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Data Privacy at its Best – CloudBacko boasts Super Strong Data Encryption

CloudBacko strengthens the security of its software by incorporating stronger encryption techniques in its program. The more powerful encryption will be more effective in protecting confidential information of businesses preventing them from huge financial and non-financial losses.

CloudBacko, founded in 2014, is rapidly emerging as one of the most trusted backup and recovery software providers for businesses of all sizes and scopes. The company’s server backup software that are licensed from Ahsay System Corporation Limited, offer a user-friendly interface and robust integrated technology that support a wide range of database servers and workstations. The advanced capabilities of the company’s core program, CloudBacko features online, offline, remote, and local backup services to protect clients’ data suiting their needs and demands.

Talking about the encryption capabilities of the program, Samuel Chan, Development Director of CloudBacko stated, “When it comes to protecting our clients’ valuable data, we settle for nothing less than perfection. Therefore, we have added improved capabilities in our encryption techniques to make it impossible for hackers to access your business’ confidential information. Our 256-bit truly randomized encryption key provides security to your data to the utmost level making it hard for even a super computer to break into your database and breach your data integrity.”

Most businesses show reluctant using cloud based storage system fearing that their data may be at risk of being accessed by competitors or cyber criminals. Considering the fact, it has become extremely important for cloud based service providers to create systems that offer complete peace of mind and extraordinary customer satisfaction eliminating all related concerns.

“Our highly competent team of expert developers isn’t going to just stop here”, said the Samuel. “Our team is constantly researching and developing better and error free programs to ensure zero data loss and high quality services compared to other businesses in the industry. To add to this, we aim to offer more flexibility, transparency, and power to help our clients use their database more efficiently for crucial business decisions. We are hoping to see an even better program in the near future.”

Data breaches can bring huge loss of trade as well as damage the reputation and integrity of a business. Therefore, companies should be particularly careful when choosing database backup service providers, especially when operating in countries that have strict data protection laws in place.