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Debunking Myths about Cloud Backup

Debunking-Myths-about-CloudBackupIn the past few years, cloud technology has exploded, revolutionizing and changing the paradigm of data security. Even with its popularity today, there still remains to be certain misconceptions. With cloud backup, you get power so immense that can streamline your business processes. But are you aware of its features? How much of it is myth and fact?

CloudBacko, a backup solution for backing up data debuks the following myths:

Myth # 1: Cloud Backups are Time Consuming

It all depends on your internet connection. While cloud backups aren’t slow, with a slow internet connection, you might experience slow data transfer. If you’re using a dial-up modem, cloud backup will be a very tough gum to chew. Broadband internet connections have the ability to transfer data quickly without wasting much time.

Myth # 2: Cloud Backups are Expensive

The truth is cloud backups are extremely affordable. And this truth becomes even more evident when you consider the amount lost due to data loss. According to a survey, about $1.7 trillion is incurred due to data loss. The costs involved in obtaining cloud storage are nothing as compared to this huge data loss amount.

Myth # 3: People with Local Backup don’t need Cloud Backup

Backed up data in your computer hard drive, and you think your data is safe? Think again. What if there’s a fire? Will there be a way to recover your stored data? While backing up data in your hard drive, make sure that you store in cloud as well. Not only will you be able to recover it after an unforeseen event, but will also be able to access it from anywhere, anytime.

Myth # 4: One Backup is enough

Don’t sit back and relax after you’ve backed up your file in the cloud. A single backup is clearly not enough. Create multiple copies and store it on-site as well as off-site to prevent yourself from experiencing data loss disaster. There are reliable cloud based backup software in the market that help in creating multiple copies of your backup and store it at multiple locations.

Myth # 5: Cloud Backups are Insecure

Cloud backups are as secure as other web based functions – online payment, online banking etc. A number of cloud backup solutions offer ironclad security through encryption services. The files you store are protected with a password and can only be accessed by you or other authorized personnel.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable and secure cloud based software to manage your cloud backup transactions, contact CloudBacko! The company’s software offers randomized encryption to help safe data storage and prevent data loss.