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CloudBacko allows you to Backup your Data to Unlimited Destinations

Use CloudBacko and backup your precious data on as many destinations as you want

In this day and age, keeping your business’ important data secure from malicious (hackers, thieves, corporate spies etc) and natural elements (earthquakes, floods, power outages etc) is very important. A simple solution is to keep more than one backup, preferably on different locations; like cloud storage, backup servers, external disk drives, etc. It is the best possible way to keep your data secure and recoverable, in any situation.

But, this ‘simple’ solution isn’t without its difficulties. Managing these multiple backups will not be a walk in the park; you will need to manage them meticulously to ensure the integrity and security of your data. CloudBacko, with its plethora of features, is backup and recovery software, which will provide you with every convenience in your backup and restoration operations.

CloudBacko also offers the ability to backup your data to unlimited destinations. No matter where you want to store your backups – cloud storage, FTP site, backup servers, mapped local drive, or external storage devices – CloudBacko has the features that allow you to save your data on all of these sources.

A representative from the company expressed his views about this very useful feature of CloudBacko, saying, “Storing your data on multiple storage destinations is a wise choice, it keeps your data secure if anything unforeseen happens. And our software [CloudBacko] is the perfect choice for backing up your data to multiple destinations. It not only provides ease of use, it also lets you save your backups to unlimited destinations.”

CloudBacko is also capable of combining multiple backup destinations as one. It is the perfect feature for users, who want to utilize all their free cloud storage services as one and maximize the storage space. This feature also presents its usefulness for businesses, because it allows them to combine multiple accounts on the same cloud service as one. This means, your all your employees’ accounts can be combined as one, forming a central database.

And the features and functions don’t end here; there are many other essential and valuable features in CloudBacko, which will make your entire backup and restoration process much simpler. And with military-grade 256-bit encryption and built-in integrity checking features, it ensures that the integrity of your data is never compromised and it remains secure in any destination it is stored at.