Multi-destination cloud and local backup enables CloudBacko to ensure foolproof protection for client data

CloudBacko is securing a growing number of corporate and individual clients who are satisfied with the company’s multi-destination cloud backup services

Cloud technology has been on a constant rise over the past few years as organizations around the world are now realizing its importance, especially when it comes to data safety and backups. A massive evacuation of companies from traditional backup methods has been seen in the recent years with the steady integration of cloud backup techniques.

CloudBacko is one of the best cloud backup services that has managed to secure a good reputation in the industry with its affordably priced, diverse and highly dependable services. With the variety of backup solutions the company delivers and a great support team present 24/7 on standby, each day a rising number of clients are using its services to safeguard their critical data.

Samuel Chan, the Development Director at CloudBacko explained, “We are proud of the reputation we have been able to secure over a short period. We started off with our belief in cloud technology and how it can help revolutionize data backup approaches to make them more efficient and effective. Our team worked hard to create a foolproof model that we now function with, to help clients secure their data and have quick access to it. ”

“We believe that our multi-destination backup approach played a pivotal role in helping us prove how valuable our services are” explained Chan, “What would you do if there is a fire in your organization? Or a hurricane sweeps away all your office equipment while you are sleeping at home? If you were still backing up data using traditional methods, you can say goodbye to all of it as it just got swept away due to a natural disaster. On the other hand, our services are more in-depth. We have disaster recovery plans in place and our multi-destination and local backup approach is a part of it. Even if our clients do experience a natural disaster or data theft, we have all the right protocols in place to restore it immediately so that our clients can revive their operations the same day.”

With cloud backup services like no other, CloudBacko is expected to experience a huge influx of clients in the near future.

CloudBacko offers encryption that guarantees safety for your data, even from the NSA

CloudBacko is becoming the prime choice of many organizations looking forward to safeguard their data due the company’s strict data encryption policies

With the controversies revolving around privacy and safety of data over the internet, the world has witnessed significant growth in the use of Virtual Private Networks and similar options that help cover individual user activities. These controversies also challenged the safety of using internet for organizations due to the growing belief that ‘everything on the internet can be tracked, seen, and stolen by anyone who has a little knowhow of the mechanics’.

This was quite evident in the early years of cloud technology as a massive number of companies chose traditional backup methods over cloud backup, wondering if their data was safe.

However, one of the best cloud backup services in the industry, CloudBacko helped organizations evolve out of believing that cloud is unsafe, with its highly reliable services.

CloudBacko helps backup VMware, Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, MYSQL & other files to the top cloud backup platforms like Amazon and Google Drive just to name a few, but the software’s job doesn’t end here. It has been gaining a lot of attention for its bulletproof data encryption that, as the company claims, ‘Even makes it impossible for the NSA to retrieve client information’.

Samuel Chan, the Development Director at CloudBacko explained, “It took quite a while for organizations to realize the true potential of cloud storage and backup solutions. Many of them were dubious that there data is not safe over the cloud. We are glad we have been able to reshape that image with an added feature of our software; 256-bit truly randomized key encryption. This encryption method guarantees that all client data uploaded to cloud backups is protected to the maximum. Even a 10.51 Pentaflops supercomputer needs 3.31 x 1056years to crack such a key.”

Cloudbacko has certainly reshaped the cloud backup industry by highlighting its tremendous benefits and keeping clients covered from all angles with its unparalleled encryption protocols and multi-destination backups.

According to many clients, they choose CloudBacko over other similar services as they can trust the company blindly with their critical operational data.

CloudBacko secures its place as the best cloud backup software in the industry

CloudBacko, ‘The complete cloud backup service’, as many clients call it, has secured its place as one of the best cloud backup services in the industry

There has been a massive switch from traditional backup approaches like hard disks and flash storage devices to cloud backup solutions. This is not just on an individual level but organizations from around the world are now realizing that it is in the best of their critical data, to be moved to the many cloud options.

One company that is helping organizations backup countless Terabytes of data to cloud storages is CloudBacko. It has been repeatedly regarded as one of the best cloud services by clients and the software has been becoming increasingly popular among local and international companies with no signs of slowing down.

Backing up CloudBacko is a complete team of data safety professionals, diverse array of services and a 100% guarantee for data safety. Sameul Chan, the company’s Development Director said, “We are glad with the recognition we have gained over the past few years. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team members, who have dedicated their efforts to developing an unparalleled solution to data safety and cloud backups. We have managed to secure a large base of clients who trust us with their valuable data and immediate recovery protocols.”

“CloudBacko isn’t just another cloud backup service” added Samuel Chan, “There are a number of features that make it a complete backup software. First of all, all the best cloud backup platforms like Google Drive, Amazon and Microsoft, just to name a few are covered. Second, all client data is encrypted with 256-bit truly randomized encryption which makes it impossible to penetrate. Third, we believe in multi-destination backup as it guarantees zero data loss! These are just a few of the features that make CloudBacko a complete cloud backup solution. ”

With the ever increasing number of organizations and the growing need for data safety, CloudBacko is expected to witness even more success in the near future.

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Debunking 5 Cloud Backup Myths!

Just like many of the other latest innovative technologies, cloud backup storage has many business owners and individual users confused, whether they should take up the new option or not. Many people are still dazed and confused if benefiting from the amazing capabilities of cloud technology will ultimately be in the favor of their business.

It has only been a few years since cloud has made it into people’s lives and changed the way they used to store their data. The most important thing here is that cloud backup provides professional, high quality protection for data practically within any budget.

