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Data Loss Disaster: Here’s how you can Prevent It

Lost all your Outlook data after it crashed? Your important files’ folder vanished from your desktop and is nowhere to be found? Crashed your hard-drive?

Are you prepared to deal with such potential data catastrophes? No? In a business world where data loss could mean millions of dollars burnt, data security is an imperative factor. Read on to find out how you can save yourself from such data disasters:

Dealing With Misplaced Data

You had to complete your project today and your important files’ folder is missing on the desktop, and you can’t find it? Don’t panic. Use the search bar in the ‘Start’ menu. Everything saved in the computer appears in the search results, thus you may be able to find your lost file. However, this doesn’t mean that a deleted file can be recovered. For instance, if you’re looking for a file that you had mistakenly deleted, it won’t appear in the Search bar search results.

Data Recovery Plan

One of the most important parts of keeping data safe is to have a data recovery plan. Data files are the most important part of every business, thus it is important for businesses to make sure that they have a plan in place before such an occurrence. A proactive approach is always the best way to go, so that you’re well prepared in the instance of the occurrence.


Data protection is of utmost importance and to ensure the same, you should invest in a backup system. With a number of backup software available today, make sure that you install one of the most efficient systems to backup your data. A backup software is not only successful for the business, but for the employees as well. Choose a system that matches your requirements and the operating system that you use. Cloud backup is one of the most efficient and effective data backup software these days. By having your data stored on the internet, you eliminate the risks associated with on-site data storage.

Hire Professionals

Planning and executing are complete two different things. You can prepare an effective plan, but can you implement the same effectively? If you aren’t sure, then let the professionals handle it! They can recover lost data in a much more efficient manner and can even install the backup software so that you don’t face the same problem again.

With Cloud Backup, Factor In Security!

One of the things that must be taken into consideration is the risk element associated with the transfer of your data on a cloud platform. This is especially the case with sensitive data. During the upload, ensure that your data is encrypted by an iron clad source, so that there is no chance of unauthorized personnel gaining access to your company’s important information.

Are you looking for effective and secure cloud data backup software? CloudBacko can help! The company’s software offers a wide range of cloud backup services, allowing you to backup data to a wide range of cloud storage platforms. Additionally, the software encrypts the file along with the file name, which keeps intruders from viewing the content of the file even in cases when the cloud storage is hacked.