5 Factors to Consider when looking for a Cloud based Backup Software

Cloud backup is one of the most valuable technologies in cloud technology. It helps a number of companies in preventing data loss, ensuring security when the backup is in transit. With the growing use and increasing benefits of cloud based software, a number of companies are adopting integrating it in their business.

But, how should you choose which service is better for you? No two businesses are same, neither should their cloud services be. Here are a few aspects you should consider before choosing the right cloud software:


You need to back up and recover your files. Therefore, it is important to test the software’s speed. How long does the backup and recovery take? These are important questions to consider, in order to keep your business running successfully. Delay in recovering data might cause your business to suffer.

Ease of Use

Complicated backup schemes can be detrimental for your business. They make the process unnecessarily long and intricate. Not many users will take the time to invest in understanding the ins and outs of the platform. Make sure that the software you choose has a simple process that can be accepted by your employees.


A few high-profile data leaks in the past have thrown data security in the limelight. A number of companies offering cloud based solutions fail to offer complete data security, allowing hackers and intruders a gateway into your company’s most crucial and confidential information.

While choosing, make sure the company offers complete data protection. Opt for companies that offer encryption services.


Performance is key when choosing cloud software. It should be compatible with different platforms to help companies protect all their data. For assuring the same, see if the software can work and back up VMware, Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, MySQL, & other type of files.


Price is another essential consideration to choose the best cloud backup solution. Companies should offer this software at affordable rates to help them protect their data and eliminate chances of data loss. Genuine companies have reasonably priced software and some of them might even offer free upgrades once the software is purchased.

If you’re looking for the perfect cloud software for your business, contact CloudBacko! The company not only offers effective cloud backup, but encryption services too that ensure data security at lightning fast speed.

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Store Data in Your Computer

If not computer, then where? This might have been the first question that came to your mind when you first came across this.

Today, with our lives connected to computers, all our work and personal data is stored in computer hard drives. However, you might not be aware of the risks related to computer data storage. Here are three reasons why it’s risky storing data in your computer:

Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive crashes are the most common problem of computer data storage. Due to their ease of use and affordability, their demand never drops. Additionally, there has been immense pressure on manufacturers to increase the capacity of drives.

When buying, many people consider capacity as the primary factor; with secondary significance to quality. Low quality hard drives are purchased without a second thought, increasing the risk of hard drive failures. Furthermore, hard disks contain many moving parts, which is another reason why it breaks down easily.

Power Unit Issues

Prior to hard drive failures, power units were the major cause of data storage problems in computers. Computer’s power supply unit converts main AC to low-voltage regulated DC power that is suitable for the use of computer components. Problem arises when sudden changes in voltage occur. Power supply units are unable to convert AV to DC during sudden voltage changes, which make machines non-functional. Other factors such as overheating and external damage may also cause problems making it difficult for you to access your stored data.

Cooling Devices’ Breakdown

Various fans are installed for cooling down the most intensively working computer parts. A modern desktop contains 5-6 fans inside. These intensive parts heat up more with powerful central processing units, graphic cards and other intensive spots that are installed inside the computer frame. As soon as you switch on your computer, these fans start functioning and do not stop until you switch off your machine.

Due to their extensive functioning, it is subjected to wear and tear over time. If you do not pay attention initially, the critical parts may start overheating and may even cause a chain reaction of larger problems, causing data loss.


A popular and easy way of storing important data is by opting for cloud backup. CloudBacko – one of the best cloud backup software – offers zero loss and 100% data security through its efficient encryption services.

Backup all your Data with Reliable Security of CloudBacko

CloudBacko is an effective cloud backup solution that helps people in securely storing their data on cloud platforms. Data security is a critical issue in the business world today. CloudBacko offers online, offsite, remote and local solutions for backing up Microsoft Exchange Server (EDB and mail level backups), Microsoft SQL Server, VMware vSphere ESXi (both Paid and Free versions), Hyper-V, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Oracle Database, MySQL, Windows System, Windows System State, as well as files in desktops, laptops and phones. The software assists in storing information to cloud destinations like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure, FTP sites, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and many others.

