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Cloud Backup: Why Encryption Matters


Cloud storage is growing in popularity and demand – and so is the demand for data security.

Corporate and home users are ones who face this huge problem while storing their personal and confidential information. They need a cloud based solution that not only helps them save their data on cloud, but also helps them in protecting it from potential intruders.

Here are some reasons why and what type of encryption is important:

Why Is Encryption Needed?

Data can be Intercepted: Files that you saved to the cloud can be intercepted by another party. Without encryption, everyone will have access to the data that you have stored online. To save the data from being viewed by unauthorized personnel, you should make sure that your information is always encrypted when transferring to the cloud. Remember; it is most at risk when in transit; so make sure you have a plan before you begin the transfer of information.

Files can be Modified: When someone has access to your data, modifications can always be made. They can even use your data, fabricate it and use it for fraudulent purposes.

Cyber crime, a leading crime in today’s technological world, occurs mainly due to poor data security. When they get access, these criminals use your own data against you.

Security Breach: The cost of a general breach in 2014 was $201 per compromised record. An average of $5.9 million costs a company when it experiences a data breach. These huge amounts can be saved with encryption. Companies should make sure that they protect all data that is being stored in the cloud to avoid such losses.

What type of Encryption is Needed?

Level of Encryption: Some companies offering cloud based backups offer 128 bit encryption; however, other companies offer up to 448 bit encryption. The higher the number, the better the encryption. The U.S. government uses a 256 bit encryption; thus if your cloud service provider offers this or something more, it’s perfect for your data security.

Reputation: When looking for a cloud backup solution, make sure that you check their reviews and see how reliable their security is. Don’t put your data at risk with companies which may have serious security flaws. Always speak with their existing customers to find out how they have been performing.

CloudBacko is one of the most reliable and trusted cloud backup service providers. The software encrypts everything with a 256-bit truly randomized key and offers 100% data recovery with zero data loss.