Cloud Backup: Why Encryption Matters


Cloud storage is growing in popularity and demand – and so is the demand for data security.

Corporate and home users are ones who face this huge problem while storing their personal and confidential information. They need a cloud based solution that not only helps them save their data on cloud, but also helps them in protecting it from potential intruders.

Here are some reasons why and what type of encryption is important:

Why Is Encryption Needed?

Data can be Intercepted: Files that you saved to the cloud can be intercepted by another party. Without encryption, everyone will have access to the data that you have stored online. To save the data from being viewed by unauthorized personnel, you should make sure that your information is always encrypted when transferring to the cloud. Remember; it is most at risk when in transit; so make sure you have a plan before you begin the transfer of information.

Files can be Modified: When someone has access to your data, modifications can always be made. They can even use your data, fabricate it and use it for fraudulent purposes.

Cyber crime, a leading crime in today’s technological world, occurs mainly due to poor data security. When they get access, these criminals use your own data against you.

Security Breach: The cost of a general breach in 2014 was $201 per compromised record. An average of $5.9 million costs a company when it experiences a data breach. These huge amounts can be saved with encryption. Companies should make sure that they protect all data that is being stored in the cloud to avoid such losses.

What type of Encryption is Needed?

Level of Encryption: Some companies offering cloud based backups offer 128 bit encryption; however, other companies offer up to 448 bit encryption. The higher the number, the better the encryption. The U.S. government uses a 256 bit encryption; thus if your cloud service provider offers this or something more, it’s perfect for your data security.

Reputation: When looking for a cloud backup solution, make sure that you check their reviews and see how reliable their security is. Don’t put your data at risk with companies which may have serious security flaws. Always speak with their existing customers to find out how they have been performing.

CloudBacko is one of the most reliable and trusted cloud backup service providers. The software encrypts everything with a 256-bit truly randomized key and offers 100% data recovery with zero data loss.

Financial Benefits of Moving to the Cloud


Someone suggested moving to cloud. Wondering why you should do so? Well, there are plenty of good reasons; but mainly because it makes good business sense.

Call it efficiency or doing more with the less, cloud backup helps you save a great deal of money while protecting your data with iron clad security at the same time. It also offers you the flexibility your business needs. But most managers wonder; what are the ‘financial’ benefits of making the switch?

Need more reasons? Take a look at why cloud will be financially beneficial for your business:

Economies of Scale

Cloud backup naturally brings economies of scale. The scalability of cloud-based systems means that you services can grow according to the increased business needs, specifically in terms of data. With cloud backup, you need not worry whether or not your business can handle projects with huge data needs.

No Large Up-Front Capital Costs

Financing is never an issue when you implement cloud backup solution. With everything saved in the cloud, you don’t have to spend time and money buying, upgrading and maintaining a hardware that is very often disproportionate to the needs of your business.

Information stored in the cloud can be accessed anywhere with the help of an internet connection. When working with the cloud backup software, you’re sure that you’re investing in the right place and are growing your business.

Lower IT & Maintenance Costs

Since you aren’t investing in infrastructure, you avoid all maintenance costs associated with it. Not only will this save money, it will also help you get rid of the headache associated with dealing with servers and complex hardware maintenance. With your servers are hosted off site, you no longer have the budget for heavy service and cost repairs.

You can even reduce your staffing expenditure, which allows you to redeploy your valuable IT resource to more productive activities. This, in turn, makes your business more profitable and efficient.

Controlled Billing Costs

When you move towards a cloud solution, you are actually implementing the cloud software for storing your confidential data. This means that your business is using the solution provider’s high quality servers with predictable ongoing costs instead of implementing large up front investments and maintenance fees. In addition to this, these cloud solution providers offer advanced security which will help you in securing all your confidential data.

Why not move to cloud backup and enjoy these financial benefits? Get CloudBacko now! One of the best cloud based solutions in the market, CloudBacko ensures exceptional security of your data by encrypting file content as well as file names.

How to Choose the Right Cloud Backup Software


Choosing the right cloud backup software depends on your data needs; be it business or personal. Utilizing cloud backup can help you save your data, eliminating the factor of security risk.

That being said, you still need to make sure that you select the perfect service.

Ask these essential questions when looking for the best cloud backup software:

How Much Data Do You Need To Backup?

Do you need to backup thousands of pictures stored in your computer, or do you need to save copies of confidential information associated with your business? Deciding on the type and the amount of data you need to store will be a crucial aspect in choosing the software that you should implement.

