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How Does Microsoft OneDrive for Business Help You?

Most people were left scratching their heads when Microsoft decided to rebrand SkyDrive Pro to OneDrive for Business. ‘Is it the same thing?’, ‘Is it completely different?’, and most importantly, ‘How will it help?’ were just some of the questions voiced.

But mostly people wanted to know what it does. Well, here are the answers to all those questions.

·  What is Microsoft OneDrive for Business?

Essentially, Microsoft OneDrive for Business is the one stop shop where you can share, sync and store your work files. Either by being a part of SharePoint Server 2013, or Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive for Business allows you to share and update your files from just about anywhere. And it lets you work on Office Documents with others simultaneously.

The thing you have to note at this point Microsoft OneDrive for Business is completely different from Microsoft OneDrive which is basically intended for personal storage. OneDrive for Business was designed especially for the workplace. It is also not similar to Office 365 team site which is intended for only storing project or team related documents. But you can use both OneDrive for Business and Office 365 team site to set up file storage for small businesses.

· How does Microsoft OneDrive for Business Help You?

If, your library for OneDrive for Business is hosted on SharePoint in your organization then the administrator for your organization can determine how much storage space you actually need. However, if you are using Office 365, then you then you can get 1TB in the cloud for OneDrive for Business.

On OneDrive for Business, all files you ever store will always remain private. That is, unless you decide to share them with them. On OneDrive for Business gives you the choice of with sharing the files with everyone in the organization share files with only specified members to share information or to collaborate on projects.

Another great thing about this service is that the next time you have to email an attachment through the Outlook Web App, you can simply send a OneDrive for Business link instead of the whole file. By sending the link, you will be able to allow the person on the other end to edit the file as they see fit and to safely store it without affecting the previous version of the file. This also helps you save space as instead of downloading and working on a file, your co-workers can just work on the link you sent them.

In short, this service was designed to make the process of sharing, syncing and storing pertinent work related data run smooth. But if you are still worried about security, then you can use CloudBacko. This software offers Microsoft OneDrive for Business as a cloud backup destination along with numerous others. CloudBacko is by the best cloud backup software out in the market and can be used to secure your private or work related data 100% secure. You can visit to get this software right now.