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5 Factors to Consider when looking for a Cloud based Backup Software

Cloud backup is one of the most valuable technologies in cloud technology. It helps a number of companies in preventing data loss, ensuring security when the backup is in transit. With the growing use and increasing benefits of cloud based software, a number of companies are adopting integrating it in their business.

But, how should you choose which service is better for you? No two businesses are same, neither should their cloud services be. Here are a few aspects you should consider before choosing the right cloud software:


You need to back up and recover your files. Therefore, it is important to test the software’s speed. How long does the backup and recovery take? These are important questions to consider, in order to keep your business running successfully. Delay in recovering data might cause your business to suffer.

Ease of Use

Complicated backup schemes can be detrimental for your business. They make the process unnecessarily long and intricate. Not many users will take the time to invest in understanding the ins and outs of the platform. Make sure that the software you choose has a simple process that can be accepted by your employees.


A few high-profile data leaks in the past have thrown data security in the limelight. A number of companies offering cloud based solutions fail to offer complete data security, allowing hackers and intruders a gateway into your company’s most crucial and confidential information.

While choosing, make sure the company offers complete data protection. Opt for companies that offer encryption services.


Performance is key when choosing cloud software. It should be compatible with different platforms to help companies protect all their data. For assuring the same, see if the software can work and back up VMware, Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, MySQL, & other type of files.


Price is another essential consideration to choose the best cloud backup solution. Companies should offer this software at affordable rates to help them protect their data and eliminate chances of data loss. Genuine companies have reasonably priced software and some of them might even offer free upgrades once the software is purchased.

If you’re looking for the perfect cloud software for your business, contact CloudBacko! The company not only offers effective cloud backup, but encryption services too that ensure data security at lightning fast speed.