Block Level Backup vs. File Level Backup – Which Is Better?

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Block Level Backup vs. File Level Backup – Which Is Better?

With our reliance on computers increasing every single day, backup plays an important role in ensuring cyberspace security. Not only does backing up your computers functions well as a contingency plan, but it can also save your organization millions of dollars!

That being said, the world of data backup is much more complicated than previously believed. Every day, new backup techniques are being introduced, which have left many computer users scratching their heads!

In recent times, block level backup and file level backup have emerged as the two most popular backup options. Some people prefer file level backup because of its simplicity, while block level backup earns appreciation for its comprehensiveness!

To make things easier for our readers, we’ve compared the pros and cons of each option in order to establish which of the two is the better option!

Pros of File Level Backup

File Level Backup is by far the most widely used backup technique in the world. Here’s why people love this option.


The biggest selling point of file level backup has to do with its ease of use. Once you start the backup procedure, every file on your computer is assessed and copied to a remote server or hard drive. This method may take longer, but this is because it’s very comprehensive and makes sure everything on your computer is safe from harm!

Ideal for Small Organizations

File Level Backup works best when being used to back up a small set of data. This makes it the ideal option for small organizations as they can use this technique to backup their data without overspending on block level backup!

Ideal for Small Organizations

Pros of Block Level Backup

Block Level Backup is the latest backup technique that has simplified copying data for larger organizations and institutions. Here’s what makes it so popular.

Higher Efficiency

The best thing about this backup technique is that it’s much more efficient than file level backup. A lot of this has to do with the fact that it doesn’t copy entire files if only some portions of it have been changed. Furthermore, as block level backup comes with snapshot technology, files can be copied even if they’re open on other software!

Higher Efficiency

Faster Speed

As compared to file level backup, block level backup is much quicker. This is because block level backup monitors any and all changes made to files that have already been copied. Once a change is detected, instead of replacing the entire file, block level backup just copies the new block that contains the recent changes. This increases the methods speed and efficiency!

The Final Verdict

Upon comparing the pros of each option, it’s clear that one option comes up trumps over the other.

While file level backup can be utilized by organizations that have a small data set or those who can’t afford the luxury of file level backup, the latter is a much better option than the former. Not only is block level data backup faster, but it’s also more reliable and more efficient.

Therefore, if your organization can afford it, then always pick block level backup over file level backup.

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