Why Cloud Backup Is Better Than The Rest

Why CloudBacko WinsWith the growing dependency of businesses on information, it is important that they backup their data. Most of these enterprises understand the daunting truth: without this data, their businesses could very well cease to exist, crumbling into dust. This is why it becomes imperative for them to have a reliable and effective data backup system in place. Cloud backup, over the last decade, has emerged as an effective and valuable way to protect data. Cloud backup is also known to be superior to traditional backup systems. Here’s why:

Reliable and Speedy Data Recovery

A cloud backup solution means that you have a reliable way of retrieving your lost data. It will store all your data instantly on an internet-based platform without any hassle. You can hire a cloud backup service provider to establish Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives and ease the process of data recovery.

Safety and Protection

With the increasing number of data intruders, storing of official and confidential data online carries the risk of the data being stolen and hacked. To counter this ever-present threat, it is imperative that businesses use encryption software. Before moving the data to a cloud vault, the files are encrypted. A key is needed for decryption which is only available with a few employees of the company.


Cloud backup services are affordable and do not incur a huge capital expenditure for companies. As compared to the features and benefits of this solution, the cost associated is quite low. Also, a number of plans are developed by the service provides with different features to help businesses choose the one that matches their business requirements.

Huge Storage Limit

Cloud backup offers a huge storage limit which helps in saving a lot of information. Some service providers offer different storage limits for home users and businesses. They combine free storage devices in order to provide their customers’ with the ultimate experience of saving their data.

No Data Loss

Want to backup multiple copies on different platforms to eliminate data loss? You can opt to create multiple copies and upload them at various cloud locations such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon and many more. No data loss even in the event of laptop/computer destruction and loss, is guaranteed with cloud backup.

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Six Essentials of a Successful Recovery and Backup Strategy

Six-Essentials-o-a-Successful-Recovery-and-Backup-StrategyProtecting and saving data sounds simple, but in reality it’s far from it! Companies have to make sure that their data is secured in a manner that allows no unauthorized person access. At the same time, they also have to ensure that their data is easily accessible by all employees. So, what happens when all data is lost? What should the company do? Here are a few components that a company should consider in situations of data loss:

Organizing Data

All official data should be organized properly. Different categories should be formed and data should be stored separately according to all categories. Cluttering all data in one folder will cause a lot of confusion and havoc. In events of data loss, unorganized data will create huge problems; whereas if data will be categorized appropriately, recovery will be easier.

Understanding Data Backups

Understand when data backups occur and what recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) have been set up. This will help you in understanding the frequency of the backups that take place and what steps you should take to enhance the process.

Selecting Recovery and Backup Method

Selecting a backup method is one of the major essentials which need to be determined prior to a data loss event. Cloud backup service is one of the best data recovery and backup methods that should be adopted. With numerous benefits, this type of backup offers reduction in data loss and enhanced data protection. Increased security, ease of access and ease of use are only some of the reasons why this backup method should be selected.

Ensuring Security

Security is one of the essentials when protecting data. It eases the process of recovery as well. All the data should be protected with a password so that official and confidential information of the company is secured at all times. With cloud backup, encryption services are provided which helps in protecting data to a great extent.

Regulatory Compliance

Data protection and security require regulatory compliance. Just like the companies have to operate according to the regulations of the industry, they also have to make sure that their company’s data storage and protection is in line with the regulations. Cloud backup provides proper regulatory compliance which helps in effective data protection.

Review Backup Strategy

The only thing constant in businesses is change. Make sure that you review the strategy often and change its implementation according to the new trends. Cloud backup is a new and effective backup strategy which should be adopted by companies to make sure that their data is protected and that they have easy access to their data at all times!

Have you still not decided on your data backup program? Opt for CloudBacko – one of the most secured cloud backup solutions! The company offers secure backup solution with effective encryption services by not only protecting the content with the help of passwords, but also the filenames.

Get as much as 100TB of Cloud Storage with CloudBacko!

3CloudBacko is a proficient cloud based backup software available for not only business usage; but for home users as well. For home Windows users, CloudBacko assists users to backup their data without worrying about storage limits. With the usage of CloudBacko, users can smoothly combine free cloud storages such as Amazon cloud backup, Google cloud backup etc, into a single, pooled, storage space – providing unlimited storage capacity.

