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How to restore a backed up virtual machine (VM) to another VMware ESXi host with CloudBacko Pro

This is one of the frequently asked questions about CloudBacko Pro VMware backup. The method is rather simply, and is applicable to both VDDK and Non-VDDK modes of backup.
1. Scenario


Suppose your ESXi host A is down and you want to restore the backed up VMs from host A to host B, like this:

2. Go to [Backup Set] and open the VMware backup set for host A.


3. Change the password and VMware host IP to that of the host B and [Save] the new settings.


4. From the front page of CloudBacko Pro, click the [Restore] button.


5. Select the above mentioned backup set and chose the virtual machines you want to restore.


6. choose to restore to “Alternate location”


7. Select the node/datastore you wish to restore the guest virtual machine to and click [Restore].


8. Your selected guest virtual machines will be restored to host B when finished. Piece of cake!!


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