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CloudBacko v3 supports Granular Restore for VMware and Hyper-V

CloudBacko Version 3 is released now! It comes with the Granular Restore capability for directly opening and restoring individual files within backed up VMware and Hyper-V guest VM without the need to spin-up or restore the VM first.

Download FREE trial now: https://www.cloudbacko.com/download/

Read the Release Notes of this version at: https://www.cloudbacko.com/en/modals-doc.jsp

The major enhancement in this new release are the VMware, Hyper-V, and File modules:

1). The new VMware and Hyper-V modules for CloudBacko Pro version 3 have Granular Restore feature that allows users to directly open and download individual files in a backed up VM without restoring the whole VM first.
2). The new File modules for CloudBacko Pro and CloudBacko Lite version 3 have Open Direct feature that enables users to directly open and download individual files in a backed up ISO, ZIP, and RAR files without restoring the whole compressed file first.


For existing users, upgrade to the latest version allows you to enjoy the new features that come with or to be release in the new version 3.


Unlike upgrade from version 1 to version 2, which was free of charge, the upgrade from version 2 to version 3 requires a fee of 40% on the v3 pricing. This upgrade fee applies to all CloudBacko Pro and CloudBacko Lite users.
There are some price changes in CloudBacko Pro version 3. The new unit prices for CloudBacko Pro base software will be US$149 and VMware / Hyper-V module will be US$199. Other pricing will remain the same.


All licenses purchased within 3 months from the v3 release date will be automatically upgraded to v3 without any charges.


If you are happy with the existing version and are not going to upgrade, we will still keep offering major bug fixes to the current version 2 for another 12 months after the release of version 3. So, you can keep using your existing version without any issue.


In case you are planning to buy new or more CloudBacko licenses, especially CloudBacko Pro and VMware / Hyper-V modules, you can make the purchase now so that you can get the newly purchased software upgraded to version 3 free of charge when available, at the price of version 2.


If you have any questions related to the new version 3, please kindly contact us here.