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Get 100 GB of free OneDrive storage for 1 year

OneDrive 100GBDear CloudBacko users, Microsoft is now offering this “gift” to current Dropbox users for installing OneDrive.

Using this 100GB free storage with CloudBacko, you can backup a lot more than 100GB of data, as CloudBacko will compress the data on your machine before sending to OneDrive.Depending on the types of data, the maximum compression ratio can be as high as 80%.

Besides, CloudBacko will encrypt your data with a 256-bit truly randomized encrypting key before storing the data on OneDrive. Therefore, no one, not even the people from OneDrive or NSA, is able to open your backed up data. Moreover, all the filenames will be encrypted too, so no one will be able to know what you have backed up.

Grap this cool Microsoft OneDrive offer now at: