Debunking a Misleading Comparison: CloudBacko vs CloudBerry Backup

Screenshot-2017-12-13 Compare Cloudbacko with CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Lab, a company which provides cloud-based backup and file management services to SMBs, has recently published a comparison between its CloudBerry Backup products with CloudBacko Home on their website. Through comparing the products feature-by-feature, they conclude that CloudBerry Backup is superior over CloudBacko Home. While it may not be easy for the neutrals to judge the credibility of the facts, in this article we will debunk three faulty claims in the comparison. Continue reading

Cloud storage backup performance testing with 100,000 files

Okay, I bet most of the users of CloudBacko would like to know the backup speed performance of cloud storage that CloudBacko supports. So, we’ve done a simple test by backing up 100,000 small files to the 6 most popular storage, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Dropbox (free), Google Drive (free), Microsoft OneDrive (free).

Here’s the result:

Time used for backing 100000 files with CloudBacko

Microsoft Azure 6 min 58 sec
Google Cloud Storage 7 min 41 sec
Amazon S3 8 min 20 sec
Dropbox (free) 9 min 47 sec
Google Drive (free) 14 min 15 sec
Microsoft OneDrive (free) 47 min 21 sec*

This test result is for reference only. It may vary upon  geographical location, bandwidth available, machine specification, hard drive speed, and other factors. If you want to do the test with the same 100,000 files, you can download the zipped file by clicking here. Unzip it to a local hard drive, and then create an individual backup set for each cloud storage. Run a full backup to each cloud storage to test the speed.

*Due to the limitation of Microsoft OneDrive free account, backup to Microsoft OneDrive took much longer.

Machine used in our test

  • Intel Core i3 540@3.07MHZ
  • Windows 2008 R2 Standard
  • 8 GB RAM
  • C: 70GB SAS drive
  • D: 1.8 TB RAID 0 (7200 RPM SATA II)
  • Internet connection: 100MBit (shared)
  • CloudBacko Pro version used:
  • Backup set created with CloudBacko Pro, and the test files (backup source) are located on D drive
  • Geographical location: Hong Kong

Download free trial of CloudBacko

If you haven’t tried CloudBacko Pro or CloudBacko Lite, try it out now:

Why CloudBacko is better than Veeam

How CloudBacko is better than Veeam

While Veeam’s flagship product Backup & Replication (Veeam B&R) has been popular in forums, CloudBacko Pro can achieve more at a fraction of Veeam’s cost. This post compares CloudBacko Pro to Veeam B&R and explores the less well-known goodies in CloudBacko Pro.

1. Faster installation

Veeam requires two-step installation. User needs to first download and install Veeam Backup & Replication, then download and install Veeam Cloud Edition. CloudBacko Pro, designed with cloud backup feature in mind, only needs to be installed once. We always enjoy faster results.

2. Easier backup

In CloudBacko Pro, a few clicks on the main screen can set up and start a backup job. In Veeam, one needs to first create backup set in B&R, then create a backup job in the Cloud Edition interface. CloudBacko has a more unified interface for cloud backup jobs. Automation helps you save time to do more.

3. Unlimited storage

CloudBacko Pro allows users to combine multiple accounts as one pool of cloud storage. When cloud storage is running out, you can add more storage to the pool. CloudBacko Pro can keep multiple copies of backup concurrently or sequentially at various local and offi-site locations to prevent data loss disaster. It can help you set up unlimited storage for one backup set.

Supported cloud services are Amazon S3, AWS compatible storages, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP / SFTP sites, external USB drive, and local / mapped network drives.

Veeam has no such feature.

4. Cleaner interface

Newer software has the advantage of adopting modern approach in user interface design. In CloudBacko Pro, all major operations are grouped under eight colorful panes on main screen. Help tips are available on every sub-page. Instructions are easy to follow that no user manual is needed. Clean interface does not mean features are limited. Advanced options will be shown when options are expanded.

5. Wider platforms supported

Veeam B&R supports Windows 7 or later versions. CloudBacko Pro respects users with older versions of Windows and it supports from Windows XP onwards.

6. Buy once, get update for life

The purchase price of Veeam only includes first year maintenance. CloudBacko Pro’s package includes unlimited updates once you have signed up. We always have your backup covered.

7. More cost-effective

Last but not the least, the great news is that CloudBacko Pro only costs less than 10% of Veeam. The attractive price tag gives you more features for cloud backup. Your limited budget would not stop you from enjoying high quality backup software.

After you know about this bargain, how would you choose? Download CloudBacko Pro here now to try it yourself.