According to Mozy Online Backup’s stats, 140,000 hard drives crash each year in the United States. Given this huge number of hard drives’ crash, there is a dire need of reliable cloud based backups. Established with the aim of providing secure cloud backup solutions, CloudBacko facilitates its users to backup data in real time even when they are working and making any changes to content.

Speaking at a conference, a representative of the company stated, “CloudBacko offers efficient cloud backup solutions for all its users. The number of people not backing up their data is tremendous. In order to curb this number and promote data security and storage, we introduced CloudBacko. Our smart software not only facilitates data storage, but also offers guaranteed recovery. Our software is capable of combining free cloud storages; and so our customers will never run out of space to store their data. Additionally, we also offer encryption services, with the help of which data that is stored on the cloud is safe and secure even if it is hacked. We ensure this by protecting the file content and the file name with passwords which intruders cannot access even if they hack the storage. Designed with a friendly user interface, CloudBacko will certainly ease the process of safe data storage.”

Cloudwards’ survey revealed that 30 percent of people never backup their data. Reasons for not backing up data might be different, but this alarming statistic certainly needs attention. Majority of the people experience storage issues; their personal computers and devises may contain year’s worth of information. CloudBacko now offers a solution to this common concern by combining free cloud storages such as Google drive, Dropbox, Amazon etc.

“We want to reduce the number of data losses that occur each year. Whether it’s personal or official, data security is a crucial aspect, and we realize that. With CloudBacko, users can now connect their various free accounts and by adding numerous free counts they can enjoy as much as 100TB of safe and secure cloud storage,” a company official stated.

CloudBacko offers great cloud backup solutions for everyone. With effective encryption services, this cloud based backup software is playing a great role in reducing the number of data losses.

About the Company

CloudBacko Corporation is a private company located in the British Virgin Islands. The company offers specialized backup and recovery software/tools for businesses which enable them to safely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. The company’s products are compatible with a huge selection of database servers and workstations.

How to Safely Use Cloud Storage as Cloud Backup

How-to-SafelyUseCloud-Storage-as-Cloud-BackupWith the increased use of cloud backup, we often get overwhelmed with the huge storage limits offered by cloud back up service providers. However, an important aspect that we should consider is to make sure that our data is safely backed up. Regardless of the size – whether big or small – companies are at the risk of having their important and sensitive information attacked or wrongfully accessed while storing data online. Here are a few ways how you can improve your use of cloud backup:

Backup Multiple Copies

If you have backed up one copy of your data, you have actually not backed up any of your information. Backing up on multiple cloud destinations is the key. You should make sure that all the information you’re storing is securely stored on different cloud devices, which will help you in accessing the data easily. Even though cloud backup reduces the issues of data loss, backing up multiple copies completely eliminates the risk altogether.

Be Cautious of the Data you back up

Be wary of the information that you place on cloud. Even though cloud backups are safe, there are chances of the information being hacked. Thus, think about the data you want to backup and place on the cloud. One possible solution to this and ensuring data security is protecting your data with a password.

Manual Backups

Unless and until you have an amazingly fast internet, keep backing up your data manually. Even though there are many cloud backup software that guarantee backup continuously while you work, it all comes down to the speed of the internet. Thus, to avoid any backup discrepancies and data loss, put in a bit of effort and backup your data manually to the cloud.


This is one of the safest ways to ensure cloud data backup. Protect your data with the help of a password. Make sure that you set up a strong password, which cannot be accessed by anyone. Do not commit the mistake of sharing your password with anyone and do not access your cloud data on a computer that you do not trust. Using open Wi-Fi connections is not recommended as your password can be hacked. Ensuring internet security will help you in protecting your cloud data effectively!

Searching for safe cloud backup software? Let CloudBacko help you! In addition to reliable cloud backup services, the company also offers encryption services which helps in protecting backed up data. It can encrypt all your data and file names with a 256-bit truly randomized key that cannot be accessed by even the most sophisticated team of hackers.