CloudBacko is an effective solution for all users who want to store their data securely. With its encryption services, the company makes sure that none of its users suffer data loss and can recover their data without any hassle. Speaking at a conference, a company top official commented, “Our cloud based solutions are designed in a manner to help businesses maintain an edge over its competitors. And that edge is complete data protection with guaranteed data recovery without any chance of data loss. With various methods of encryption we make sure that data of any kind is made completely secure on backup destinations.”

The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council found that 3 out of 4 businesses fail due to data loss. In addition to this, data loss has serious financial implication as well. The same report also revealed that companies suffer a huge loss of around $50,000 to $5 million dollars due to loss of data. These statistics stress the need of data protection and security for all business. CloudBacko provides this much needed data security for all its users with its encryption services.

A company’s spokesperson explained, “The uncompromised security measures of CloudBacko include 256-bit military grade data encryption, AES/Twofish/DEsede encryption algorithm, file folders and name encryption, local encryption before transmitting and password localization. This randomized key cannot be broken by any hacker. Furthermore, our encryption methods help the company in protecting their data and avoiding all types of data loss. In addition to complete data protection, we also offer 100% data recovery for all our users.”

CloudBacko is one of the best cloud backup in the industry today. They offer reliable encryption services to help its users back up data in the cloud with complete security and without worrying about data loss.

On-Site Servers Or Cloud Backup? What’s Your Pick?

How important is data for your business? Is it backed up? Regardless of the size of your business, your company majorly runs on data: financial statements, payroll accounts, vendor details, customer information, etc.

However, with the growing threats associated with online security and data loss, chances are you’re not taking adequate steps to protect it. In fact, a huge number of companies do not backup their data. So, before you experience a catastrophic data loss, backup your data!

Here are two options that you can choose from:

Backup Options

Hard drives or other backup devices that are connected to your computers are referred to as on-site backups. On the other hand, cloud based backups are servers that are remotely connected to your computer through the internet. Learn about both these backup methods in detail to make an informed decision.

On-Site Servers

Hard drives are commonly used by businesses and individuals as they are inexpensive and offer plenty of backup space. They are easy to install and are equipped with software which assists in backing up data easily. Security is a major drawback of on-site servers. A hard drive can be stolen easily and you might lose all important data. Natural disasters and other unforeseen events pose a threat as well. You might be unable to retrieve data in such instances.

Virus is another main reason why hard drives crash. If there’s an undetected virus on your computer, it will affect the hard drive causing a break down.

Cloud Backup

With a cloud backup, your data is stored off-site, and is copied to other servers in different locations. With the help of this backup solution, you can retrieve your data from anywhere, anytime. This backup method offers incredible data security with the help of encryption. All files and content are protected with passwords which increases data security. Companies encrypt files with randomized keys which cannot be intruded by hackers. Efficient cloud based solutions offer 100% data recovery. Data is transmitted within no time and there is no loss of data during the process. This backup solution is not expensive. In fact, it saves money that you could lose due to loss of important and confidential data.

Based on the detailed information, cloud backup is a more reliable and safer backup option as compared to the traditional on-site servers.

If you’ve decided to install cloud backup in your office, get the most efficient and reliable cloud based software, CloudBacko! The software encrypts file content as well as filename to enhance security and also guarantees 100% data recovery.

Newly Released CloudBacko v2 Supports Running a VM Directly from Backup

CloudBacko v2 Released with VM Run Direct feature

[Press Release – February 19, 2016] CloudBacko, a fast growing cloud backup software vendor target small businesses, today announces the release of version 2. The latest version of their server grade backup software, CloudBacko Pro, added a new VM Run Direct feature that can boot an instance of a VM quickly from its backup copy. Thus, an administrator can run an application directly from its backup when the primary VM is being restored. Live VM migration can also be done while the backed up VM instance is running.

“Today, many businesses’ IT infrastructures have been fully virtualized. Virtual machines are used for virtual desktops, mail servers, and other mission critical business servers. They need to get their VMs properly backed up, as well as to get those backed up VMs up and running as fast as possible when a VM fails. Therefore, we now give them this VM Run Direct feature, at the lowest price they can get from the market.” said Samuel Chan, the Development Director at CloudBacko Corporation.

Besides the VM Run Direct feature, the new CloudBacko Pro also comes with the capability to back up guest VMs in Microsoft Hyper-V cluster, as well as information store and individual mails in Microsoft Exchange DAG.

