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How to configure bandwidth control in CloudBacko backup software

You can use the bandwidth control to limit the amount of bandwidth used by backup traffic between specified times.
CloudBacko Bandwidth Control


  • The actual value will be around +/- 5% of the limit when the bandwidth control set to below 32Mb/s. When the bandwidth control set to above 64Mb/s, the gap between actual value and limit value might be over 5%.
  • Network stability may affect bandwidth control effectiveness.

There are a few configurable parameters available and they are described in the following table. Bandwidth control is an optional setting.


Field Description
Mode There are 2 modes, “Independent” and “Share”.

  • For independent mode, each backup and restore has its assigned bandwidth.
  • For share mode, all the backup and restore are sharing the same assigned bandwidth.

Note: Share mode does not support performing backup job on multiple destinations concurrently.

Name Name of the bandwidth control set.
Type There are 2 types of bandwidth control, ‘Always’ and ‘Only within this period’.
From Start time of enforced bandwidth control period.
To End time of enforced bandwidth control period.
Maximum transfer rate Maximum bandwidth used between the [From] and [To] period.

To set up the bandwidth control:

  1. Slide the switch to right hand side to turn on the bandwidth control.
  2. Select the mode of bandwidth control, ‘Independent’ or ‘Share’.
  3. Click on the [Add] button to add a bandwidth control or click on the bandwidth control set to modify the setting.
  4. Provide a meaningful name for this bandwidth control if necessary.
  5. Select the type of bandwidth control, ‘Always’ or ‘Only within this period’.
  6. If ‘Only within this period’ is selected, select the ‘From’ and ‘To’ period of time.
  7. Select the ‘Maximum transfer rate’ from the drop down box.
  8. Click [Save] to save the setting.

CloudBacko Bandwidth Control - Add New

To remove a bandwidth control:

  1. Select the bandwidth control set.
  2. On the bottom left, click the “Delete this bandwidth control”.

Remove bandwidth control in CloudBacko