Five Reasons why Businesses are shifting to Cloud Backup

Five-Reasons-why-Businesses-are-shifting-to-Cloud-BackupThe ever growing amount of data is posing a huge challenge for companies in form of data security! It has now become a necessity for the businesses to secure their data and ensure that none of it is lost or accessed by unauthorized parties. Data being one of the most valuable assets of the company should be appropriately protected and secured. With a number of advantages, companies now prefer cloud backup to secure their data. Here are a few reasons why businesses are increasingly transitioning to cloud backup:

No Training Needed

Due to its ease of use, cloud backup can be used without any training. The software is easy to understand and operate. No complexity is the major reason behind cloud backup’s popularity. Additionally, few cloud software are designed with a friendly user interface which makes its use further easier.

Improved Security

As opposed to traditional backup programs, cloud backup is safe and secure. It offers increased security with the help of encryption. Password protected data and files are placed in the cloud to ensure that company’s official data is not accessed by unauthorized personnel. A strong password is recommended to enhance security.

Speedy Data Recovery

In case of data loss or device destruction, companies with cloud backup can easily access their important data. They can recover their data without any hassle and without any loss of productivity. Even in case of the main server’s breakdown, companies can continue their work with the help of data stored in cloud.

Regulatory Compliance

Companies have to make sure that they conduct their business according to industry’s rules and regulations. Similarly, they have to follow regulations regarding storage and usage of data. Using cloud backup frees them of the worry to abide by those laws and regulations as all cloud backup plans are in complete compliance of data security acts.

Easy Access

There is no doubt that storing data in cloud will provide easy access to everyone, anywhere and anytime. This is a major reason that companies prefer this backup over the traditional backup plans. Urgent projects and tasks can be completed within no time because even employees will have access to data, even when at home!

Is your company looking for the most effective and encryption protected cloud based backup software? Visit CloudBacko! With efficient and reliable cloud backup software, the company also offers safe and secure cloud backup using industry standard encryption algorithm. The data and the file names both are encrypted, thus even if you storage is hacked, intruders cannot access your data and view content or file names.

Backup your Files & Folders Continuously with CloudBacko!

Backup your Files & Folders Continuously with CloudBacko!CloudBacko is one of the most effective cloud backup software in the industry. The company offers an effective backup solution with enhanced security services such as encryption which helps in eliminating risks of data loss. The software can be installed on any system, and all data is backed up continuously – in real time. This ensures a constant security against the threat of data loss.

According to Gartner Group, 25 percent of PC users lose data every year and about 15 percent of all laptops suffer hard drive failures. With the soaring numbers of data losses every year, it is essential that companies adopt cloud backup strategy to help their business grow and evolve according to the new business world. Even though data protection and backup is recommended for all businesses, it is essential that IT organizations implement cloud backup solutions. With its unique features and services, CloudBacko has revolutionized the way cloud backup systems operate.

A spokesperson of the company briefed about the services of the company, “We are passionate about creating a safe and secure business world. We want companies to operate in an environment where there is no risk of data loss. We aim to help companies by providing them with secure data storage options with encryption services, guaranteed data recovery, multiple backup copies and easy to use backup software. CloudBacko offers all these features and helps companies to carry out successful and secure businesses in the industry.”

Traditional backup services and programs have to be manually updated and the backup process has to be monitored to ensure that all changes have been backed up by the program. With CloudBacko, users do not have to stress about the manual backup process and do not have to keep a check on the backup process. This highly functional software runs in the background, performing backups continuously. “Our software is one a kind. We want our customers to focus only on their work and leave the backup process to us. CloudBacko’s Windows version provides its users the ease of use, safety of all data that is backed up and guaranteed recovery. Even when they’re working and making changes to their data, all changes are backed up by our intelligently designed software,” a company’s executive stated.

CloudBacko’s Windows Version, in addition to the Continuous Backup feature is offered for free for all home users. The software is flexible enough to operate on all platforms and data types.

About the Company

CloudBacko Corporation is a private company located in the British Virgin Islands. The company offers specialized backup and recovery software/tools for businesses which enable them to safely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. The company’s products are compatible with a huge selection of database servers and workstations.

