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CloudBacko Launches a Mobile App for Ease of User Experience

screen322x572CloudBacko is one software of which you find no equivalent in the market. The software has been garnering rave reviews ever since it came out from both its most loyal users and the harshest critics in the industry. With its diverse and unique features, CloudBacko has made it impossible for users to be satisfied with anything less other than perfection. The main goal of CloudBacko things easier and convenient for their users and for that they made sure that CloudBacko could run on any platform and on any device. And now, to enhance the user experience even more, CloudBacko has launched brand new Mobile App that is already being touted as the next best thing.

More users than ever before are turning to mobile devices. These devices are used for both personal and professional work and they basically guide people through day to day activities. The type of data kept on the mobile can be anything from personal photos/videos to bank information to office files. 76% of all smart phone users prefer to keep all their data on their phone as they believe that it would be easier to access and update. They might think otherwise if they knew that 92% of all mobile activities result in hacking. The hacking incidence could be as simple as infecting the mobile with a malware or as severe as stealing private information. All this just goes to prove that data on your phone is not really as secure as you might want to think. But thanks to CloudBacko, it could be made that way. CloudBacko Mobile App has made it possible for you protect your mobile data with the touch of a few buttons.

According to Samuel Chan, Development Director of CloudBacko, “People who wish to protect their data and wish to securely upload it to various cloud destinations for backing purposes will find our app thoroughly useful. With our app, you can encrypt and upload files and contacts from your phone to cloud storage destination Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. The CloudBacko Mobile App is easy to use and offer intuitive control panel. With our app you can even schedule to backup your data automatically. This will save you from the hassle of having to upload everything manually and you won’t have to worry about whether your most important files have been saved or not in case your device is lost or damaged.”

The CloudBacko Mobile App can be purchased from Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store now.