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CloudBacko’s architecture for VMware ESXi backup

CloudBacko Pro is packed with backup features under an easy-to-use interface. CloudBacko Pro supports backup and restore of unlimited virtual machines in VMware ESXi host.

Let’s consider the following scenario. In a host server with ESXi, there are 5 VMs running. One of the VM is running Exchange, another is running SQL Server. We need to back up all the VMs. Which is the best backup infrastructure setup?

Where should I install CloudBacko Pro?

Some users attempt to install CloudBacko Pro on one of the guest VM as a backup VM. All the other VMs are backed up through CloudBackup Pro, which will encrypt and compress the VM images and back up to local or cloud destinations, as shown in the following diagram. While this setup is possible, it is not a good backup strategy. The problem with this set up is that if the server fails, one needs to install on the CloudBacko Pro on a new machine and restore CloudBacko settings before restoring all the VMs. This setup is not recommended.

CloudBacko Pro can be installed on VMware host. But this setup is NOT RECOMMENDED.

CloudBacko Pro can be installed on VMware host. But this setup is NOT RECOMMENDED.

The Recommended Setup

We recommend that CloudBacko to be installed in a standalone staging CloudBacko Backup Server. This server is the core component in the backup and restore network. The staging server acts as intermediary between backup source and destination, controlling encryption, compression and management of backup data. The VM images will be sent to local or cloud destinations from the staging CloudBacko Backup Server.

CloudBacko Backup Server

The Recommended Setup: CloudBacko Pro on a staging Backup Server.

VMware Host Machine Restore

If the host server fails, the CloudBacko Pro Backup Server can use the backup copy to restore all the guest VM to a new machine. The restore process is simple as CloudBacko Pro only needs to redirect the restore destination to a new IP address.

CloudBacko restore

Restoring VM to a new machine

Refer to the blog post How to restore backed up VM to another VMware ESXi host with CloudBacko Pro on how to complete VMware restore in a new machine.


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