as mapped or local network drives.

Backup for other databases, workstations and virtual machines

A business indeed needs lot of stuff to conduct every process smoothly. Apart from Microsoft Exchange Server, there might be other servers to back up, namely MySQL, Oracle, Lotus Domino, Microsoft SQL Server, VMware and Hyper-V, along with laptops and desktops. Maybe that is not enough- you may want to create backup for the entire Windows System State or Windows system image. CloudBacko offers you that provision too!

Anybody and everybody can use it

Thinking about how to use CloudBacko? Well, you need not worry about that! Once you start using it, you would simply be amazed at its highly interactive user interface, which makes the software very easy to use. No training is required to get started with CloudBacko. You can go for selection of backup sources, destination management, automatic backup scheduling, data restoration as well as supervision of backup health in a hassle free manner. What if you get stuck? Just click on the Help button which appears on every page and assistance is right there at your fingertips.

Continuous backup

Once you configure CloudBacko, the software will continuously keep backing up the Microsoft Exchange Server from the background. However, do not think that it will hamper the performance of the computer. Whenever high network traffic or CPU usage makes the server busy, there will be an automatic cessation of the backup to ensure that the performance is not affected.

Super fast for huge data

Talk speed, talk CloudBacko! Search for the fastest Microsoft Exchange Server in the marketplace, and CloudBacko is a name to be easily reckoned. It comes with in-built speed enhancement technologies, such as configurable compression, concurrent, multithread backup to varied destinations, and so on.

Linux, Mac OS X, Windows support

If your machines work with varied operating platforms, CloudBacko is the thing for you. Installation can be done on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Hence you can create backups for all your machines without having to opt for different solutions.

Sounds good? But wait that’s not all! The software allows for flexible versioning rules that allow you to store even historical data. However, if you wish to have the more recent versions, just alter the retention policy setup, and you get what you want. You may even retain the versions permanently if you wish to.

That’s a great deal, right? So why not opt for it now? CloudBacko comes in different modules and offers affordable as well as flexible pricing. Once you buy it, you get free software update for the same version forever!

Download free version here.

Data Privacy at its Best – CloudBacko boasts Super Strong Data Encryption

CloudBacko strengthens the security of its software by incorporating stronger encryption techniques in its program. The more powerful encryption will be more effective in protecting confidential information of businesses preventing them from huge financial and non-financial losses.

CloudBacko, founded in 2014, is rapidly emerging as one of the most trusted backup and recovery software providers for businesses of all sizes and scopes. The company’s server backup software that are licensed from Ahsay System Corporation Limited, offer a user-friendly interface and robust integrated technology that support a wide range of database servers and workstations. The advanced capabilities of the company’s core program, CloudBacko features online, offline, remote, and local backup services to protect clients’ data suiting their needs and demands.

Talking about the encryption capabilities of the program, Samuel Chan, Development Director of CloudBacko stated, “When it comes to protecting our clients’ valuable data, we settle for nothing less than perfection. Therefore, we have added improved capabilities in our encryption techniques to make it impossible for hackers to access your business’ confidential information. Our 256-bit truly randomized encryption key provides security to your data to the utmost level making it hard for even a super computer to break into your database and breach your data integrity.”

Most businesses show reluctant using cloud based storage system fearing that their data may be at risk of being accessed by competitors or cyber criminals. Considering the fact, it has become extremely important for cloud based service providers to create systems that offer complete peace of mind and extraordinary customer satisfaction eliminating all related concerns.

“Our highly competent team of expert developers isn’t going to just stop here”, said the Samuel. “Our team is constantly researching and developing better and error free programs to ensure zero data loss and high quality services compared to other businesses in the industry. To add to this, we aim to offer more flexibility, transparency, and power to help our clients use their database more efficiently for crucial business decisions. We are hoping to see an even better program in the near future.”

Data breaches can bring huge loss of trade as well as damage the reputation and integrity of a business. Therefore, companies should be particularly careful when choosing database backup service providers, especially when operating in countries that have strict data protection laws in place.

CloudBacko Features Lightning Fast Upload and Download Speeds

CloudBacko offers lightning fast upload and download speeds to improve the efficiency of processes. The system’s high speed along with secure backup to remote location provides businesses a competitive edge that is hard to find in any other program.

CloudBacko is one of the most reliable names when it comes to backup and recovery solutions. The company’s Ahsay System Corporation Limited licensed software is a comprehensive database support program that is compatible with a wide range of servers and workstations. The user friendly interface and advanced capabilities of the program offer online, offline, remote, and local backup facilities to businesses of all sizes and scopes.

