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Backup Data in your iOS and Android Mobile Devices with CloudBacko Mobile

CloudBacko, one of the most reliable and secure cloud based solutions help users to safely store their data on various cloud platforms. The company offers encryption services for securing the data that is being stored. The software is also available for smartphone – android and iOS users – so as to manage cloud transfer.

CloudBacko is one of the leading cloud based solution provider. It makes sure that all its users are able to backup their data with the help of its software. This is why the company even offers mobile storage solutions as well. “100% data security is our aim. We want to make sure that all our customers are able to protect their data without any hassle. We understand the role of data in businesses in today’s world and realize that no business can successfully operate without it. This is why we introduced CloudBacko: to help businesses and individuals save their data without worrying about time, security and recovery. We guarantee complete data recovery at lightning fast speed,” a company official stated.

The number of smartphone users for official use has undoubtedly increased. It has doubled since 2010, and with people using them for business purpose, it is important that all their data remains safe at all times. 45% of emails are accessed through a mobile phone, reveals Adestra. This increased use of mobile phone for official purpose certainly calls for a need for an effective data security plan. This is where CloudBacko plays a role. Offering CloudBacko Mobile, the company provides safe and reliable cloud based software for all smartphone users.

“With the increase in the use of smartphone for business purposes, we knew that the need for data security will also increase. This is why we introduced CloudBacko Mobile. Our product backs up all mobile data including photos, videos, conversations etc., when connected to Wi-Fi. Our secure 256-bit military-grade data encryption offers complete data encryption, especially during data transmission. CloudBacko also features backup reminders and offers daily, weekly and monthly backup schedules,” a company representative briefed.

With its unparalleled range of services, CloudBacko has proven once and for all that they are at the top of their game when it comes to secure cloud storage.