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Get CloudBacko and Enjoy the Numerous Perks

Get CloudBacko today and start enjoying the numerous extra useful features of this amazing software

Most backup and recovery software come with standard features like backup wizards and easy recovery features; they make a network administrator’s life a lot easier. But, there are few elite backup software that come with some extras or perks which can offer every convenience possible for individual or business users. These extra perks are what separate the best software, from all the rest.

The developers of CloudBacko have added numerous useful and necessary features in their software, which make it the best backup and restoration software in the market. And then there are the extra useful features that give it the elite standing it holds. These extras can often go unnoticed, but their usefulness is showcased when they are needed.

A CloudBacko representative was asked to give his opinion about these extra useful features, this is what he had to say, “Some features in our software aren’t crucial for your backup and restoration process, but it doesn’t make them any less important. They can come in handy when you really need them; it can be something as simple as freeing up some space. You may not appreciate the inclusion of these features until they show their usefulness in your time of need.”

The first of these extra features is the import and export of software settings. This feature is included in the CloudBacko Pro and Lite. It allows you to save your CloudBacko settings and import them back when you reinstall the software for some reason. For example, if you face a software failure issue, you will have to uninstall the software. The saved settings will come in handy when you reinstall the software and start using CloudBacko again, without missing a beat.

Another extra feature in CloudBacko is the easy deletion of unwanted data that can free up storage space on your backup destination. This can be useful when you need some extra space on your storage device in a hurry, you don’t need to go and delete individual files. You can easily delete all the unwanted data using CloudBacko’s interface.

And the software update feature informs you whenever there is an update available for CloudBacko. And with free lifetime updates, this feature will show its worth. CloudBacko is compatible with all popular platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux – offering you a single backup and restoration solution for all your machines.