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Backup Microsoft SQL Server Like Never Before With CloudBacko

If you are cautious about your data and want to protect it from a possible disaster, you would definitely want to go for SQL Server backups. There are some who hold the opinion that possessing a surplus copy for the database eliminates the need for backups. But how would you manage if that particular copy becomes inaccessible or damaged. Given this scenario, backups are an ultimate necessity and CloudBacko perfectly understands all your SQL Server backup needs.

Before you decide upon a backup strategy, let us talk about the different types of backups.

Full backups

This is in fact the simplest type of backup. Full backup is possible for a file group or a single data file. The job of a full backup is to render a comprehensive copy of the database along with a single point in time for data restoration. When the backup is in operation it does not have any facility for point in time recovery. A full backup carries out the following functions:

  • It forces a particular database checkpoint and the log sequence number is taken into account at that point.
  • It begins reading the data files which are present in the database.
  • Reading through the data files stops and the log sequence number pertaining to the oldest active transaction is noted.
  • The transaction log is read up to a point which is necessary.

Differential backups

The function of a differential backup is almost similar to that of a full backup. The only variation is that a differential backup only constitutes the entire data that has been added or changed following the last full backup. These backups are cumulative in nature and occur in succession after a full backup. There is a boost in size as more and more data is added or changed.

Transaction log backups

A transaction log backup constitutes each and every transaction log record that is produced after the last log backup. It enables a particular point in time recovery of the database. It is incremental in nature; hence, every transaction log record is needed for restoration of the database.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of backups, you must understand that there are certain challenges involved in each of these backups. Microsoft’s backup capabilities exhibit their limitations when the SQL server environment experiences growth in terms of size of the database, number of instances and databases, and so on. CloudBacko helps you tide over all these challenges with its innovative backup capabilities. The benefits are numerous, as you can well comprehend as you read on.

Super fast, irrespective of size

CloudBacko is extremely efficient in providing disaster recovery solutions that protect your critical data. In fact, with this software, you have the most efficient recovery and backup solution, even for multi-thread SQL server. Compatible for database, file, virtual machine software, lightning fast backups are provided for Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon, with only a small number of clicks. Over and above that, the military grade 256-bit encryption is incomparable in data loss prevention.

Additional service of filename encryption

You might work from a remote location offsite or you may work online, but the point is that you need a backup for your SQL server. CloudBacko is by far the best choice for attaining that.

Data loss absolutely zero with local and cloud backup

With CloudBacko, it is possible to backup SQL Server data stepwise or concurrently in a number of destinations like OpenStack, Google Drive, AWS compatible storages, and more. This prevents any kind of disaster from taking place.

Can be used without any expert training

Since CloudBacko has an extremely intuitive user interface, anyone can get started off with it without participating in any training sessions. You can easily perform activities such as scheduling the automatic backups, controlling destinations, checking the health of your backups, and data restoration, amongst others. There is the Help button in all the pages to provide you ready help.

Background backup taking place continuously

You just need to configure CloudBacko. After that, continuous backup takes place in the background. In a situation where there is a busy server due to network traffic or too much CPU usage, automatic pausing of backup takes place to prevent any kind of detrimental effect on the computer’s performance.

Permanent storage of unlimited versions

Maintenance of historical versions becomes very convenient with the flexible versioning rules. For those who need more recent versions of SQL Server Database, the retention policy can be modified accordingly. Permanent storage of the versions is possible.

Support for a range of operating platforms

Worried about how to manage backups for a range of operating platforms like Linus, Mac OS X and Windows? Installation of CloudBacko on these operating platforms gives you the potential to use the same solution for backing up all of the machines.

Appropriate reporting and insights

The reporting tool is a major advantage that CloudBacko brings. The backup details for every destination (such as restoration and backup reports, error and warning logs, and so on) are clearly visible.

Guaranteed recovery

With our backup data integrity ensuring technology, restore drill test can be frequently run in the background to ensure the restorability of your backed up data.

Backup all your databases, virtual machines & workstations

Besides Microsoft SQL Server, do you have other servers such as Oracle, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, VMware and Hyper-V, MySQL, and also desktops and laptops that require back up? Wish to back up entire Windows System State or Windows system image? CloudBacko has the capability for all of these tasks.

Permanent software update free of cost 

After you buy the software and start using it, whenever automatic software update is available free of cost, you will get it. Therefore, you do not need to keep on paying to get software updates.

The benefits of backing up Microsoft SQL Server with CloudBacko are indeed numerous. All you need to do is purchase it, set it up, and forget all your worries. Try it out now and feel the difference. A 30-days free trial is available which you can download now.