How Many Computers Do You Have?

Do you need to back up your personal computer only; or your spouse’s tablet and your son’s laptop as well? Perhaps you’re looking for a solution that’ll offer backup services for all computers installed in your workplace?

There are certain software providers in the market who price according to the number of devices that have to be backed up. Thus, looking into the number of computers you need to backup will play a huge role in deciding the software.

What Is Your Budget?

There are choices that are much better than others; however, budget can sometimes make you change your decisions. Thus, always make sure that you decide on your budget and then look for the software that fits best.

Backup software is structured differently; thus will be priced in a different manner. Choose the one that offers the most desired features within the budget.

Does the Company offer Efficient Customer Services?

Good customer support can make all the difference in the world! What if you face a technical problem the very next day you installed the software? Will the company’s customer services address your problem? There are a few cloud backup solution providers that offer efficient customer services, and those are the ones that you should opt for.

Is there a Free Trial?

Always find out if the software you’re looking to implement offers a free trial or not. Free trial helps you gauge whether the software suits your needs and whether it is worth the investment. Usually software providers offer a trial period for all users.

Does it offer Data Security?

This is one of the most important and crucial aspects of choosing the cloud backup software. Backing up data in the cloud requires safety measures to be addressed. The information can be accessed by unauthorized personnel and can be manipulated or fabricated.

Your company might face a huge loss or worse, a lawsuit! Thus, always make sure that the solution provider offers encryption services.

Wondering which cloud backup software offers all these services? CloudBacko does! The software offers high level encryption, free trial period and is extremely affordable!

Five Things The Cloud Can Do For Your Business


2015 was the year of cloud storage. The market grew by 13.7 percent last year, and it has been estimated that $82.7 billion will be spent on the cloud software usage by 2018.

This incredible way of storing data is now one of the most common ways of keeping data safe and secure. Businesses have been cashing through cloud storage by securely backing their data in the cloud.

But, do you know what else it can do for your business apart from storing huge amounts of data? Read on to find out:

Prepares for Disaster

Ever thought what would happen to your important data in case of a fire disaster at your workplace? What if your servers crash? Would you be able to function without access to your data? No one can predict the future; but you can certainly take steps to prepare for the worst.

With cloud storage, you can backup all you important data in the cloud, and stay prepared for all unforeseen circumstances.

Sets up your Business Anywhere and Everywhere

With deadlines looming on a Friday, you can now work from the comfort of your home by accessing all data stored in the cloud. Data stored in the cloud helps you in setting your business anywhere. All you need is an internet access, and you’re ready to work!

Manages your Costs

Have you just started off your business? And dream to be the next Bill Gates? If yes, then you need to keep a check on your costs. Whether you are expanding or limiting your business functions, using cloud services of voice, broadband or hosting it means that you can scale quickly and efficiently.

Offers Data Security and Recovery

According to a study sponsored by IBM, the total cost of data breach increased 23 percent as compared to 2013. For some companies, data loss can cost as much as $75,000 an hour. Cloud storage offers unmatched security and guaranteed data recovery to help businesses to avoid losses due to data loss and breach.

Allows Access to everyone in Real-time

Got multiple teams working on a single project? How do they communicate and work together? Can two people work on the same document at the same time? Cloud backup resolves all these problems and lets people work on one document in real-time. All changes that are being in the documents will be visible to members who have access to it.

Get CloudBacko and stay away from all data related problems. The software offers cloud backup services along with encryption to keep your important and confidential data safe and secure.

Four Ways to Capitalize on Cloud Backup This Year


In 2014, data loss cost businesses $1.7 trillion. Cloud backup helps saves you big money by securing your business from data loss.

But even doing the right thing and protecting your data can still be costly. Needing to make efficient use of tight IT budgets is common, and we want to help you understand how the right cloud backup service can save you even more money:

Multiple Device backup Plans

Cloud backup solution, nowadays, offer multiple device backup plans. You only have to pay once, and the software will backup data from your computer, tablet, smartphone and other devices.

There are many cloud backup solutions that charge fees per device. So, why pay more when you can get a cheaper and efficient solution? Stay away from all such solution providers, and opt for the ones that offer an all-in-one device solution.

Tough Encryption

There are some losses that might cost you your business. As mentioned before, data loss is one of them. With the increased use and importance of data in businesses, it is important for you to make sure that the cloud software that you choose offers encryption.

