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CloudBacko secures its place as the best cloud backup software in the industry

CloudBacko, ‘The complete cloud backup service’, as many clients call it, has secured its place as one of the best cloud backup services in the industry

There has been a massive switch from traditional backup approaches like hard disks and flash storage devices to cloud backup solutions. This is not just on an individual level but organizations from around the world are now realizing that it is in the best of their critical data, to be moved to the many cloud options.

One company that is helping organizations backup countless Terabytes of data to cloud storages is CloudBacko. It has been repeatedly regarded as one of the best cloud services by clients and the software has been becoming increasingly popular among local and international companies with no signs of slowing down.

Backing up CloudBacko is a complete team of data safety professionals, diverse array of services and a 100% guarantee for data safety. Sameul Chan, the company’s Development Director said, “We are glad with the recognition we have gained over the past few years. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team members, who have dedicated their efforts to developing an unparalleled solution to data safety and cloud backups. We have managed to secure a large base of clients who trust us with their valuable data and immediate recovery protocols.”

“CloudBacko isn’t just another cloud backup service” added Samuel Chan, “There are a number of features that make it a complete backup software. First of all, all the best cloud backup platforms like Google Drive, Amazon and Microsoft, just to name a few are covered. Second, all client data is encrypted with 256-bit truly randomized encryption which makes it impossible to penetrate. Third, we believe in multi-destination backup as it guarantees zero data loss! These are just a few of the features that make CloudBacko a complete cloud backup solution. ”

With the ever increasing number of organizations and the growing need for data safety, CloudBacko is expected to witness even more success in the near future.