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Four Ways to Capitalize on Cloud Backup This Year


In 2014, data loss cost businesses $1.7 trillion. Cloud backup helps saves you big money by securing your business from data loss.

But even doing the right thing and protecting your data can still be costly. Needing to make efficient use of tight IT budgets is common, and we want to help you understand how the right cloud backup service can save you even more money:

Multiple Device backup Plans

Cloud backup solution, nowadays, offer multiple device backup plans. You only have to pay once, and the software will backup data from your computer, tablet, smartphone and other devices.

There are many cloud backup solutions that charge fees per device. So, why pay more when you can get a cheaper and efficient solution? Stay away from all such solution providers, and opt for the ones that offer an all-in-one device solution.

Tough Encryption

There are some losses that might cost you your business. As mentioned before, data loss is one of them. With the increased use and importance of data in businesses, it is important for you to make sure that the cloud software that you choose offers encryption.

Not only will this protect your data, but you also save yourself from losing thousands of dollars. Instances such as data modification and fabrication occur due to poor data security. Implementing cloud services without paying attention to encryption caused 350 companies to suffer huge losses in 2015.

Built-in Speed Boosting Technologies

Time is money. And does it take a lot of time for you to backup your data? Well, not anymore with built-in speed boosting technologies.

Companies developing cloud software are paying close attention to these technologies in order to reduce the time spent in backing up data. With an efficient cloud backup solution like CloudBacko, you can backup up a large 500GB Exchange EDB overnight. The software is manufactured with multi-thread, concurrent backup to multiple destinations, in-file delta block-level incremental backup, configurable compression, etc. which increases the backup speed.

Backing up in Real-time

Why not save time and invest it in growing your business? With the right cloud backup solution, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money and focus on improving your business. Efficient cloud storage solutions offer continuous backup in the background i.e. all your work will be backed in real-time.

All the changes that you’re making to the content will be backed up automatically without any effort.

CloudBacko – one of the most efficient cloud backups in the market offers you the chance to capitalize on your investment! The software offers incredible encryption services with a 256-bit truly randomized key, backs up data in real-time, and saves time with its lightning fast backup speed.