How to backup data to your SFTP server with CloudBacko backup software

All 3 editions of CloudBacko, namely Pro / Lite / Home, supports backing up data to FTP / SFTP server. If you have an FTP / SFTP in place that you get your data automatically backed up to there based on your preferred schedules, CloudBacko automatic backup software is the software you need. See how you can easily set SFTP as a backup destination in CloudBacko.

How to backup data to Wasabi cloud storage

All 3 editions of CloudBacko backup software, including CloudBacko Pro / Lite / Home, are able to backup all supported data types (including Office 365, VMware, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL, MySQL, Windows System, System State, and ordinary files) to affordable Wasabi cloud storage. See how to setup Wasabi as a backup destination in CloudBacko thru this video.

Actually, Wasabi is a AWS Compatible storage that CloudBacko supports backing up to. Besides, Wasabi, you can use CloudBacko backup software to backup your data to any other AWS Compatible storage that you see fit.