The Common Challenges Encountered in Backing Up Exchange Server Data

The Common Challenges Encountered in Backing Up Exchange Server Data

Emails are critical for the operations of all modern organizations. Hence, backing up and securing email data and files to ensure their accessibility in case of an IT disaster, is a job of utmost importance for administrators.

Where in theory the task appears simple, backing up exchange server data comes with unique set of challenges that can complicate the process.

In this article, we review the two major challenges that IT administrators have to face when running an Exchange backup protocol, and also the solutions that can be exercised to overcome these challenges. Continue reading

How to Implement a Robust Hyper-V Backup Solution?

how to implement a robust hyper-v backup solution

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s virtualization platform that enables IT administrators and businesses to run multiple instances of operating systems off the same physical machine (a server). This allows more efficient utilization of resources, enhanced portability of applications, convenient and streamlined management of IT operations and quick deployment of new server environments. Continue reading

Debunking a Misleading Comparison: CloudBacko vs CloudBerry Backup

Screenshot-2017-12-13 Compare Cloudbacko with CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Lab, a company which provides cloud-based backup and file management services to SMBs, has recently published a comparison between its CloudBerry Backup products with CloudBacko Home on their website. Through comparing the products feature-by-feature, they conclude that CloudBerry Backup is superior over CloudBacko Home. While it may not be easy for the neutrals to judge the credibility of the facts, in this article we will debunk three faulty claims in the comparison. Continue reading

Backup Technologies – How Far Have We Come?

backup technologies - how far have we come?

Once considered stale and stagnant, essence of a practice that is meant to be disruptive by nature – backup technology has undergone a renaissance over the last few years. These developments have been so dramatic and rapid, that the newly integrated features even provide business value, disaster or no disaster. Continue reading

An Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Online


Answer, hand on heart:

How many times have you tried searching the term Microsoft Exchange Online or asked your business peers about it, still to be left wondering in the end what it actually is?

Do you want all your questions to be conveniently answered in plain and simple English?

Then read on… Continue reading