CloudBacko Guarantees 100% Data Recovery!

100% Data RecoveryOffering incredible cloud backup software, CloudBacko has revolutionized the data backup world. With incredible encryption services and 100% data recovery, CloudBacko remains to be one of the most effective and trustworthy backup software providers. This cloud based backup helps in recovering data by running restore drill test. It also increases reliability of restoring data in case it’s lost.

National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, D.C revealed that 50% of the companies who lost data filed for bankruptcy immediately. Furthermore, according to National Cyber Security Alliance, 20% of small businesses will be hacked at least once in one year. These shocking statistics shed light on the significance of backing up data, and most importantly, recovering it. With CloudBacko, companies can now back up their data efficiently and access it when required with convenience.

“We make sure that companies get the best data backup experience when they download CloudBacko. For the same reason, we offer different packages with different features so that companies can choose any of those, according to their business requirement. Our software is unique as it offers encryption services as well. This not only helps in securing data, but also prevents unauthorized parties to access company’s crucial data by securing the file and even file names with passwords. Thus, even if any unauthorized person gets access to the cloud storage, he can neither view the file content nor the file name. In addition to this, CloudBacko also offers 100% guaranteed recovery which helps companies to continue their business in case of data loss,” a company executive stated.

Most companies that lose data have to suffer adverse consequences in their business. Thus, it is important for them to ensure that they backup their data in a manner that their operations are not hindered, even in situations of data loss. Downloading CloudBacko will help them with this. They will not only be able to back up their data, but instant and proper recovery is also guaranteed. The company’s representative commented, “We help companies to backup their data with the help of our outstanding software, and also offer recovery services. When data is being backed up by CloudBacko, our backup data integrity ensures implementation of technology by running drill tests. These help in assuring that the data will be restored in case it’s lost.”

CloudBacko is one of the most reliable cloud backup software in the industry. With encryption services also provided by the company, all data that is stored is safe and secure.

About the Company

CloudBacko Corporation is a private company located in the British Virgin Islands. The company offers specialized backup and recovery software/tools for businesses which enable them to safely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. The company’s products are compatible with a huge selection of database servers and workstations.