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Backup your Files & Folders Continuously with CloudBacko!

Backup your Files & Folders Continuously with CloudBacko!CloudBacko is one of the most effective cloud backup software in the industry. The company offers an effective backup solution with enhanced security services such as encryption which helps in eliminating risks of data loss. The software can be installed on any system, and all data is backed up continuously – in real time. This ensures a constant security against the threat of data loss.

According to Gartner Group, 25 percent of PC users lose data every year and about 15 percent of all laptops suffer hard drive failures. With the soaring numbers of data losses every year, it is essential that companies adopt cloud backup strategy to help their business grow and evolve according to the new business world. Even though data protection and backup is recommended for all businesses, it is essential that IT organizations implement cloud backup solutions. With its unique features and services, CloudBacko has revolutionized the way cloud backup systems operate.

A spokesperson of the company briefed about the services of the company, “We are passionate about creating a safe and secure business world. We want companies to operate in an environment where there is no risk of data loss. We aim to help companies by providing them with secure data storage options with encryption services, guaranteed data recovery, multiple backup copies and easy to use backup software. CloudBacko offers all these features and helps companies to carry out successful and secure businesses in the industry.”

Traditional backup services and programs have to be manually updated and the backup process has to be monitored to ensure that all changes have been backed up by the program. With CloudBacko, users do not have to stress about the manual backup process and do not have to keep a check on the backup process. This highly functional software runs in the background, performing backups continuously. “Our software is one a kind. We want our customers to focus only on their work and leave the backup process to us. CloudBacko’s Windows version provides its users the ease of use, safety of all data that is backed up and guaranteed recovery. Even when they’re working and making changes to their data, all changes are backed up by our intelligently designed software,” a company’s executive stated.

CloudBacko’s Windows Version, in addition to the Continuous Backup feature is offered for free for all home users. The software is flexible enough to operate on all platforms and data types.

About the Company

CloudBacko Corporation is a private company located in the British Virgin Islands. The company offers specialized backup and recovery software/tools for businesses which enable them to safely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. The company’s products are compatible with a huge selection of database servers and workstations.