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CloudBacko offers encryption that guarantees safety for your data, even from the NSA

CloudBacko is becoming the prime choice of many organizations looking forward to safeguard their data due the company’s strict data encryption policies

With the controversies revolving around privacy and safety of data over the internet, the world has witnessed significant growth in the use of Virtual Private Networks and similar options that help cover individual user activities. These controversies also challenged the safety of using internet for organizations due to the growing belief that ‘everything on the internet can be tracked, seen, and stolen by anyone who has a little knowhow of the mechanics’.

This was quite evident in the early years of cloud technology as a massive number of companies chose traditional backup methods over cloud backup, wondering if their data was safe.

However, one of the best cloud backup services in the industry, CloudBacko helped organizations evolve out of believing that cloud is unsafe, with its highly reliable services.

CloudBacko helps backup VMware, Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, MYSQL & other files to the top cloud backup platforms like Amazon and Google Drive just to name a few, but the software’s job doesn’t end here. It has been gaining a lot of attention for its bulletproof data encryption that, as the company claims, ‘Even makes it impossible for the NSA to retrieve client information’.

Samuel Chan, the Development Director at CloudBacko explained, “It took quite a while for organizations to realize the true potential of cloud storage and backup solutions. Many of them were dubious that there data is not safe over the cloud. We are glad we have been able to reshape that image with an added feature of our software; 256-bit truly randomized key encryption. This encryption method guarantees that all client data uploaded to cloud backups is protected to the maximum. Even a 10.51 Pentaflops supercomputer needs 3.31 x 1056years to crack such a key.”

Cloudbacko has certainly reshaped the cloud backup industry by highlighting its tremendous benefits and keeping clients covered from all angles with its unparalleled encryption protocols and multi-destination backups.

According to many clients, they choose CloudBacko over other similar services as they can trust the company blindly with their critical operational data.