Data Loss Disaster: Here’s how you can Prevent It

Lost all your Outlook data after it crashed? Your important files’ folder vanished from your desktop and is nowhere to be found? Crashed your hard-drive?

Are you prepared to deal with such potential data catastrophes? No? In a business world where data loss could mean millions of dollars burnt, data security is an imperative factor. Read on to find out how you can save yourself from such data disasters:

Dealing With Misplaced Data

You had to complete your project today and your important files’ folder is missing on the desktop, and you can’t find it? Don’t panic. Use the search bar in the ‘Start’ menu. Everything saved in the computer appears in the search results, thus you may be able to find your lost file. However, this doesn’t mean that a deleted file can be recovered. For instance, if you’re looking for a file that you had mistakenly deleted, it won’t appear in the Search bar search results.

Data Recovery Plan

One of the most important parts of keeping data safe is to have a data recovery plan. Data files are the most important part of every business, thus it is important for businesses to make sure that they have a plan in place before such an occurrence. A proactive approach is always the best way to go, so that you’re well prepared in the instance of the occurrence.


Data protection is of utmost importance and to ensure the same, you should invest in a backup system. With a number of backup software available today, make sure that you install one of the most efficient systems to backup your data. A backup software is not only successful for the business, but for the employees as well. Choose a system that matches your requirements and the operating system that you use. Cloud backup is one of the most efficient and effective data backup software these days. By having your data stored on the internet, you eliminate the risks associated with on-site data storage.

Hire Professionals

Planning and executing are complete two different things. You can prepare an effective plan, but can you implement the same effectively? If you aren’t sure, then let the professionals handle it! They can recover lost data in a much more efficient manner and can even install the backup software so that you don’t face the same problem again.

With Cloud Backup, Factor In Security!

One of the things that must be taken into consideration is the risk element associated with the transfer of your data on a cloud platform. This is especially the case with sensitive data. During the upload, ensure that your data is encrypted by an iron clad source, so that there is no chance of unauthorized personnel gaining access to your company’s important information.

Are you looking for effective and secure cloud data backup software? CloudBacko can help! The company’s software offers a wide range of cloud backup services, allowing you to backup data to a wide range of cloud storage platforms. Additionally, the software encrypts the file along with the file name, which keeps intruders from viewing the content of the file even in cases when the cloud storage is hacked.

Cloud Backup: How can you benefit?

Data protection continues to be a challenge for businesses. From small to large, all businesses face the threat of data loss. Why is that even after considerable technological advancements, companies still face this threat? The answer to this is tricky. Even though companies have a number of ways to prevent data loss, cases of data loss have been reported. So, what’s the ultimate solution? Cloud backup. Find out why by reading on.

It’s Affordable

For small companies who do not have huge budgets, cloud backup is cost effective. Cloud backup does not incur a huge capital expenditure for businesses and helps companies save all their data on the cloud. Even big organizations can take advantage of the affordability factor, and invest the saved amount somewhere else for the benefit of the company. At roughly a few hundred dollars per year, companies can back up their data using cloud backup.

Easily Accessible

Having data backed up in the cloud will provide easy access anywhere, anytime. There may be instances where employees have to access data when they’re not at the workplace. They need not carry a laptop everywhere with them if all the files are saved on the cloud. As long as they have access to the internet, all data will be easily available to them.

Off-Site Protection

Keeping a copy of files offsite helps in protecting data even in cases of server malfunction. All files are backed up on a server that’s not at your place of business. This helps keep data safe no matter what may happen at your business.


Simplicity is one of the key features of cloud backup. It is the major reason why cloud backup is popular with businesses. Access and restoration of data is easy with cloud backup. With just a few clicks you can save the data you want and delete what you don’t require.

Automated Data Backing

Companies usually do not pay much attention to the importance of data backup due to time constraints. Traditional data backup techniques require a lot of time and effort. One the other hand, cloud backup is simple. And it does not require any extra time and effort. Data is continuously and automatically backed up whenever the system is connected to the internet. Thus no effort is required on your part to save data after work is completed.

Are you looking for exceptional and reliable cloud backup software? Contact CloudBacko! The company provides one of the best cloud backup software for businesses at affordable rates. The company also offers smartphone apps for mobile data backup.