Not only will this protect your data, but you also save yourself from losing thousands of dollars. Instances such as data modification and fabrication occur due to poor data security. Implementing cloud services without paying attention to encryption caused 350 companies to suffer huge losses in 2015.

Built-in Speed Boosting Technologies

Time is money. And does it take a lot of time for you to backup your data? Well, not anymore with built-in speed boosting technologies.

Companies developing cloud software are paying close attention to these technologies in order to reduce the time spent in backing up data. With an efficient cloud backup solution like CloudBacko, you can backup up a large 500GB Exchange EDB overnight. The software is manufactured with multi-thread, concurrent backup to multiple destinations, in-file delta block-level incremental backup, configurable compression, etc. which increases the backup speed.

Backing up in Real-time

Why not save time and invest it in growing your business? With the right cloud backup solution, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money and focus on improving your business. Efficient cloud storage solutions offer continuous backup in the background i.e. all your work will be backed in real-time.

All the changes that you’re making to the content will be backed up automatically without any effort.

CloudBacko – one of the most efficient cloud backups in the market offers you the chance to capitalize on your investment! The software offers incredible encryption services with a 256-bit truly randomized key, backs up data in real-time, and saves time with its lightning fast backup speed.

CloudBacko Offers Zero Data Loss with a 256-bit Truly Randomized Key

CloudBacko has earned a reputation of being one of the most reliable and trustworthy cloud backup service providers in the market. The software offers various features that help people in backing their data without worrying about recovery and security. CloudBacko guarantees data recovery, also featuring multi-destination cloud and local backup that helps prevent data loss. In addition to this, the encryption services offered by the company also play a huge role in securing data when in transit and on the cloud.

Established in 2014, CloudBacko offers unmatched services and features. There are very few cloud backups in the industry that offer this type of data security. Offering data security and recovery benefits, CloudBacko is undoubtedly better than the rest. Speaking at an event, a company’s spokesperson stated, “Our team is constantly researching and developing better and error free programs to ensure zero data loss and high quality services compared to other solutions in the industry. To add to this, we aim to offer more flexibility, transparency, and power to help our clients use their database more efficiently for crucial business decisions. We are hoping to see an even better program in the near future.”

According to a recent research, 277 data loss incidents were reported in 2013 which caused a $5.4 million loss in the United States. There is no doubt that with increase in data use, companies are now more vulnerable to data loss than ever. They have to take steps that will help them in curbing their losses and build better business. Moving to the cloud is one of the profitable options that are available to them. With cloud backup solutions like CloudBacko, the amount of losses can be reduced.

“When it comes to protecting our clients’ valuable data, we settle for nothing less than perfection. Therefore, we have added improved capabilities in our encryption techniques to make it impossible for hackers to access your business’ confidential information. Our 256-bit truly randomized encryption key provides security to our customer’s data to the utmost level. Not only the file content, but the file names are encrypted as well,” Samuel Chan, CloudBacko’s Development Director, briefed about the software’s encryption services.

Offering secure and easy data backup solutions for everyone, CloudBacko ensures that all information is stored without any security issues.

About the Company

CloudBacko Corporation offers specialized backup and recovery software/tools for businesses which enable them to safely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. The company’s products are compatible with a huge selection of database servers and workstations.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Adeline Wong



Address: 28/F, Ford Glory Plaza, No.37 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Backup Data As You Work With CloudBacko’s Continuous Backup Feature


CloudBacko is a secure cloud backup solution with effective encryption services. The software offers zero data loss, guaranteed data recovery and lightning fast backup speed. Available for both, personal and commercial use, the software can be purchased at affordable rates. Once installed, users do not have to schedule backups. The software, with the help of its automatic backup feature, stores all data in real-time in the cloud.

CloudBacko Continuous Backup

In the modern business world, investing in the right cloud backup solution is essential for businesses. CloudBacko is the perfect solution for all types of businesses as well as home users. This affordable software offers ease of use and convenience which helps users in backing up their data and storing it securely.

“We understand that each single piece of information is critical to the success of businesses. Therefore, we have integrated in our server backup program the continuous data protection feature which will back up all your business’ data whenever a change is made. Using this feature, you will be able to preserve a record of every transaction in real time. Additionally, if your system gets infected with any malicious program, it will be possible for you to get the most recent clean copy of the affected file. We are hoping that this feature will particularly be useful for businesses in which data is often updated or where the amount of data is large,” Samuel Chan, the Development Director of CloudBacko stated.

