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CloudBacko: The Last Word for Microsoft Exchange Server Backup

You just love to work with Microsoft Exchange Server because every business process becomes so streamlined. But what happens when the server crashes? Do you feel like you are abandoned in a remote island with no help at all? Well, forget it! This situation is a thing of the past. Now you have the provision to regularly backup Microsoft Exchange Server which ensures the recovery of all system data and mailboxes in case the server registers a crash.

But there is a crux. Since Exchange makes use of running processes and open files, it is a more complicated task to back it up rather than backing flat files. Yes, you can go for backup applications from Microsoft and common third party software which can successfully manage Exchange backups. And if you want something extra, do not give a second thought before choosing CloudBacko- the ultimate name in the world of Microsoft Exchange Server Backup.

CloudBacko comes in with the most suitable features and has numerous benefits. Let us explore in some detail why this backup software is the best choice for your Microsoft Exchange Server.

Outstanding backup and recovery software

When it comes to backing up and restoration of your Microsoft Exchange Server, time is a very important factor. In business, as we all know, time is money. Delay in restoration can result in a considerable loss in productivity, which might detrimentally affect the profits. CloudBacko is created with the thought that when there is a crash, data should be restored as early as possible so that the business is brought back to its normal flow in minimal time.

With CloudBacko, it is possible to restore your calendars, contacts and emails with the help of only a few simple clicks. This wonderful remote backup solution is one of the finest that you can use off-site. Convenience of restoration and super fast speed- that’s what CloudBacko is all about!

Here’s a snapshot of its restoration prowess:

  • Easy restoration of contacts, calendars, emails of individual mailboxes with just simple clicks
  • Prior restoration of complete Exchange Information Store is not required
  • Interface equivalent to Windows File Explorer for convenient browsing and selection
  • Checking for backup pre-requisites for the Exchange Server which ensures restorability
  • Incremental hot backup at block level with zero downtime
  • EDB backup can be directly restored to original database

Encryption of filenames

Whenever you are looking forward to a remote cloud backup for your Microsoft Exchange Server that can be leveraged off-site, CloudBacko is the ultimate answer. It is the one and only backup solution that is capable of encrypting everything through a truly randomized key of 256 bits. This invariably takes into account all the filenames and data. With the truly randomized encrypting option, you can achieve the following:

  • Encryption of data to the maximum possible extent
  • Use of “123456”, “abc123”, or other lazy encryption keys is not done
  • Simply unbreakable key; it is nearly impossible for the key to be broken by a 10.51 Pentaflops supercomputer

Multi-destination local and cloud backup ensuring no data loss

To maintain business security, you might need to store manifold copies of the backup for your Microsoft Exchange Server in diverse cloud and local locations. This enables you to tide over trying situations resulting from data loss. CloudBacko gives you the provision to backup the data stored in the server sequentially or concurrently to a number of destinations, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, AWS compatible storages, Amazon S3, external USB drive, FTP/SFTP sites, DRopbox, Rackspace Cloud Files, OpenStack, Microsoft OneDrive, as well as mapped or local network drives.

Backup for other databases, workstations and virtual machines

A business indeed needs lot of stuff to conduct every process smoothly. Apart from Microsoft Exchange Server, there might be other servers to back up, namely MySQL, Oracle, Lotus Domino, Microsoft SQL Server, VMware and Hyper-V, along with laptops and desktops. Maybe that is not enough- you may want to create backup for the entire Windows System State or Windows system image. CloudBacko offers you that provision too!

Anybody and everybody can use it

Thinking about how to use CloudBacko? Well, you need not worry about that! Once you start using it, you would simply be amazed at its highly interactive user interface, which makes the software very easy to use. No training is required to get started with CloudBacko. You can go for selection of backup sources, destination management, automatic backup scheduling, data restoration as well as supervision of backup health in a hassle free manner. What if you get stuck? Just click on the Help button which appears on every page and assistance is right there at your fingertips.

Continuous backup

Once you configure CloudBacko, the software will continuously keep backing up the Microsoft Exchange Server from the background. However, do not think that it will hamper the performance of the computer. Whenever high network traffic or CPU usage makes the server busy, there will be an automatic cessation of the backup to ensure that the performance is not affected.

Super fast for huge data

Talk speed, talk CloudBacko! Search for the fastest Microsoft Exchange Server in the marketplace, and CloudBacko is a name to be easily reckoned. It comes with in-built speed enhancement technologies, such as configurable compression, concurrent, multithread backup to varied destinations, and so on.

Linux, Mac OS X, Windows support

If your machines work with varied operating platforms, CloudBacko is the thing for you. Installation can be done on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Hence you can create backups for all your machines without having to opt for different solutions.

Sounds good? But wait that’s not all! The software allows for flexible versioning rules that allow you to store even historical data. However, if you wish to have the more recent versions, just alter the retention policy setup, and you get what you want. You may even retain the versions permanently if you wish to.

That’s a great deal, right? So why not opt for it now? CloudBacko comes in different modules and offers affordable as well as flexible pricing. Once you buy it, you get free software update for the same version forever!

Download free version here.