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5 Tips to a More Secure Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s cloud backup storage service that users utilize to stash their files. What makes Google Drive interesting is that it is integrated into many applications like Google Apps so that it enables users to retrieve information from anywhere.

However still many users are not benefiting from this cloud service from the giant due to concerns mostly revolving around security. Here are a few tips that can help you make your Google Drive more secure:

#1-Setup Google Account Recovery

Let’s say you lost control of your account to someone else as it was left opened somewhere and someone you know guessed your password right. It can happen, and if you are a Google Drive user you should be concerned more than anyone. Luckily, losing account information isn’t the end of it as you can setup Google account recovery options which will allow you to regain control of your account. You can use a security question, your phone number and many other details to be used as your recovery solution.

#2-Make Use Of Two Step Verification

The biggest insecurity to Google Drive data for many people, are their passwords. To avoid this insecurity, use Google’s two step verification solutions. Once activated, you will need to input your password and later a verification code that Google sends to your phone to access you files.

#3-Control All Apps In One Place

If you are unsure about an app and if it might be using your data unethically, you can limit its access to your Google Drive Data. All you need to do is go to Google, click on ‘security’ then click on ‘authorizing applications & sites’. You will be taken to a page where you can limit application access to by clicking a button that says ‘revoke access’.

#4-Secure Files through Google Drive Application

Google Drive is a back-end application that stores files which can later be used by Google applications like Maps, Google Now etc. While it probably won’t hurt, you should keep in mind that most of Google’s applications are not developed by Google. Obviously it is not that you don’t trust anyone, but why take the risk of the stress when you can limit access to anything and everything you wish. In the Google Drive settings go to ‘view authorized apps’ and use the ‘revoke access’ button to restrict access for any application.

#5-Backup Google Drive

It is essential that you take every possible step to secure your Google Drive and backing it up is just another step you should consider. Using CloudBacko, you can backup your Google Drive on a local storage with a few simple clicks. Remember to configure CloudBacko to keep at least two backup copies, one in the local or mapped drive and another on the cloud. Keeping a local backup for your Google Drive will allow you to restore data much quicker than from the cloud.

Using these tips you can ensure foolproof protection for your Google Drive.