In today’s fast paced world, companies require a backup solution that helps them save time. CloudBacko is one such solution. With its continuous backup feature, data is backed up automatically without any effort made by the user. In addition to this, this continuous backup feature does not cause any changes in the performance of the software.

Samuel commented, “As with continuous data protection, your backup system has to read only the parts of data that have been changed rather than re-reading all the data stored in your database, it does not slow down the performance of your server. You can run these backups throughout the day without affecting your business processes or experience.”

CloudBacko, due to its unique features and benefits, is one of the most preferred backup solutions in today’s world of business.

About the Company

CloudBacko Corporation is a private company located in the British Virgin Islands. The company offers specialized backup and recovery software/tools for businesses which enable them to safely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. The company’s products are compatible with a huge selection of database servers and workstations.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Adeline Wong



Address: 28/F, Ford Glory Plaza, No.37 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Why you Need Cloud Backup at Home

Why you Need Cloud Backup at Home

Why you Need Cloud Backup at Home

Cloud backup – the term is used a lot in businesses. However, the lesser known fact is, cloud backups are as beneficial for regular users as for companies. Many home users use the bricklike block i.e. hard drive to store all their data. While hard drives are useful data storage devices, they are not reliable.

You might be wondering what’s wrong with backing up data in hard drive. Here’s why you need to get rid of that brick:

Ease of Use

You probably must know the importance of backing up data regularly. However, doing so will be time consuming if you back up using hard drives. Things are different with cloud backup. All you need is internet access to back up your files. You can even program cloud backups to take place automatically. Schedule them once, and backup will occur at the same time, every day automatically.

Simple to Share

Backing up data in hard drive only makes the data accessible through the computer in which it is stored in. It’s the opposite with cloud backups. You can access all backed up data from anywhere, any computer, smartphone, tablet and other devices.

Unmatched Security

External hard drives do not offer the security that cloud backups offer. All your personal information and data is stored in your hard drive; thus it is essential that you secure it. Hard drives are not as safe and secure as cloud backups. Cloud backups are secured through encryption and no one, other than authorized people can access it.

Unlimited Storage Size

Hard drives can store limited amount of data. However, with cloud backup you will be able to store unlimited amount of data. This extra storage does not come with a price tag. You can get cloud backups at extremely affordable rates. So, no matter how much stuff you need to store, cloud backups have you covered.

Offer Reliability

What if your hard drive crashes? Will you be able to retrieve your data? Cloud backups help in eliminating this problem and serve as a reliable backup solution. Data is backed in the cloud, thus there is no risk of data loss at any time.

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost effective cloud backup solution for storing your personal information, look no further than CloudBacko. The software offers a wide range of cloud storage services with encryption for home as well as office users.

Backup Data in your iOS and Android Mobile Devices with CloudBacko Mobile

CloudBacko, one of the most reliable and secure cloud based solutions help users to safely store their data on various cloud platforms. The company offers encryption services for securing the data that is being stored. The software is also available for smartphone – android and iOS users – so as to manage cloud transfer.

CloudBacko is one of the leading cloud based solution provider. It makes sure that all its users are able to backup their data with the help of its software. This is why the company even offers mobile storage solutions as well. “100% data security is our aim. We want to make sure that all our customers are able to protect their data without any hassle. We understand the role of data in businesses in today’s world and realize that no business can successfully operate without it. This is why we introduced CloudBacko: to help businesses and individuals save their data without worrying about time, security and recovery. We guarantee complete data recovery at lightning fast speed,” a company official stated.

The number of smartphone users for official use has undoubtedly increased. It has doubled since 2010, and with people using them for business purpose, it is important that all their data remains safe at all times. 45% of emails are accessed through a mobile phone, reveals Adestra. This increased use of mobile phone for official purpose certainly calls for a need for an effective data security plan. This is where CloudBacko plays a role. Offering CloudBacko Mobile, the company provides safe and reliable cloud based software for all smartphone users.

“With the increase in the use of smartphone for business purposes, we knew that the need for data security will also increase. This is why we introduced CloudBacko Mobile. Our product backs up all mobile data including photos, videos, conversations etc., when connected to Wi-Fi. Our secure 256-bit military-grade data encryption offers complete data encryption, especially during data transmission. CloudBacko also features backup reminders and offers daily, weekly and monthly backup schedules,” a company representative briefed.

With its unparalleled range of services, CloudBacko has proven once and for all that they are at the top of their game when it comes to secure cloud storage.