Talking about the program, Samuel Chan, Development Director of CloudBacko stated, “CloudBacko’s built in speed boosting technology like in-File Delta block level incremental backup, multi thread, and configurable compression allows lightning fast data transfer for even the largest of databases. With our program, backing up even a 500GB Microsoft Exchange Server seems a simple task.”

“Fast processing of data is critical in today’s fast paced business environment. Therefore, CloudBacko provides a one-stop solution for all backup needs. By offering unlimited backup locations like Amazon, Hyper-V, and others, the system combines the capabilities of all online cloud backup options into one destination to allow for more space, easy access, and more security to data. Additionally, our multi destination storage ensures zero data loss, eliminating the risks related to data recovery.”

Another important aspect of CloudBacko is its focus on security and preservation of data. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the program, the company offers enhanced security with 256-bit truly randomized encryption that is hard to break, even for a super computer.

“In addition to providing fast data transfer, CloudBacko is efficient enough to secure your data using advanced encryption techniques,” Samuel added. “We are constantly working to improve the security, speed, and efficiency of our system to deliver greater value and ensure higher level of customer satisfaction.”

Company Introduction

CloudBacko Corporation is a private company located in British Virgin Islands. The company offers specialized backup and recovery software/tools for businesses which enable them to safely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. The company’s products are compatible with a huge selection of database servers and workstations.

CloudBacko Ensures Minimum Data Loss – Features Automatic Background Backup

CloudBacko features continuous or real time backup to reduce data loss and ensure retrieval of updated version of the data every time. The feature is a valuable addition to the software’s capability to improve efficiency and productivity.

Ever since its inception in 2014, CloudBacko has been growing rapidly with its improved service delivery and high-tech product features. It is due to the CloudBacko’s user-friendly interface and robust integrated technology that the company has become one of the most trusted backup and recovery software providers for enterprises as well as small businesses within a short span of time.

While speaking about the feature, Samuel Chan, Development Director of CloudBacko said, “We understand that each single piece of information is critical to the success of your business. Therefore, we have integrated in our server backup program the continuous data protection feature which will back up all your business’ data whenever a change is made. Using this feature, you will be able to preserve a record of every transaction in real time. Additionally, if your system gets infected with any malicious program, it will be possible for you to get the most recent clean copy of the affected file. We are hoping that this feature will particularly be useful for businesses in which data is often updated or where the amount of data is large.”

Continuous data protection is a practical option in this fast-paced business environment. Unlike traditional backups, the continuous backup does not wait until a scheduled time to run a backup. Rather, it works as a digital journal that records every transaction as soon as it takes place. In addition to this, the continuous data protection does not affect the performance of the server which makes it the perfect tool in today’s competitive business environment.

Sammuel also commented, “As with continuous data protection, your backup system has to read only the parts of data that have been changed rather than re-reading all the data stored in your database; it does not slow down the performance of your server. You can run these backups throughout the day without affecting your business processes or user experience.”

In modern business environment, investing in a database backup service that assures zero data loss and 100 percent integrity of data is critical to stay ahead of competition.

Cloud Backup Ensures Increased Protection

Information is a priceless asset for all businesses. Every business, even if it is not data based, has certain valuable information that it needs to keep secure and protected. It is essential to create backups for sensitive data and it is recommended to secure them using multilayer protection methods.

Traditional backup methods often require manual efforts to a certain extent. Even if it is changing the tape or plugging in a flash drive, someone has to do it. However, with advanced technologies like cloud backup storage, data backups are mostly automated. This means they require no user intervention and backups are automatically created on the offsite servers via the internet.

Traditional backup procedures often require tapes, optical disks, or flash drives. Using these media is not only time consuming, but also costly as the storage media needs to be purchased for extra space. In case of cloud backup systems, businesses can save a lot of costs as they are not required to make heavy investments in storage media. Another way these systems help save resources is that they require payments only for the storage area that is being used. This prevents wastage of resources on the space that is hardly or never used.

Another issue with traditional backups is that they are often saved in the same location as the data. This is a redundant backup method because if the computer were to be permanently damaged or stolen, the backup would be of no benefit. Similarly, backing up on external media such as a flash drive is also not effective as the chances of losing them or they going corrupt are high. On the other hand, cloud backups store data automatically in remote locations. This ensures that an up-to-date backup of the data is always present, irrespective of how the data was destroyed.

Most cloud backup companies pay a lot of attention to security and privacy. They use various forms of encryption and coding on not only the storage media but also the data transmission channels. Where traditional storage media can get stolen or destroyed, cloud backup is done using RAID technology, which distributes the data over an array of storage devices in the server.


Irrespective of the nature of business, all organizations need to safeguard their information against destruction and theft. Cloud backup storage works efficiently well for backing up and securing sensitive information. There are various benefits of switching over to the cloud including increased protection, cost cutting, and easy access.