CloudBacko v4.1.4 now supports Microsoft 365’s Modern Authentication

CloudBacko v4.1.4 supports Microsoft Office 365 Modern Authentication

Microsoft Office 365’s basic authentication uses a pair of Username and Password for client access requests. This method of authentication presented a method for hackers to¬† use brute force or password spray attacks to hack into users’ accounts. Therefore, to tighten their user accounts’ security, Microsoft suggests their users to enable Modern Authentication, and schedules to:

  1. start disabling Basic Authentication in existing tenants with no recorded usage as early as October 2020; and
  2. disable Basic Authentication for the EAS, EWS, POP, IMAP, and RPS protocols in the second half of 2021.

Starting from CloudBacko version 4.1.4, we support the use of Microsoft Office 365’s Modern Authentication when creating Microsoft Office 365 backup set in CloudBacko Pro and Lite backup software. If users are still using Basic Authentication, we also support that until Basic Authentication is not supported anymore.

Ahsay v8.3.6 supports Microsoft Office 365 modern authentication

If you leave the Username and Account Password fields blank, and just click the Test button, you will be using the Modern Authentication mode, and a browser window will be brought up for you to perform authentication.


After successful authentication, an Authentication Code will be provided to you.


Copy and paste this code into CloudBacko software and the software will be linked with your Office 365 account.


You can then proceed with the backup set configuration as usual.


To understand how to create a Microsoft Office 365 backup set to backup emails and files in an Office 365 domain, check out this Microsoft Office 365 Backup and Restore Guide.

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CloudBacko backup software version released, with the Support of Office 365 Modern Authentication

CloudBacko v4.1.4.3 released with Office 365 Modern Authentication Support

CloudBacko version is just released, with:

1). Support of Office 365 Modern Authentication

2). Quick Multiple Users Selection in Office 365 Backup Set

3). Enhanced Periodic Data Integrity Check, and

4). VMware Version Check for Changed Block Tracking Issues.

As Microsoft is going to enforce the use of Modern Authentication Method and begin disabling Basic Authentication in existing tenants with no recorded usage as early as October 2020, if you are currently running Office 365 backup sets, you MUST upgrade your CloudBacko Pro / Lite to this version before Basic Authentication is disabled.

For the details, please check out this latest Software Release Notes.