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From Personal to Professional, CloudBacko Can Help You With All Your Data Backup Needs

At the moment there is no other software out there that can guarantee you 100% protection around the clock. CloudBacko, also known as the best cloud software, can also proudly claim that it is the only software available on the web that offers you the chance to upload files, servers, databases, virtual machines and work stations to just about any cloud backup destination you can think of. This, along with many other qualities is what makes CloudBacko the perfect solution for your personal and professional data backup needs.

There is hardly any aspect of our lives that is does not rely on digital devices. Everything from work based operations to home shopping is conducted on these devices. We have come so far along that at this point it would be near impossible for us to even consider what we would do if we no longer had access to them. From computers in our homes and offices and to smart phones in our hands, we have become completely dependent on them. Though, we have to admit that they have made out lives a lot easier and convenient. Because of these devices, work could be conducted from anywhere and personal digital heirlooms (files, photos, videos, etc.) could be kept closed at hand. The introduction of cloud services made everything even easier because it allowed the users a safe to keep all their data at one place from which it could be accessed from any corner of the world. What they could guarantee however was security. But thanks to CloudBacko, that is no longer the issue. With various features and products fit any conceivable situation, CloudBacko can help organizations to store their critical data and home users to store their personal data, to cloud destination in a way that promises that their respective data will always remain safe and secure.

According to Samuel Chan, Development Director of CloudBacko, “We have four different products which users would find perfect for any type of situation. Our newly introduced product CloudBacko Mobile is designed for backing up data in iOS and Android mobile devices, including photos, videos, contacts, and other types of data. CloudBacko Home is designed to backup Windows and Mac. While our purchasable products CloudBacko Lite and CloudBacko Pro are specifically designed to backup hardcore business applications. Basically meaning that it doesn’t matter if your data backup needs are personal or professional, because you will definitely find a product that will be perfect for you.”