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Cloud Backup Ensures Increased Protection

Information is a priceless asset for all businesses. Every business, even if it is not data based, has certain valuable information that it needs to keep secure and protected. It is essential to create backups for sensitive data and it is recommended to secure them using multilayer protection methods.

Traditional backup methods often require manual efforts to a certain extent. Even if it is changing the tape or plugging in a flash drive, someone has to do it. However, with advanced technologies like cloud backup storage, data backups are mostly automated. This means they require no user intervention and backups are automatically created on the offsite servers via the internet.

Traditional backup procedures often require tapes, optical disks, or flash drives. Using these media is not only time consuming, but also costly as the storage media needs to be purchased for extra space. In case of cloud backup systems, businesses can save a lot of costs as they are not required to make heavy investments in storage media. Another way these systems help save resources is that they require payments only for the storage area that is being used. This prevents wastage of resources on the space that is hardly or never used.

Another issue with traditional backups is that they are often saved in the same location as the data. This is a redundant backup method because if the computer were to be permanently damaged or stolen, the backup would be of no benefit. Similarly, backing up on external media such as a flash drive is also not effective as the chances of losing them or they going corrupt are high. On the other hand, cloud backups store data automatically in remote locations. This ensures that an up-to-date backup of the data is always present, irrespective of how the data was destroyed.

Most cloud backup companies pay a lot of attention to security and privacy. They use various forms of encryption and coding on not only the storage media but also the data transmission channels. Where traditional storage media can get stolen or destroyed, cloud backup is done using RAID technology, which distributes the data over an array of storage devices in the server.


Irrespective of the nature of business, all organizations need to safeguard their information against destruction and theft. Cloud backup storage works efficiently well for backing up and securing sensitive information. There are various benefits of switching over to the cloud including increased protection, cost cutting, and easy access.