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CloudBacko backup software v1.7 now supports Rackspace and OpenStack

CloudBacko backup software v1.7 now supports Rackspace and OpenStack

We just released CloudBacko version 1.7. This latest version added 2 more highly popular cloud storage, Rackspace Cloud Files and OpenStack, into the list of backup destinations that comprises Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP, local and mapped network drive. The expanded storage support not only benefits businesses but also service providers.

More storage flexibility for businesses

With the added two cloud storage destinations support, CloudBacko enables small and medium businesses to enjoy higher flexibility in choosing their preferred cloud storage service providers. Moreover, it also offers large enterprises that wish to build (or already built) a private or hybrid cloud with OpenStack the option to back up data from their servers and workstations in geographical distributed offices onto their own private or hybrid cloud storage. The support of these services eliminates the need for user to learn complicated APIs of cloud providers, making cloud backup easy to set up, configure and use.

Lucrative Cloud Backup as a Service for service providers

The adoption momentum of OpenStack is growing strong in the service provider circle because of its open and extensible nature. When using it in conjunction with CloudBacko, existing OpenStack’s service providers will be ready to open new recurring income stream by offering cloud backup service to business end users who need to backup VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL Database, etc. to the cloud.

Other managed backup service providers can also be benefited by adopting CloudBacko as it offers a wide range of free and paid cloud storage support for their customers to choose. Low budget customers can even choose to combine multiple free cloud storage as a pool with zero cost.

Available to all three editions

The new release is applicable to all three versions, CloudBacko Pro, CloudBacko Lite and CloudBacko Free. The latest version is immediately available worldwide. Download 30-day free trial now.

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