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Cloud Backup Security: Encryption to the Rescue

CloudBackupSecurityEncryption-to-theRescueHard drives crash, data misuse, theft, and low storage spaces led to the evolution of cloud backup. Today, when almost everyone has adopted it as a backup solution, hackers have found a way to intrude and misuse data stored on the cloud as well. This makes one wonder; are cloud backups secure? Your data is especially susceptible to threat as it is being transferred to cloud storage.

What are you doing to keep your data secure on cloud? You can now use cloud backup solution’s encryption services to secure data and store it safely on cloud.

Here’s how encryption assists in building a reliable cloud backup:

Complete Data Protection

When backing up data in the cloud, encryption provides complete data protection. It eliminates the chances of data intrusion and data theft. If a file is encrypted with 256-bit truly randomized key, a hacker would spend a lifetime trying to break the code, but still wouldn’t be successful. No one will ever have access to your data, except you of course! In addition to this, companies offering cloud based software, such as CloudBacko, encrypt the filenames along with the file content to increase security.

Safe Data Transmission

With the concept or remote workforce and flexible working hours emerge data security issues. With the increased use of laptops, tablets and smartphones for work purposes, companies also experience an increase in data which needs to be stored safely. With encryption, chances of data loss during the process of data transfer to the cloud are eliminated. Sending files to the cloud via email, a server, hard drive or any other storage, encryption ensures that no data theft incident occurs, and that all your data is safely transferred.

Data Integrity Guaranteed

Data loss does not only occur with a data theft, but with data manipulation too. Financial companies are the most vulnerable to this type of data loss. These companies need to have accurate records of information due to their nature of business. Even though hackers and intruders cannot access data, with encryption, the recipients will also be able to indentify if someone attempted to misuse and manipulate company’s data.


Looking for an encrypted cloud backup solution? Contact CloudBacko! The company’s cloud based software offers data encryption to the maximum level with the help of randomized encryption.