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How Businesses can Secure their Data on the Cloud

Many businesses believe that their data is more secure on cloud storage then on their own server backups. This is true, but it doesn’t mean that cloud storage doesn’t come with its own security concerns; there are many ways your data can be compromised on the cloud. So, you have to take all the necessary precautionary measures mentioned below:

The Service Provider

Before settling on your cloud service provider, make sure you do your homework on it. For example, if you are going to use Amazon Cloud storage, then you should read their service agreement carefully; paying special attention to their security practices. There are certain industry standards, which every cloud storage service must adhere to. In your research, you should look to see if your chosen cloud service follows these industry standards.

Secure Passwords

The biggest security vulnerability in your cloud data backup is your password. Most people still use simple passwords, like “password” or “12345678”, which makes the hacker’s job easier. So, when you are developing a password, you should keep these facts in mind. Come up with a secure, possibly random, password for your cloud storage and instill the importance of password security in all your employees.

Remote Access

The biggest advantage of cloud storage is its remote access; thanks to cloud storage, your data travels with you wherever you go. You can access it via smartphone, tablet, or computer. This remote accessibility also presents a considerable security risk for cloud storage; you can utilize VPNs or Virtual Private Networks to ensure your data communication remains secure.

Data Encryption

The protective measures for your data on cloud storage come into play when you transfer your data from your servers to the cloud. The data should be encrypted in the best possible way so that it remains secure during transfers and when it is stored on the cloud. You can utilize third party software, like CloudBacko, to protect your data with military grade encryption.

It is prudent that you pay heed to the security measures mentioned above. They will help to ensure the highest level of protection possible for your data stored on cloud storage. And for effortless backup, restore operations, and highest level data encryption, use CloudBacko.