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Infograhic: How to make Google Drive 10X better for backup

How to make Google Drive 10X better for backup (with CloudBacko)

Google Drive now offers 15GB free cloud storage space for each user account. It also offers free app for syncing files across devices. But it is not designed for backup purpose. It would be 10x better if you can:

1x. Combine multiple Google Drive accounts as one big pool of cloud storage.
2x. Add more to the pool when you’re running out of space.
3x. Encrypt the filenames of your data on your computer before uploading to the combined.Google Drive cloud storage, so that no one will know what you have backed up.
4x. Encrypt the contents of your data too.
5x. Use an unbreakable encrypting key that contains a bunch of upper case and lower case characters, numbers as well as special characters to encrypt your data.
6x. Backup only the changes within a file so as to minimize the time required.
7x. Keep multiple versions of your backup data so that you can always choose what version to restore.
8x. Configure the bandwidth for backup so that it won’t consume all your available bandwidth.
9x. Frequently check the data integrity of your backup to ensure restorability.
10x. Besides files, also backup VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Database, and other databases that you have.

Can’t do these on your own? Get a CloudBacko. One-off price for desktop is $9 only. Server backup license starts from $39.

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