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A How-to Guide on Securing Data on Cloud

With every passing second, the number of cloud storage users is growing by leaps and bounds. Cloud backup storage is liberating individuals and businesses from traditional methods of data storage, thus giving them the freedom to upload, update, and access data from any location and through the use of different devices. But while cloud storage brings with itself multitudes of benefits, the issue of completely securing data on cloud still needs work. But that is not to say that you can’t take the matter in your own hands and take steps that will guarantee the security of your data.

Steps to Make Data Secure on Cloud

· Make Your Password Extra Strong

The biggest security mistake you can make is using a password that is weak, short, easy to guess, and too generic. Passwords like your birthday or anniversaries can easily be guessed. Some of the most common and easily hack-able passwords are:


  • 123
  • 123456
  • Abcd
  • Abcd1234
  • Password
  • Iloveyou

Make sure that your password is alphanumeric and involves caps. The length of your password should be at least eight characters.

· Choose Your Cloud Service Carefully

You can never be too careful with your data. And strengthening your password is only the first step of making your data secure. When you are on the lookout for a good cloud backup service, make sure that the providers you’re considering offer you the chance you encrypt your data before you upload it because data is still pretty vulnerable while it is being transferred from one point to another.

· Data Encryption

Even if your preferred storage offers you encryption, you cannot completely rely on it. One of the best options would be to use the cloud backup software CloudBacko. The software offers uncompromised security through the use of various methods of encryption. The software’s encryption is military grade which ensures that your data is as secure as it could be.

· Take Extra Precautions with Sensitive Information

If you can, then mostly definitely avoid uploading sensitive information on cloud. But sometimes it happens that things get out of your hand and you have no choice but to upload sensitive data on cloud. If such a situation arises, then take extra precautions to make sure that your data cannot be breached. The extra precautions include all the steps mentioned above as well as severely restricting access to the data.

These steps might seem bothersome, but ultimately they will help keep your data safe.