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CloudBacko’s Reporting Tool Offers Clear Visibility into the Backup Details of all Your Data

The various reporting features included in CloudBacko will keep you apprised of all aspects of your backup

Network administrators and IT professionals like to keep a close eye on the data and systems that they are hired to manage. Backup and restoration of the data is one of the most crucial parts of their duties, and being apprised of the progress of each process is of the utmost importance to them. Not only that, they also want to be well informed about the backup’s completion and if there were any problems with the backup or restoration process.

To satisfy this requirement of IT professionals, CloudBacko’s developers have included comprehensive reporting features into their backup software. CloudBacko doesn’t just help you perform all your backup and restoration tasks seamlessly, but it also provides detailed reports of all the activities that you have conducted using the software.

You can access the reports in the report tab on the software interface. The reports will offer all the particulars about the tasks that you have performed; the backups you have created and the data that you have restored. These reports are useful when you need to conduct a data audit or troubleshoot some technical issues.

A spokesperson from the company expressed his take on the reporting feature of CloudBacko, saying, “With our backup software, you will never feel lost while performing backup or restoring data; no matter the level of technical knowledge you have. The simplified interface and numerous features will help you easily backup and restore your data, to and from multiple locations. On top of that, the software will generate comprehensive reports of all the activities that you perform.”

CloudBacko Pro, Lite and Free all come with a built-in reporting feature, the Pro and Lite versions also provide you with an option to email reports to yourself or any other concerned parties. You can view CloudBacko’s events in your Windows event logs as well.

CloudBacko Pro and Lite version generate graphical reports, so that the users can have a simple way to observe the status of their backup. With visual usage reports, it would be easier for users to keep track of all the backup and restoration tasks. Give CloudBacko a try now with the trial versions of the Pro and Lite versions or the free version and see how valuable it can be for all your backup related activities.