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Five Reasons why Businesses are shifting to Cloud Backup

Five-Reasons-why-Businesses-are-shifting-to-Cloud-BackupThe ever growing amount of data is posing a huge challenge for companies in form of data security! It has now become a necessity for the businesses to secure their data and ensure that none of it is lost or accessed by unauthorized parties. Data being one of the most valuable assets of the company should be appropriately protected and secured. With a number of advantages, companies now prefer cloud backup to secure their data. Here are a few reasons why businesses are increasingly transitioning to cloud backup:

No Training Needed

Due to its ease of use, cloud backup can be used without any training. The software is easy to understand and operate. No complexity is the major reason behind cloud backup’s popularity. Additionally, few cloud software are designed with a friendly user interface which makes its use further easier.

Improved Security

As opposed to traditional backup programs, cloud backup is safe and secure. It offers increased security with the help of encryption. Password protected data and files are placed in the cloud to ensure that company’s official data is not accessed by unauthorized personnel. A strong password is recommended to enhance security.

Speedy Data Recovery

In case of data loss or device destruction, companies with cloud backup can easily access their important data. They can recover their data without any hassle and without any loss of productivity. Even in case of the main server’s breakdown, companies can continue their work with the help of data stored in cloud.

Regulatory Compliance

Companies have to make sure that they conduct their business according to industry’s rules and regulations. Similarly, they have to follow regulations regarding storage and usage of data. Using cloud backup frees them of the worry to abide by those laws and regulations as all cloud backup plans are in complete compliance of data security acts.

Easy Access

There is no doubt that storing data in cloud will provide easy access to everyone, anywhere and anytime. This is a major reason that companies prefer this backup over the traditional backup plans. Urgent projects and tasks can be completed within no time because even employees will have access to data, even when at home!

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