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For an Error-free VMware Backup, Remember to…

blod-image-square-20141207VMware backup and recovery procedures are not without their challenges; the simplest mistake can compromise your essential data. This article will inform you about some of these common mistakes so you can have an error-free backup. To make your job easier, you can utilize CloudBacko; it can help you backup your VMware effortlessly. Here are some of the most important considerations when backing up VMs:

Never Use a Guest OS to Backup

Backing up your virtual machines through a guest operating system is not exactly a mistake; it does work pretty well. We are mentioning it here because it is one of the most inefficient ways to backup your VMware. When you use a guest OS to backup, it draws increased resources, which is a waste.

VM Snapshots aren’t Backups

VM snapshots are useful for restoring your virtual machine to a prior state. You can take several snapshots of a virtual machine and use them as restoration points, but they shouldn’t be used as a primary backup method. Once you have restored your virtual machine to a previous point, using a snapshot, it cannot be reverted back to its present state. This can create unwanted issues, so it is better to have a primary backup setup and use VM snapshots as secondary backups.

Scheduling has to be Meticulous

Backing up a virtual machine will eat up the resources of the host. If you run multiple backups at the same time, your data may get compromised. To avoid this, you should schedule your backup to limit any simultaneous backups. You should monitor your VMs performance to determine the over-usage of resources; lack of resources will make VMs sluggish. You can also look at the performance statistics for the determination of any performance issues.

From the information above, you can glean that resources are very important for virtual machine backups. To keep your backups running like a well oiled machine, you should provide more resources to your VMs and backup servers then they need. And for seamless backups, utilize CloudBacko’s myriad features.

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