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Backup all your Data with Reliable Security of CloudBacko

CloudBacko is an effective cloud backup solution that helps people in securely storing their data on cloud platforms. Data security is a critical issue in the business world today. CloudBacko offers online, offsite, remote and local solutions for backing up Microsoft Exchange Server (EDB and mail level backups), Microsoft SQL Server, VMware vSphere ESXi (both Paid and Free versions), Hyper-V, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Oracle Database, MySQL, Windows System, Windows System State, as well as files in desktops, laptops and phones. The software assists in storing information to cloud destinations like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure, FTP sites, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and many others.

CloudBacko is an effective solution for all users who want to store their data securely. With its encryption services, the company makes sure that none of its users suffer data loss and can recover their data without any hassle. Speaking at a conference, a company top official commented, “Our cloud based solutions are designed in a manner to help businesses maintain an edge over its competitors. And that edge is complete data protection with guaranteed data recovery without any chance of data loss. With various methods of encryption we make sure that data of any kind is made completely secure on backup destinations.”

The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council found that 3 out of 4 businesses fail due to data loss. In addition to this, data loss has serious financial implication as well. The same report also revealed that companies suffer a huge loss of around $50,000 to $5 million dollars due to loss of data. These statistics stress the need of data protection and security for all business. CloudBacko provides this much needed data security for all its users with its encryption services.

A company’s spokesperson explained, “The uncompromised security measures of CloudBacko include 256-bit military grade data encryption, AES/Twofish/DEsede encryption algorithm, file folders and name encryption, local encryption before transmitting and password localization. This randomized key cannot be broken by any hacker. Furthermore, our encryption methods help the company in protecting their data and avoiding all types of data loss. In addition to complete data protection, we also offer 100% data recovery for all our users.”

CloudBacko is one of the best cloud backup in the industry today. They offer reliable encryption services to help its users back up data in the cloud with complete security and without worrying about data loss.