For those who find these new features useful, you can fully test the software at no cost for 30 days by download their trial version from their offical website.

About CloudBacko

CloudBacko is a cloud backup software vendor specialized in developing cloud backup solution for businesses of any sizes. It currently has 3 different solutions for different types of users. CloudBacko Home is primarily designed for home users, while CloudBacko Pro and CloudBacko Lite are for businesses. Visit CloudBacko website at http://www.cloudbacko.com to download their CloudBacko Home free software. No personal or creditcard info is required.

PR Contact

Adeline Wong
CloudBacko Corporation
Address: 28/F, Ford Glory Plaza, No.37 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Web: www.cloudbacko.com
Email: adeline.wong@cloudbacko.com
Support: http://www.cloudbacko.com/forum/

Five Causes of Data Storage Problems

With data volumes exploding, its storage in the business world continues to be challenging. According to Forbes, the past year has produced substantial amounts of more data compared to the previous years.

With such a staggering increase in data, businesses are finding it difficult to cover their storage needs. They seek storage solutions that are flexible, automated, easily manageable, and most importantly, linked to their business. But before we get to the solutions, let’s take a look at the root causes of data storage problem:

Data Growth

Data growth is the only constant in the IT industry that never abates. Whether the economy is booming or is in a slump, data continues to increase. Experts estimate that by 2020, 40 zettabytes of data will be in existence. With the volumes of data increasing at such a rapid rate, companies should resort to storage solutions such as cloud backup.

Traditional Storage Systems

Hard drives and servers are the most common storage devices used by companies today. Small companies and individuals store data on hard drives; whereas, large companies have servers installed in their organizations which help in storing data. Amazon is known to possess the most number of servers; more than 1,400,000 of them to store 1,000,000,000 gigabytes of data. However, hard drives are prone to damage; they crash. Server issues are common problems with these traditional storage devices that result in data loss.

Unneeded Information

With smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, all used for work purposes, there’s a lot of data produced, half of which is unimportant. The ability to identify what information is crucial and what should be stored is a tough decision that companies have to make. Storing all information will certainly lead to storage problems.

Lack of Flexibility

Lack of flexibility and inefficient data management systems are another cause of data storage problems for companies. Not adapting to new technologies and trends is a mistake that most companies make. Furthermore, their data management systems are not efficient enough to resolve this problem which further aggravates the storage issue.

If you too are facing storage problems and are looking for an efficient solution, look no further than CloudBacko. The company’s cloud based software eliminates all storage problems. By offering cloud backup solutions equipped with encryption, you can backup all your data in the cloud without worrying about data security.

Get Free Software Update with CloudBacko Lite

Get Free Software Update with CloudBacko LiteCloudBacko, cloud backup software allows users to store data without worrying about storage space and data security. This one-of-a kind software is designed keeping in mind the data protection needs of all the users. The software offers 100% data recovery as well as data security. Of the different products offered by the company, CloudBacko Lite is designed for business desktops and laptops. Businesses are offered free updates within the same major release (e.g. v2.x.) of the software when they purchase this cloud software solution.

CloudBacko has been in the industry for a few years; however, with its products, services and features, it has outclassed all other software in the market. The company makes sure that all its products are up to the mark and offer flawless data security and protection. “We at CloudBacko ensure that all our products are designed keeping in mind the ease and convenience of our users. With a comprehensive list of features, we make sure that all our users are able to use and access the software easily and accomplish the task of migrating data from their desktops and laptops to cloud storage within minutes,” a company official stated.

CloudBacko Lite is designed for businesses. It is equipped with many useful yet easy to use features backing up files, Lotus Notes, and Windows System. The software comes with a 30 day trial period through which users can gauge whether the software is appropriate for their business or not. Users who purchase this software are entitled to free updates of the software whenever launched by the company.

“When we say we free software updates, we mean it. When businesses purchase CloudBacko Lite, they are automatically eligible for these free updates. And there no hidden costs to this. Even CloudBacko Pro, designed for business severs, comes with the same offer. This server backup solution can be updated for free too. Our clients can enjoy our product’s amazing features for a lifetime and we promise that we’ll never disappoint them.” a company representative stated.

CloudBacko offers easy and secure solutions for storing and backing up data in the cloud, for companies as well as individuals. By offering free updates for CloudBacko Lite once purchased, the company has once again proved why it is the best in the market.