Still, not everyone is convinced by the facts there are still some persistent myths about cloud backup that people believe:

#1-Sticking To Local Backup Solutions Is The Best Strategy

There are many business owners still convinced that local backup solutions outdo cloud backups. However, what people fail to understand is that there are many risks to having local backups, like:

  • Security breaches
  • Fire
  • Floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters
  • Power failure

Although it is a good idea to have a local backup for immediate needs, an offsite backup is still necessary.

#2-Cloud Backup Is Slow

Since cloud storages are setup remotely, it is natural for people to think that the entire procedure of uploading files one by one might take too long. But this misconception is still false as the internet has come a long way since the dialup days and can now handle massive amounts of data within moments. It is true that if a company wants to backup an entire hard drive it might take several hours, but once done, the process of daily backups just takes a few minutes.

#3-Cloud Backup Services Are Expensive

One of the most prevalent myths about cloud backup services is that they are expensive. This is absolutely false. For as little as $5 to $10 a month, small to large companies can have premium protection for their data and this is worth it when comparing the costs of lost data.

#4-All Remote Backup Servers Are the Same

Even the people who are using cloud backup services can be often misled into thinking that all remote backup servers are the same and offer the same features. This is not the case though as there are hundreds of different services that offer different interesting features.

#5-Cloud Backups Are Not Safe

One myth that keeps thousands of businesses from using cloud backups is the belief that this technology is not safe enough to provide protection for sensitive information. While it may seem like the internet is full of hackers, things like online banking and shopping is proof of remote monetary transactions. In fact, the right backup services practice the same protection parameters for client data as banks do for online transactions.

Avoiding these misconceptions about cloud storage can help you benefit from this amazing technology and safeguard your data in the securest way possible.

Deadly Data Backup Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are a small to medium business owner or an IT professional at a recently established startup, one thing that your company obviously needs is a complete backup solution. It is natural for startup owners to completely avoid backup solutions in the beginning due to the costs involved, however, down the line there comes a time when operations cannot go on without regular backups.

If you are now planning to make a move to ensure the safety and storage of your data, remember to avoid the following mistakes:

Relying On A Single Onsite Backup

Hard drivers are complex electronic devices that can fail at any moment. You cannot completely trust your computer hard drives to take care of all your critical company data. You might even have two different hard drives onsite that may probably fail at the same time, that’s just how machines work. However, if this happens it would leave you and your business hanging by a thread.

Never make the mistake of relying too heavily on a single onsite backup, instead focus on diversifying your backups so that you can be operational instantly after a disaster.

Backing Up Manually

If you think that depending on your memory to remind you every now and then that you need to create backup is a good idea, you are wrong. A manual process can obviously not match the consistency of an automated one and by relying on your memory, you are just stressing yourself out.

On the other hand, all cloud backup services give you the option to schedule backups so that you don’t need to initiate the process manually every time.

Not Keeping Backup History

What if you accidentally delete something and only notice it after the backup is updated, or what if you need a previous version of a file you are currently working on? Not keeping backup history could leave you stranded in such situations, cost you time, money and of course a lot of effort. Many professional cloud backup services give you the option of keeping backup history for a specific period of time so that you have access to everything you need.

Failing To Verify

No matter what backup systems you use, the worst mistake you can make is failing to verify that everything is working properly. Both optical media and hard drives have the potential to go bad just sitting on the shelf therefore, realizing this once this has happened could mean disaster! Whether you are using hard drives, optical storage or cloud solutions, it wouldn’t hurt to look things up after every week to ensure things are working as they should.

Avoiding these mistakes when it comes to a matter as sensitive as data backups, can eventually help you save costs and promote business credibility.

5 Important Advantages of Cloud Backup Solutions

When it comes to storing data in a safe location as backup, today, cloud storage is what is on every businesses owner’s mind. Over the past few years, cloud storage has become the prime choice to backup critical data both among individual and professional users. Not only this, the idea of cloud storage has also served to evolve technology industries around the globe.

Small to medium businesses need a reliable and cost effective method to backup all company data to secure it from loss occurred due to disasters like fires and thefts and also for quick retrieval from multiple locations.

For those of you who have already embraced cloud storage, the advantages are obvious. However, if you haven’t started benefitting from it yet, here are some advantages that might compel you to make a decision:

#1- It Is Highly Affordable

Startups and small businesses don’t really have the budget to setup complex IT infrastructures to store data and manage operations. It is critical to go for a solution that can easily be managed and paid for. For just under a few hundred dollars you can sign up with one of the many cloud backup services on the market and start reaping the benefits.

#2-Cloud Backups Are Offsite

It is essential for your business to have all records of critical information stored safely offsite. Although keeping your data in the company server might seem safe, it would still be destroyed in the case of events like natural disasters or security breaches. Keeping a copy of all data backed up safely in cloud storage can help ensure the safety of all your data.

#3-Access 24/7 from Anywhere

Another important benefit of cloud backup storage is its 24/7 availability. You are not limited by office timings to access your company data, neither do you need to be in a single location to do so. You can also avoid carrying a laptop around as many latest cloud backup services also give you the option of mobile access from your smart phone.

#4-Simple Backup and Retrieval

No longer do you need an IT professional on your side to take care of matters like server storage management and security. With a few simple clicks, all your data is backed up automatically and is always available for immediate retrieval.

#5-Automatic Backups

The most common reason why companies don’t backup their data is because of the amount of time it takes. This is not the case with cloud backup storage as most of these services are designed to cut down storage time. Additionally, you can also program your storage service to backup files continuously, as soon as they are created. All you need is a good internet connection.

Cloud backup storage has changed the data backup industry. Because of the affordable rates, now many small business owners have access to high quality backup solutions.