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CloudBacko Ensures Minimum Data Loss – Features Automatic Background Backup

CloudBacko features continuous or real time backup to reduce data loss and ensure retrieval of updated version of the data every time. The feature is a valuable addition to the software’s capability to improve efficiency and productivity.

Ever since its inception in 2014, CloudBacko has been growing rapidly with its improved service delivery and high-tech product features. It is due to the CloudBacko’s user-friendly interface and robust integrated technology that the company has become one of the most trusted backup and recovery software providers for enterprises as well as small businesses within a short span of time.

While speaking about the feature, Samuel Chan, Development Director of CloudBacko said, “We understand that each single piece of information is critical to the success of your business. Therefore, we have integrated in our server backup program the continuous data protection feature which will back up all your business’ data whenever a change is made. Using this feature, you will be able to preserve a record of every transaction in real time. Additionally, if your system gets infected with any malicious program, it will be possible for you to get the most recent clean copy of the affected file. We are hoping that this feature will particularly be useful for businesses in which data is often updated or where the amount of data is large.”

Continuous data protection is a practical option in this fast-paced business environment. Unlike traditional backups, the continuous backup does not wait until a scheduled time to run a backup. Rather, it works as a digital journal that records every transaction as soon as it takes place. In addition to this, the continuous data protection does not affect the performance of the server which makes it the perfect tool in today’s competitive business environment.

Sammuel also commented, “As with continuous data protection, your backup system has to read only the parts of data that have been changed rather than re-reading all the data stored in your database; it does not slow down the performance of your server. You can run these backups throughout the day without affecting your business processes or user experience.”

In modern business environment, investing in a database backup service that assures zero data loss and 100 percent integrity of data is critical to stay ahead of competition.