About the Company

CloudBacko Corporation is a private company located in the British Virgin Islands. The company offers specialized backup and recovery software/tools for businesses which enable them to safely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. The company’s products are compatible with a huge selection of database servers and workstations.

Cloud Backup Security: Encryption to the Rescue

CloudBackupSecurityEncryption-to-theRescueHard drives crash, data misuse, theft, and low storage spaces led to the evolution of cloud backup. Today, when almost everyone has adopted it as a backup solution, hackers have found a way to intrude and misuse data stored on the cloud as well. This makes one wonder; are cloud backups secure? Your data is especially susceptible to threat as it is being transferred to cloud storage.

What are you doing to keep your data secure on cloud? You can now use cloud backup solution’s encryption services to secure data and store it safely on cloud.

Here’s how encryption assists in building a reliable cloud backup:

Complete Data Protection

When backing up data in the cloud, encryption provides complete data protection. It eliminates the chances of data intrusion and data theft. If a file is encrypted with 256-bit truly randomized key, a hacker would spend a lifetime trying to break the code, but still wouldn’t be successful. No one will ever have access to your data, except you of course! In addition to this, companies offering cloud based software, such as CloudBacko, encrypt the filenames along with the file content to increase security.

Safe Data Transmission

With the concept or remote workforce and flexible working hours emerge data security issues. With the increased use of laptops, tablets and smartphones for work purposes, companies also experience an increase in data which needs to be stored safely. With encryption, chances of data loss during the process of data transfer to the cloud are eliminated. Sending files to the cloud via email, a server, hard drive or any other storage, encryption ensures that no data theft incident occurs, and that all your data is safely transferred.

Data Integrity Guaranteed

Data loss does not only occur with a data theft, but with data manipulation too. Financial companies are the most vulnerable to this type of data loss. These companies need to have accurate records of information due to their nature of business. Even though hackers and intruders cannot access data, with encryption, the recipients will also be able to indentify if someone attempted to misuse and manipulate company’s data.


Looking for an encrypted cloud backup solution? Contact CloudBacko! The company’s cloud based software offers data encryption to the maximum level with the help of randomized encryption.

Debunking Myths about Cloud Backup

Debunking-Myths-about-CloudBackupIn the past few years, cloud technology has exploded, revolutionizing and changing the paradigm of data security. Even with its popularity today, there still remains to be certain misconceptions. With cloud backup, you get power so immense that can streamline your business processes. But are you aware of its features? How much of it is myth and fact?

CloudBacko, a backup solution for backing up data debuks the following myths:

Myth # 1: Cloud Backups are Time Consuming

It all depends on your internet connection. While cloud backups aren’t slow, with a slow internet connection, you might experience slow data transfer. If you’re using a dial-up modem, cloud backup will be a very tough gum to chew. Broadband internet connections have the ability to transfer data quickly without wasting much time.

Myth # 2: Cloud Backups are Expensive

The truth is cloud backups are extremely affordable. And this truth becomes even more evident when you consider the amount lost due to data loss. According to a survey, about $1.7 trillion is incurred due to data loss. The costs involved in obtaining cloud storage are nothing as compared to this huge data loss amount.

Myth # 3: People with Local Backup don’t need Cloud Backup

Backed up data in your computer hard drive, and you think your data is safe? Think again. What if there’s a fire? Will there be a way to recover your stored data? While backing up data in your hard drive, make sure that you store in cloud as well. Not only will you be able to recover it after an unforeseen event, but will also be able to access it from anywhere, anytime.

Myth # 4: One Backup is enough

Don’t sit back and relax after you’ve backed up your file in the cloud. A single backup is clearly not enough. Create multiple copies and store it on-site as well as off-site to prevent yourself from experiencing data loss disaster. There are reliable cloud based backup software in the market that help in creating multiple copies of your backup and store it at multiple locations.

Myth # 5: Cloud Backups are Insecure

Cloud backups are as secure as other web based functions – online payment, online banking etc. A number of cloud backup solutions offer ironclad security through encryption services. The files you store are protected with a password and can only be accessed by you or other authorized personnel.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable and secure cloud based software to manage your cloud backup transactions, contact CloudBacko! The company’s software offers randomized encryption to help safe data storage and prevent data loss.